Global Research 17 November 2011: Week in Review: What’s Making Headlines this Week

17 November, 2011 — Global Research

War Worldwide… had enough yet?

– 2011-11-21
2011 Poll: Only 6% of the EU would support Military Action against Iran

– by Transatlantic Trends – 2011-11-17
Asia-Pacific: US Ramps Up Global War Agenda

– by Finian Cunningham – 2011-11-17
Here’s the Risk: “Occupy” ends up doing the bidding of the global elite

– by Patrick Henningsen – 2011-11-17
  New Phase of the Global Debt Crisis: Widespread discounting of Western Public Debt

30,000 billion US dollars in ghost assets will disappear by early 2013
– by GEAB – 2011-11-17
VIDEO: PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet

Learn more on GRTV
– 2011-11-17
Freedom Waves: A Whiff of Egyptian Freedom for Gaza

– by Eric Walberg – 2011-11-17
Political Crisis in Italy and Greece: Marx on “Technical Government”

– by Marcello Musto – 2011-11-17
Bilderberg Leader Mario Monti Takes Over Italy in ‘Coup’

– by Alex Newman – 2011-11-17
  Russia: NATO Missile System Could End New START Treaty

– 2011-11-17
Global Systemic Crisis: Decimation of the Western banks

– by GEAB – 2011-11-16
Elderly and Pregnant Attacked at OWS Protests

Photos and Video available online
– 2011-11-16
VIDEO: Police State Crackdown: Second Raid on Occupy Oakland

See the footage on GRTV
– by Abby Martin – 2011-11-16
  Justifying a “Humanitarian War” against Syria? The Sinister Role of the NGOs

– by Julien Teil – 2011-11-16
VIDEO: China, the U.S. and the Next Cold War

Watch GRTV Behind the Headlines to learn more
– by James Corbett – 2011-11-16
Iran will defend Syria against any possible Military Attacks

– 2011-11-16
Tehran would maintain and reinvigorate its alliance with Syria under any kind of condition and would defend Damascus against any possible military aggression by the West.
Iran, Algeria reject foreign interference in Syria

– 2011-11-16
OECD Says Economic Slump Will Deepen Throughout the World

– by Barry Grey – 2011-11-16
Big Media’s Double Standards on Iran

– by Robert Parry – 2011-11-16
To Be, or Not To Be, a Turk

Reflections on the Inner-Turkish Debate on 1915/1916
– by Muriel Mirak-Weissbach – 2011-11-16
Gulf Arms, Missile Build-Up Boon To U.S. Weapons Companies

– 2011-11-16
  Iran Strikes: U.S. Air Force Gets Super-Heavy Bunker-Buster Bombs

– 2011-11-16
  Obama: U.S. To Increase Military Activities In Australia Next Year

– 2011-11-16
Syria: The West’s Strategic Gateway For Global Military Supremacy

– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-11-15
If the West Attacks Iran, It Could Lead to World War III

– by Devon DB – 2011-11-15
Nuclear Madness: Iran, Kuwait or the IAEA?

– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2011-11-15
Radiation Spreads to France

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-15
The American Legal System: A Ball Game Played by Lawyers and Jurists

The Why of Not Doing the Right Thing
– by Prof. John Kozy – 2011-11-15
Saudi Arabia Plays Key Role in US Anti-Iranian Alliance

– by Jean Shaoul – 2011-11-15
  U.S. Justice Department Wants To Criminalize Uploading You Tube Videos

– by Paul Joseph Watson – 2011-11-15
VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street: NYPD Raid on Camp in Zuccotti Park

Find out what’s happening on GRTV
– by Marina Portnaya – 2011-11-15
VIDEO: IAEA Iran Report Spins Intelligence

Watch the interview on GRTV
– by Gareth Porter – 2011-11-15
“Vulture Capitalism”: Iceland’s New Bank Disaster

A Dress Rehearsal for Greece and Italy?
– by Olafur Arnarson, Michael Hudson, Gunnar Tomasson – 2011-11-15
  Attack on Iran would unleash “bloody war”: Fidel Castro

– 2011-11-15
Russia warns of serious global ramifications if Iran attacked

IAEA’s report on Iran contains no evidence or new facts
– by Denisova Olga – 2011-11-14
The IAEA’s report on Iran contains no new facts or any evidence according to Russia which warns that any attacks will have serious global ramifications.
Lebanon’s Hezbollah: If Iran and Syria are attacked, War will spread to the entire Region

– 2011-11-14
Hezbollah warned the US that any attack against Lebanon’s allies Iran and Syria would spread through the entire Middle East.
The Arab League: Paving the Way for a US-NATO-Israel War with Syria and Iran

– by Zvi Bar’el – 2011-11-14
A military move against Syria could also imply intent to attack Iran, just when the Western states want to dispel the fears that the Iranians, Russians and Chinese have of such an attack.
Arab League’s Resolution on Syria Constitutes Clear Violation of Its Charter

– by H. Sabbagh – 2011-11-14
The Arab League’s decision to impose sanctions on Syria is a preparation for foreign interference according to Syria.
  Canadian Defence Minister to speak with Israelis about Iran War Plans

– by Steve Rennie – 2011-11-14
Genocidal Cynicism: The Destiny of Humankind in the Hands of Irresponsible Politicians

– by Fidel Castro Ruz – 2011-11-14
Bloggers, Writers, Online Activists: Time to get in on the action!

– 2011-11-14
VIDEO: “Financing of Terrorism” in Syria Must Stop

– by Faisal al-Mikdad – 2011-11-14
The Destabilization of Venezuela? Applying Washington’s “Benghazi Formula”

US Nuclear-Powered Submarine in Venezuelan territorial waters
– by Nil Nikandrov – 2011-11-14
Will Dick Cheney Be Arrested on Wednesday in Charlottesville, Va?

– by David Swanson – 2011-11-14
  Moscow accuses West of arming Syrian opposition

– 2011-11-14
COVERUP: Are Fukushima Reactors 5 and 6 In Trouble Also?

Are All 6 Fukushima Reactors In Trouble?
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-14
The Anglo-Israeli Plot to Attack Iran

The Role of Matthew Gould, British Ambassador to Israel
– by Craig Murray – 2011-11-14
  NATO Nations Arming Syrian Insurgents: Russian Foreign Minister

– 2011-11-14
VIDEO: Libyan Scenario Unfolding in Syria

– 2011-11-14
  US Speeds Up Militarization of Iran’s Neighbors

– 2011-11-14
BREAKING: Radioactive Iodine Blankets Much of Europe … Everyone Points Fingers

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-14
Russia’s High Stakes Energy Geopolitics

Nord Stream, the huge Russian-German pipeline project, began delivering gas to the EU
– by F. William Engdahl – 2011-11-14
Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church: Russians will continue supporting Syria

– by H. Sabbagh, H. Said – 2011-11-14
Patriarch Kirill I: Syria a Model of Coexistence between Christians and Muslims.
Socializing losses: Trilateral takeover of Europe?

– by Adrian Salbuchi – 2011-11-13
The Obama Administration Ignores Global Warming and the Protection of the Environment

– by Jack A. Smith – 2011-11-13
The Banksters are “Stealing Governments”: Mario Monti, Italy’s New PM

– 2011-11-13
Twitter, WikiLeaks and the US Justice Department

Online Privacy Rights and Freedom of Expression
– by Tom Burghardt – 2011-11-13
Israel’s threat to Wage War on Iran: Bluff or Blunder?

– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-11-13
Commemorating the “Day the Guns fell Silent”. “Let this Silence be a Scream for Peace.”

– by Felicity Arbuthnot – 2011-11-13
VIDEO: Arab League Gives Green Light to US-NATO to Intervene in Syria

– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky – 2011-11-13
Protesters Have the Right to Protest … and to Resist Unlawful Arrest

Top Military Commander and Courts Support Right to Protest
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-13
Big Lies Launch Wars. “All Wars are based on Deception”

– by Stephen Lendman – 2011-11-13
Italy and Greece: Rule by the Bankers

“Technocratic governments” ruling on behalf of financial markets
– by Michael Roberts – 2011-11-13
CBS Poll: The Majority of Americans are Opposed to War

Only 15% of Americans support military intervention in Iran.
– 2011-11-12
  Presidential Candidate Romney: “Prepare For War Against Iran”

– 2011-11-12
  Towards a Broader Eurasian Military Alliance? Tehran Applies for Full Membership in the SCO

– by T. Konyayeva – 2011-11-12
The Incarceration Business: America’s Private Prisons

– by Sherwood Ross – 2011-11-12
VIDEO: The G20 and Financial Globalization

Watch the new GRTV Backgrounder
– by James Corbett – 2011-11-12
European Union presses for change of government in Italy

– by Peter Schwarz – 2011-11-12
The Second Berlin Plunder of Africa. Only a United Africa can Defeat the Imperialists

– by Motsoko Pheko – 2011-11-12
Western Militarization of the Arctic

– 2011-11-12
NATO’s Law of the Jungle in Libya

– by Peter Dyer – 2011-11-12
Engineers Knew Fukushima Might Be Unsafe, But Covered It Up …

And Now the Extreme Vulnerabilty of NEW U.S. Plants Is Being Covered Up
– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-12
Towards Economic Collapse: Europe’s Debt Crisis has Spiraled out of Control

– by Bob Chapman – 2011-11-12
  Resisting Police Desires Is Labeled “Violence” … Even If Police Action Is Unlawful

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-12
Building a Justification for Waging War: Hillary Clinton’s Deceptive Bluffs on Iran’s Nuclear Program

– by Kourosh Ziabari – 2011-11-12
America’s Undeclared War: Two US military assassination drones have crashed in Somalia

– 2011-11-12
America’s Media War on Iran

– by Stephen Lendman – 2011-11-11
Crisis at UNESCO: US Funding Freeze Could Trigger Collapse of UN Body

– 2011-11-11
Remembrance Day: 170 anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

– by Rick Rozoff – 2011-11-11
In the Wake of Fukushima: The Nuclear Energy Industry Must be Closed Down Worldwide

– by Lucas Whitefield Hixson – 2011-11-11
How to Honor Veterans on Veterans’ Day: End the Wars and Restore Liberty, Justice and Opportunity for the 99%

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-11
Nuclear Israel revisited

To have or not to have nuclear weapons is a question of human security and not European privilege.
– by Prof. Joseph Massad – 2011-11-11
Time for an Economic Bill of Rights

– by Ellen Brown – 2011-11-11
  Somalia: US terror drones kill 146 in two days

– 2011-11-11
U.S. Arms in Persian Gulf: A Profitable Provocation

– by Natalya Kovalenko – 2011-11-11
  Russia Should Prevent Military Strikes On Iran: Leading MP

– 2011-11-11
Africa: NATO, AFRICOM And The New White Man’s Burden

– by Harold Green – 2011-11-11
Iraq’s Stolen Memory

Archive of pre-invasion political and historical documents confiscated by the US
– by Salah Nasrawi – 2011-11-11
  U.S. to Sell Bunker Buster Bombs to UAE for Use Against Iran

– by Richard Silverstein – 2011-11-11
The IAEA Report on Iran is based on Fake Intelligence. IAEA “Soviet Nuclear Scientist” Never Worked on Weapons

– by Gareth Porter – 2011-11-11
IAEA Iran Report Unravels: Tainted Mossad Evidence Alleges Russian Scientist Aided Nuclear Weapons Research

– by Richard Silverstein – 2011-11-11
French ships, U.S. drones attack Somalia as Kenyan troops invade

U.S.-backed regimes abet imperialist aggression
– by Abayomi Azikiwe – 2011-11-11
Japanese Debris to Start Hitting Western U.S. and Canada

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-10
Will Fukushima Bankrupt Japan?

– by Washington’s Blog – 2011-11-10
U.S. Republicans hit back after leak of Sarkozy-Obama exchange on Netanyahu

– by Natasha Mozgovaya – 2011-11-10
VIDEO: Occupy Maui: Hawaiians Explain Why They Support OWS

Hear the statements on GRTV
– by Shepard Ambellas – 2011-11-10

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