Iran Newslinks 29 November 2011: UK embassy stormed in Tehran

29 November 2011 —

UK embassy stormed in Tehran, British flag burned, Iranian raised Today at 12:55
Several dozen Iranian students have stormed the UK embassy in Tehran, chanting ‘death to England’ and bringing down the British flag.

Iran protesters enter UK embassy
BBC News Today at 12:47
Protesters in Iran’s capital, Tehran, enter the UK embassy compound during an anti-British demonstration and burn the British flag, reports say.

Saboteurs flying under Iran radar
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
Iran’s rhetorical response to the West’s provocations over its nuclear program has been tough enough, but in another arena of psychological warfare – sabotage – it is lagging behind. As the list of ‘unexplained’ explosions and assassinations grows, Tehran’s seemingly remarkable tolerance suggests it’s unaware how such limited military assaults prepare the ground for full-blown war. – Mahan Abedin (Nov 29, ’11)

Iran threatens 150,000 missile response to Israeli Jerichos Today at 09:47
Saber-rattling rhetoric in the Middle East is reaching new heights. Israel is reportedly deploying its long-range Jericho missiles around Jerusalem, while the Iranian defense minister threatened massive missile…

Iran, Turkey sign consular agreement
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 06:13

Sabotage? Sat-pic shows Iran missile base devastation Today at 06:09
Two weeks after a powerful explosion at a military installation near Tehran claiming the lives of 17 people, a Washington-based think tank has released satellite images showing extensive damage to the site, likely to…

Hypersonic Missiles: Who Is The Target?
Stop NATO Yesterday at 23:42
Voice of Russia
November 28, 2011
John Robles
Interview with Rick Rozoff, the manager of the Stop NATO website and mailing list and a contributing writer to Global

Iran Condemns US Efforts to Keep Chemical Weapons Capability
Fars News Agency
Addressing the 16th Session of the Conference of the States Parties to the
Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), Iran’s Envoy to the Organization for the
Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Kazzem Qaribabadi said the US has
never grown committed to the …

‘Iranian officials deny nuke facility explosion’
Jerusalem Post
Officials from the Iranian city of Isfahan denied on Tuesday that the city
had been hit by a mysterious explosion the previous day. Mohammad-Mahdi
Esma’ili, Isfahan’s deputy governor in political and security affairs,
called the reports “sheer lies” …

Iranian students to rally to demand British ambassador’s expulsion
CNN International
By the CNN Wire Staff The Iranian parliament voted Sunday to expel the
ambassador and reduce diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom. (CNN)
— Iranian students planned a large anti-UK demonstration in front of the
British Embassy in Tehran on …

A message from Iran
Unlike the Gaza Strip, any attack on Israel from Lebanon is perpetrated
after considerable calculation by several parties, including Hezbollah
which controls southern Lebanon, and its backers in Iran and Syria. These
parties understand that a serious …,7340,L-4154599,00.html

NYMEX-Crude ends up on Europe hopes, US shopping surge
* Germany, France exploring ways to tackle debt crisis * Iran eyes
downgrade of diplomatic relations with UK * US Thanksgiving weekend retail
sales jump, lifts oil * Coming up: API oil stocks data 4:30 pm EST Tuesday
NEW YORK, Nov 28 (Reuters) – US …

Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan agreed to altogether fight opium smuggling
eTaiwan News
By Gobby Wang According to AP, it reported, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan
on Monday agreed to add regional cooperation to wean drug smuggling off at
a time when the cultivation of illegal opium poppy is adding. Afghanistan
offers about 90 percent of …

Saboteurs flying under Iran radar
Asia Times Online
By Mahan Abedin As Western nations impose yet more sanctions on Iran in the
wake of the latest International Atomic Energy Agency report, the
psychological warfare between the two sides continues to escalate. This
psychological warfare has two …

Iran, Turkey to expand consular ties
29 (Xinhua) — Iran and Turkey signed a cooperation agreement to increase
the level of consular interactions, the English language satellite Press TV
reported on Tuesday. Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular,
Parliamentary, and Iranian …

Iran oil targeted by Obama sanctions
By Steve Hargreaves @CNNMoney November 28, 2011: 10:35 AM ET Sanctions
could target the companies that buy oil from Iran, putting massive pressure
on the Iranian government but also potentially driving up oil prices. NEW
YORK (CNNMoney) — When …

Battlefield 3 banned in Iran – Report
By Jonathan Downin, GameSpot Iranian computer shops are restricted from
selling pirated copies of DICE’s latest featuring “Grand Bazaar” level.
Battlefield 3 sold 5 million copies after being on shelves for a single
week. However, while it may have …

Iran threatens 150000 missile response to Israeli Jerichos
Israel is reportedly deploying its long-range Jericho missiles around
Jerusalem, while the Iranian defense minister threatened massive missile
retaliation against Israel. The threat to launch “150000 or more”
missiles was voiced by Brigadier General …

Dump Iranian minister, German foundation urged
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
BERLIN (JTA) — Iran critics are calling on a German foundation to cut ties
with a board of trustees member Mostafa Dolatya, Iran’s acting vice
minister, who has called for Israel’s destruction. The Stop the Bomb
campaign, which pushes for stronger …

Iran: Conflicting reports on new blast near Esfahan
Hot Air
The Esfahan nuclear compound is located east of the metro area, but there
are good reasons to doubt that the uranium conversion facility – the main
operational component of the Iranian nuclear network in Esfahan – was
being targeted. …

US attitude risks turning Pakistan into another Iran
Sydney Morning Herald
… Muslim Pakistan, if bullied and scorned enough, could yet morph through
external trauma and internal collapse into quite a different animal. The
future paradigm is not another well-trained Indonesia or Malaysia. It is
the Islamic Republic of Iran.

UN to Iran: There Are No Excuses for Denying LGBT People Their Human Rights
Huffington Post
“In Iran, we don’t have homosexuals,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
boldly declared to a public gathering in 2007. He continued his
disparagement in September 2011 when he told a group of American
journalists that homosexuality is a “despicable …

Gangs from Africa, Iran muscle in on SEAsia drugs – UN
Reuters India
By Robert Birsel BANGKOK (Reuters) – International drug gangs from Africa
and Iran are muscling in on Southeast Asia’s booming methamphetamine
business which has shown a staggering increase and is spreading through the
region, the United Nations said …

Concerns grow over armed Iranian ship
Zee News
New Delhi: A mysterious Iranian ship, anchored for close to 30 days near
Lakshadweep, has become a major cause of concerns for the government and
coastal security agencies. Reports, Tuesday, claimed that government has
registered a strong protest with …

Turkey: The Center of Everything
Huffington Post
Turkey’s formerly very successful “no problems” foreign policy crafted by
Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutogolu buried old arguments with Syria, Iran,
and Lebanon and opened billions of new trade for Turkey’s bustling
exporters. Turkey’s red hot economy …

Iran, Greece top Biden’s trip agenda
The Hill
By John T. Bennett – 11/28/11 04:52 PM ET Turkey’s help in halting Iran’s
nuclear ambitions and the Greek economic crisis will be among the issues
discussed in coming days when Vice President Joseph Biden huddles with
leaders of those Aegean nations. …

Iran earmarks $18b for 29 petrochemical plans
Tehran Times
Iran has allocated $4 billion to implement 13 petrochemical projects and
opened $14 billion credit line for 16 other projects, the National
Petrochemical Company’s managing director announced. “Totally, 69
petrochemical projects should be completed …

Iran NGO condemns criminal nature of terrorist groups
Islamic Republic News Agency
In a statement issued on the martyrdom anniversary of the Iranian nuclear
scientist Majid Shahriari on Tuesday, the non-governmental organization
said the names of the martyrs of terrorist operations in the third decade
of the Islamic revolution will …

Iran to export petrol from next March
Iranian Students News Agency
TEHRAN (ISNA)-Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Alireza Zeighami said the country
would start petrol export from next March. “Iran is not exporting gas
presently due to its local needs, but it only sells light and heavy naphtha
since it is improving its …

Sanctions against Iran to bite Armenia – former FM
Net – Sanctions on Iran have so far not affected Armenia, former Minister
of Foreign Affairs of Armenia said. “If there’re any additional sanctions
because of these latest developments with regard to nuclear arms, clearly
those sanctions will come to …

UK Mulls Ban on Sale of Tracking Software to Iran and Syria
28 (Bloomberg) — The UK government is examining whether to ban the sale of
mobile-phone surveillance software to Iran and Syria, Business Minister
Judith Wilcox said. Wilcox, answering questions in Parliament today about
exports to Iran of software …

Swiss official talks Iran
University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily
“We [have been the] … ears and eyes of Iran to the US for the last 31
years,” Scheurer said. Although Switzerland is politically neutral, it
has represented US interests in Tehran since 1980. “Today, Iran has 14
neighbors, and no friends,” Scheurer …

Prison » Israel Preparing Iran Attack?
By admin
“The PA security member, speaking on condition of anonymity, speculated
the missiles were related to a possible Israeli offensive against Iran. He
commented that such missiles were offensive in nature, and usually not
meant to serve as …

Iran Talks Tough to Turkey
By James Phillips
Amid mounting international pressure, Iran has lashed out verbally against
Turkey, Britain, Israel, and the United States.

YID With LID: BREAKING: Huge Explosion In IRAN’s Nuke City
By Jeff Dunetz
Less than two weeks after a mysterious explosion destroyed an Iranian
missile development base, and the same day the Israeli Military reported on
the effect of that explosion, Iran’s official news agency FARS reported
that a loud blast was …

Sabotage? Sat-pic shows Iran missile base devastation — RT
Two weeks after a powerful explosion at a military installation near Tehran
claiming the lives of 17 people, a Washington-based think tank has released
satellite images showing extensive damage to the site, likely to have been
caused by the …

Iran Bans Battlefield 3 | GamePolitics
By james_fudge
Iran Bans Battlefield 3. November 28, 2011. Iran has banned Battlefield 3
from being sold in the country because it depicts a U.S. military assault
against the city of Tehran using tanks and aircraft. This news comes from
the Iranian IT magazine. …

Satellite images of Iran explosion – CNN Security Clearance – CNN …
By Adam Levine
By Adam Levine New satellite imagery shows the extent of damage to the
Iranian military compound that blew up earlier this month, was extensively
damaged, the Institute for Science and International Security said after an
analysis of new …

Iran To Expel British ambassador; legislators chant “Death to …
By Pamela Geller
Iran moves to expel British ambassador; legislators chant “Death to
England” (thanks to Marisol) Britain is now also officially “worse than the
devil,” according to the resolution that legislators passed, with some
lawmakers threatening a reprise …

Iran Ratifies Bill Reducing Diplomatic Relations With Britain
By The Huffington Post News Editors
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s constitutional watchdog has ratified a bill that
reduces diplomatic relations with Britain following London’s support of
recently upgraded U.S. sanctions on Tehran. State radio says the Guardian
Council ratified the bill on …

More “Bad Luck” in Iran; “Huge” Explosion Reported Outside Isfahan …
By Rodney Graves
Only two weeks after a double blast that coincidentally killed the Iranian
Revolutionary Guards commander in charge of long range missiles, another
huge blast has been reported (and then had its report removed) outside of
the city of Isfahan …

Iran has no interest in resolving the nuclear crisis by jaw jaw …
By Con Coughlin
caption id=”attachment_100120073″ align=”alignnone” width=”460″
caption=”Iran has passed a law to expel the British ambassador (Photo:
Alamy)”][/caption] The decision by Iran’s parliament to expel the British
Ambassador to Tehran …

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