Libya Newslinks 21-22 October 2011

22 October 2011 —

22 October 2011
Libya: A Brutal, Gratuitous Slaying, the New World Order in All Its Transparent Barbarism Today at 16:09
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Yemen regime massacres dozens as Saleh considers immunity deal
World Socialist Web Site Today at 15:42
There is a stark contrast between the imperialist powers’ attitude to the repressive measures utilised by the government in Yemen and those of the Gaddafi regime in Libya.

The “liberation” of Libya
World Socialist Web Site Today at 15:42
Libya’s NATO-backed National Transitional Council is set to announce the supposed completion of the country’s ‘liberation’ this weekend following the gruesome lynching of former ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

No mercy in death: Gaddafi’s remains on show Today at 12:17
The world seems to show no mercy to the late Libyan ex-leader. While the horrific photos of his death have captivated mass media, his fellow countrymen are lining up for a family photo with his bloodstained body.

US and NATO murder Muammar Gaddafi
World Socialist Web Site Today at 09:25
The savage killing Thursday of deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi served to underscore the criminal character of the war that has been prosecuted by the US and NATO over the past eight months.

Post-mortem due on Gaddafi body
BBC News Today at 09:12
A post-mortem on Libya’s ex-leader Col Gaddafi is expected to take place in the city of Misrata as foreign calls mount for an investigation into his death.

NATO chief sets preliminary end of Libya mission on Oct. 31
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 08:12

Russia proposes draft UN resolution to lift Libya no-fly zone
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 08:09

VIDEO: Nato winding down Libya mission
BBC News Today at 05:37
Nato will end its operations in Libya at the end of October, the alliance’s secretary general has said.

Jody McIntyre, “A Moment of Awakening” Today at 00:55
On Saturday, 15th October, people took to the streets in 951 cities, in 82 countries across the world, to demonstrate against global capitalism and corporate greed. ‘Enough!’ was the call in Rome, Madrid, Chicago, Frankfurt, New York and London . . .

Libya: is it the end or just the beginning? Today at 00:54
With Libya’s liberation to be officially announced on Saturday and NTC loyalists continuing to celebrate the downfall of Gaddafi’s regime, the question of Libya’s future is rearing its head. And for some it is obvious…

21 October 2011
Venezuela’s Chavez Condemns “Assassination” of Gaddafi as “Disregard of Life”

Venezuela Analysis Yesterday at 23:31
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez condemned the killing of Libyan head of state Muammar Gaddafi as an ‘assassination’ and ‘a disregard of life’.

VIDEO: ‘I’ve never felt Tripoli this relaxed’
BBC News Yesterday at 22:40
As Libya’s interim government faces a daunting task to rebuild the country and to bring rival factions together, it does have the advantage of big oil and mineral reserves to aid the country’s economy.

John McCain, Libya Expert
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Yesterday at 19:23
As one would expect, corporate media reacted to the developments in Libya by turning to one of their favorite sources: Republican Sen. John McCain. He was on CNN this morning (and last night as well), and odds are that he’ll be on a  Sunday show.

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