ColdType, November 2011: OWS / Guantanamo / UK / South Africa / Libya…

27 October 2011 — Coldtype

In this month’s 64-page COLDTYPE MAGAZINE
Cover story this month is an 11-page section on the War on Wall Street with words by Tom Engelhardt and Richard Pithouse, accompanied by David Shankbone’s photo essay on the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City and a full-page cartoon from Mark Hurwitt. Other stories include three essays on the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Bagram Air Force Base and other ‘black’ sites around the world – essays that make us wonder about the silence of the North American public in the face of such imperial inhumanity. We also feature enlightening stories from Colombia, England, Mexico, Israel, South Africa and Libya by writers such as John Pilger, Conor Gearty, Bill Van Auken, George Monbiot, John Kozy and Hollman Morris – Tony Sutton, Editor

GUARDIAN VERSUS GATEKEEPER – Jonathan Cook examines London’s Guardian, the world’s foremost ‘left wing’ newspaper and finds that it’s not as liberal as it claims to be, especially in its treatment of some of the world’s most prominent and most outspoken social activists


1. Return To Kandahar: By Robert Fisk
2. Drugs, Bases & Jails: By Tom Engelhardt
3. Target Iran: Bt Ed Herman & David Peterson
4. The New Economy Of Terror: Bt Lauretta Napoleoni

Hope you enjoy; if not please contact me at editor at

Tony Sutton, Editor

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