Syria Newslinks 22-23 November 2011

23 November 2011 —

23 November 2011
Plan for No Fly Zone Over Syria

By Israeli National News
European sources in Washington confirm that there are plans for a no fly zone to be imposed on Syria by Arab and Turkish warplanes, with the US coordinating the logistics.

U.S. Urges Americans to Leave Syria “Immediately”
The U.S. Embassy in Damascus urged its citizens in Syria to depart “immediately,” and Turkey’s foreign ministry urged Turkish pilgrims to opt for flights to return home from Saudi Arabia to avoid traveling through Syria.

David Cameron: War looms in Syria
By James Tapsfield
David Cameron urged world leaders to “engage” with Syrian opposition groups yesterday as he warned the country was on the brink of a full-scale civil war.

Syrian Army Defectors Pin Hopes on Prospect of Turkish Safe Zone
By Suleiman Al-Khalidi
Syrian army deserters have set up a base for a Free Syrian Army among refugee camps and safe houses here in Turkey’s frontier Hatay province.

France Considers ‘Humanitarian Corridors’ in Syria
France will discuss creating protected humanitarian corridors in Syria with its EU and Arab allies, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said Thursday, after meeting the exiled Syrian opposition leader.

Syrian Troops Kill Four Ahead Of Arab League Talks:
Activists say Syrian forces have shot dead at least four civilians in the latest surge of violence in Syria ahead of Arab League talks aimed at ending the bloodshed.

Syria army “rebels” fight from the shadows:
Working under the cover of darkness, their faces wrapped in scarves and black masks, defectors from Syria’s army are still a bit of an unknown quantity in the rise of an armed challenge to President Bashar al-Assad.

Moscow gives Syria last chance for reforms:
“Our veto on the Security Council resolution was the last tool allowing President Bashar Assad to save the status quo on the international arena,” the senator added. “With that veto, we have exhausted all possible means.”

Perry Calls for No-Fly Zone In Syria
Would Act Unilaterally Without UN Authorization

 By Ben Armbruster
 Texas Gov. Rick Perry hasn’t said much about Libya on the presidential campaign trail but he did call Muammar Qaddafi’s death last month “good news for the people of Libya.

Syrian opposition council backs rebel army
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 12:18

Moscow gives Syria last chance for reforms Today at 11:54
The latest UN General Assembly resolution on Syria is a clear signal to President Bashar Assad to curb violence and launch reforms, the head of Russia’s Upper House Committee for International Affairs says.

THE ROVING EYE : That rocky road to Damascus
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
As they examine the regional chessboard and the formidable array of forces aligned against them, the Iranians must face, simultaneously, superpower Washington, bomb-happy North Atlantic Treaty Organization members, nuclear power Israel, all Sunni Arab absolute monarchies, and even Sunni-majority, secular Turkey. As Tehran sees it, what’s really going on regarding Syria is a ‘humanitarian’ cover for a complex anti-Shi’ite and anti-Iran operation. – Pepe Escobar (Nov 23, ’11)

Egypt as crucible of Middle East tensions
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
The timing of this week’s Tahrir Square violence, just days before Egypt’s elections and as Syria’s uprising nears a climax, suggests internal and external forces are at play. As a visage of leaderless resistance is stripped away to reveal the military’s and Islamists’ role in Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow, suspicions are raised that Iran is using links with the Muslim Brotherhood to instigate riots that distract from its ally’s troubles in Damascus. – Victor Kotsev (Nov 23, ’11)

UN condemns Syria crackdown Today at 00:17
The UN Assembly’s human rights committee has agreed on a resolution condemning Syria for its eight month crackdown on protesters, in which 3,500 civilians have been killed by the country’s security forces. Damascus…

22 November 2011
VIDEO: Cameron fears Syria ‘civil war

BBC News Yesterday at 18:11
Prime Minister David Cameron says that ‘a full-scale civil war is now a real possibility’ in Syria.

West’s UN Draft Is Declaration Of War: Syrian Envoy Yesterday at 17:27
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Russian warships in Syrian waters
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:19

Syrian forces arrest 57 armed men
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:16

UN to consider Syria resolution
BBC News Yesterday at 12:57
Britain, France and Germany ask the United Nations human rights committee to pass a resolution condemning Syrian violence against opposition protesters.

Syria’s security launches “qualitative” operation, 17 gunmen killed
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 10:00

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