Syria Newslinks 29-30 November 2011

30 November 2011 —

Maybe updated as the day wears on…

30 November 2011
SYRIA: The Orwellian “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) used to Justify “Regime Change” and All Out War Today at 16:22
False pretences of humanitarianism are being used with a twisted legal regime in a plan for regime change against Syria.

`There are judges in Jerusalem!`
occupation magazine – articles Today at 23:59
Adam Keller – Crazy Country – ‘Also in North Korea there is an institution called The Supreme Court. Also in Syria.’ – id

Tehran invokes revolutionary fervor
Asia Times Online Today at 11:00
As the US gathers its flock, including its most reliable sycophant Britain, to move against the Iranian sphere via regime change in Syria, Tehran has taken the gloves off. The downgrading of ties with London moved with such speed that it is obvious it was authorized at the highest levels, as any further attempts at a soft line with the West have been rejected as futile. – M K Bhadrakumar (Nov 30, ’11)

Turkey imposes sanctions on Syria
BBC News Today at 09:34
Turkey’s foreign minister announces sanctions on Syria over its crackdown on protests, saying Syrian leaders had reached ‘the end of the road’.

Prabir Purkayastha, “Why Syria Matters: Interview with Aijaz Ahmad” (Video) Today at 05:42
Aijaz Ahmad: The Americans have known from the beginning, the West has known from the beginning, that their only chance in Syria would be if they could establish a so-called “liberated zone,” preferably on the border with Turkey, which could become a kind of Benghazi . . . which could become a ground for intervention.

BREAKING: Military Confrontation between Washington and Moscow? Russian Warships head for Syria Today at 04:22
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

‘Cold War and crusades never finished’ Today at 04:17
Pressure on the Syrian regime continues to intensify as do divisions among the UNSC members. Meanwhile, the UN human rights forum is expected to condemn Syria for crimes against humanity.

Turkey may set up buffer zone on Syria border – minister
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 02:32

Arab League is ‘serious’ on Syria
BBC News Today at 01:52
The secretary general of the Arab League tells the BBC that its approval of unprecedented sanctions against Syria has sent a serious political message.

29 November 2011
Just in case? Russian fleet to head toward Syria in December Yesterday at 21:09
Speculation is growing whether Russian war ships heading to the Mediterranean will indeed anchor by the Syrian coast. And, despite military officials’ assurances, some expect it to disturb the balance of power in the…

The Syrian Revolution Hijacked
China Matters Yesterday at 21:07
The Syrian revolution—a broad-based, non-sectarian, democratic anti-despot national movement—has failed.
Mass demonstrations never materialized in Damascus and Aleppo.  The military and security forces didn’t crack.  The Alawite on Sunni crackdown (Alawites form the backbone of the army/security forces/irregular goon squads) fomented sectarian divisions, with most non-Sunnis minorities cleaving desperately to the Assad regime.  Prosperous Sunnis have presumably been hedging their bets by donating to the anti-government cause in recent days but have not explicitly abandoned the regime.

Russian Navy drills in Mediterranean ‘unrelated to Syria’
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 18:29

Turkey cuts Assad links
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:05
Turkey announced plans today to use Iraq rather than Syria as a transit point for Middle East trade, escalating pressure on Damascus after the Arab League’s weekend decision to impose tough new sanctions on the country.

Syria: Russia Rejects Arms Embargo, Repeat Of Libyan Scenario Yesterday at 15:27
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Syria: The view from next door
BBC News Yesterday at 14:03
What’s at stake for Syria’s neighbours as crisis escalates

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