Egypt Newslinks 22-23 November 2011

23 November 2011 —

23 November 2011
Egyptians defiant as death toll soars
Morning Star Today at 16:40
Egyptian riot police attacked citizens with tear gas and rubber bullets for a fifth day in central Cairo today in a vain bid to quash protests demanding an end to military rule.

The Degree to Which You Resist Is the Degree to Which You Are Free
Dissident Voice Today at 16:00
I’ve noticed a meme beginning to fester among liberal insiders who are positing that the Occupy Wall Street movement is starting to ‘distract’ the citizenry from the wicked machinations of Republicans of the legislative class.

Meet Jihan Hafiz and Reed Lindsay
The Real News Network Today at 15:11
A special show with Cairo Correspondents Jihan Hafiz and Reed Lindsay speaking about covering the Egyptian Revolution and Jihan’s recent detention while covering the Gaza flotilla

Millions protest to demand overthrow of US-backed Egyptian junta
World Socialist Web Site Today at 15:08
On Tuesday millions of workers and youth staged protests and strikes all over Egypt, demanding the downfall of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and the US-backed Egyptian junta.

Egypt Protesters Defy Mounting Crackdown As Military Refuses to Step Down
Democracy Now! Today at 13:11
Egyptian protesters continue to fill Cairo’s central Tahrir Square over the ruling military council’s refusal to immediately transfer power to a civilian government. In a televised address on Tuesday, the head of Egypt’s military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, said he has accepted the prime minister’s resignation and that the military is ready to relinquish power if Egyptians call for that in a referendum.

UN condemns Egypt protest deaths
BBC News Today at 11:03
UN human rights chief Navi Pillay condemns the ‘excessive use of force’ by Egypt’s security forces against protesters, as clashes continue in Cairo.

Egypt as crucible of Middle East tensions
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
The timing of this week’s Tahrir Square violence, just days before Egypt’s elections and as Syria’s uprising nears a climax, suggests internal and external forces are at play. As a visage of leaderless resistance is stripped away to reveal the military’s and Islamists’ role in Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow, suspicions are raised that Iran is using links with the Muslim Brotherhood to instigate riots that distract from its ally’s troubles in Damascus. – Victor Kotsev (Nov 23, ’11)

Tahrir’s not for turning Today at 08:29
Thousands of Egyptians remain in Cairo’s Tahrir Square demanding an immediate end to military rule in the country, despite a pledge by the head of the junta to hold presidential elections next July.

Egypt protest rejects army offer
BBC News Today at 07:39
Protesters continue to occupy Cairo’s Tahrir Square despite Egypt’s military rulers promising to speed up the transfer to democratic rule.

Egypt’s revolution returns to the streets
Recent articles from Today at 06:00
Four days of mass demonstrations have shaken Egypt’s military rulers–and signal the renewal of the revolutionary movement.

Egypt protesters battle on to end army rule
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 05:31

West’s fixation on Assad eclipses bloody chaos in Egypt Today at 05:25
The bloody chaos engulfing Egypt again, just months after its first revolution toppled President Hosni Mubarak, is the focus of the world’s media spotlight. But Western leaders are turning a blind eye, instead setting…

Egypt protesters reject military concessions
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 04:33

Egyptian revolution enters new phase: Thousands brave violence to protest military rule (Democracy Now! report)
Links – International journal of socialist renewal Today at 03:50
November 22, 2011 — Democracy Now! — Activists in Egypt are holding their fourth day of massive demonstrations to demand an end to military rule and a transition to a civilian government. The protests continue amidst a massive crackdown and an offer to resign from Egypt’s interim cabinet.

Egypt’s uprising – genuine revolution Today at 03:18
The Egyptian people continue fighting for democracy and demand the military rulers step aside. Brian Becker from the anti-war ANSWER coalition believes the uprising in Egypt is a genuine revolution that enlivens the…

Mosireen, Comrades from Cairo, and Defend the Revolution, “Urgent from Tahrir:Join Our Struggle for the Survival of the Revolution” Today at 03:30
The violence will escalate — for WE WILL NOT MOVE. The junta does not want to give up its power. We want the junta gone. . . . We ask you to take action: *Occupy/shut down Egyptian embassies worldwide. Now they represent the junta; reclaim them for the Egyptian people. *Shut down the arms dealers. Do not let them make them or ship them. *Shut down the part of your government dealing with the Egyptian junta.

22 November 2011
VIDEO: Egypt protesters vow to ‘finish job’

BBC News Yesterday at 22:34
Egypt’s military council has responded to the mass uprising of the past four days by promising a faster transition to democratic rule.

Three US students held in Cairo
BBC News Yesterday at 18:12
Three US students are accused of throwing petrol bombs at security forces during protests in the Egyptian capital.

Egypt ‘agrees to new government’
BBC News Yesterday at 16:53
Egypt’s military rulers agree to form a ‘national salvation government’ and speed up the process towards presidential elections, reports say.

Egypt Supreme Council agrees to form salvation govt Yesterday at 16:19
Egypt’s ruling military council has accepted the resignation of the Cabinet and agreed to form the national salvation government. It also pledged to stage presidential elections and transfer power to a civilian…

VIDEO: Running battles in Cairo’s Tahrir Square
BBC News Yesterday at 16:00
Egyptians are gathering in Cairo’s Tahrir Square for a mass protest to put pressure on the military to speed up the transfer of power.

Egyptian protesters ramp up pressure
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:00
A swelling crowd of tens of thousands filled Cairo’s Tahrir Square today to intensify pressure on Egypt’s junta to hand over power to a civilian government.

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