Syria Newslinks 5 December 2011

5 December 2011 —

Ibrahim al-Amin, “Syria: A Revolution Against Resistance?” Today at 16:48
The foreign powers intervening in Syria to bring down President Bashar Assad want to speed things up. This has compelled oppositionists to show their hand, stripping them of yet more cards. . . . On Friday, the Syrian National Council’s chief spokesman, Burhan Ghalioun, was forced (and there is no other explanation for it) to come clean about the nature of the payback required of the Syrian opposition by its US, Turkish, Gulf, and European supporters.

Inside the Egyptian Revolution
Dissident Voice Today at 16:01
Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, medical doctor and journalist (Pyramidion) was one of  hundreds of thousands Egyptians occupying Tahrir Square  in late January/early February of 2011.   Ten months later Egyptian people are once again back on the streets despite a deadly crackdown by security forces.  I interviewed Dr. Ezzat via e-mail about the revolution then and now

Endless Needless Deaths
Dissident Voice Today at 16:01
Bush started shooting into Pakistan in 2004, and Obama has continued this bloody practice, culminating recently in the massacre of 24 Pakistani soldiers, with 13 more wounded. The attack lasted for hours, yet afterward, the US claimed it was all an accident. Hillary Clinton expressed regrets, Obama offered condolences, but no American official apologized, since the US doesn’t do apologies. Accusing Pakistan of supporting terrorists who are killing Americans, McCain threatened to cut back aids. As for those Pakistani soldiers, they were regrettably killed in ‘the fog of war.’

War With Iran: A Provocation Away?
Dissident VoiceToday at 16:00
Tom Burghardt Amid conflicting reports that a huge explosion at Iran’s uranium conversion facility in Isfahan occurred last week, speculation was rife that Israel and the United States were stepping-up covert attacks against defense and nuclear installations.

Syria responds “positively” to AL protocol, proposes minor amendments
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 14:42

Syria carried out large military exercises, The Middle East “will burn” in the event of a military intervention against Syria Today at 14:27
For more details, please click on the link to read the article.

Syria ‘to sign Arab League deal’
BBC News Today at 13:03
Syria responds ‘positively’ to an Arab League initiative aimed at ending eight months of deadly unrest, according to its foreign ministry spokesman.

‘Toppling Assad is proxy war against Iran’ Today at 11:36
Western diplomacy regards the Syrian president as a lost cause, so since he has close ties with Iran, toppling Assad would be a major blow to Tehran, argues UK journalist and author Jonathan Steele.

Class and Capitalism in the Gulf – The Political Economy of the GCC
New Left Project Today at 10:35
by Adam Hanieh, Ed Lewis
As part of our series of material related to the most recent edition of the Socialist Register – The Crisis and the Left – New Left Project’s Ed Lewis interviewed Adam Hanieh about the international political economy of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Hanieh is a lecturer in development studies at SOAS, and is an editorial board member of Historical Materialism. He is the author, most recently, of Capitalism and Class in the Gulf Arab States.

Syria succumbs to observer demands Today at 08:53
Syria has reportedly agreed to the Arab League’s plan to open the country’s doors to foreign observers, with the country’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem sending confirmation to Cairo of agreement to host Arab observers…

Syria faces new Arab League ultimatum
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 02:34

Syria again ignores Arab League deadline to allow observers
Los Angeles Times
Syria says it is concerned about the number of monitors and how they would operate. Abu Hamzeh, who said he defected from the Syrian army in May, speaks with Reuters TV at an undisclosed location near the Lebanese-Syrian border on Saturday. …,0,4569287.story

Syria holds war games in Assad regime show of force
Syria is under both Arab and international pressure to end its crackdown on an eight-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad’s regime that the UN says has killed more than 4000 people. The manoeuvres, which state TV said took place over the …

Syrian opposition woos support by pledges to sever ties with “terrorist groups”
5 (Xinhua) — Syria blames its months-long unrest and snowballing pressure on countries that are unpleasant with its stands supportive of some resistance groups in the Middle East, groups considered by these countries as “terrorists”. …

Syria: fall of Bashar al-Assad will bring war to Middle East, warns Iraq
Iraq has raised renewed fears that the Middle East will be engulfed by sectarian bloodshed if Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is deposed as the country falls into civil war. By Adrian Blomfield, Middle East Correspondent Nouri al-Maliki gave his most …

Analysis: Syria opposition labors for united front
Jerusalem Post
By OREN KESSLER Doubts abound over cohesion, inclusiveness of Syrian National Council, Free Syrian Army; dissident to ‘Post’: Reports of SNC’s Islamist sympathies are overblown. Fragmented for months, Syria’s opposition is showing signs it may be …

Analyst on Syrian sanctions against Turkey
Al Jazeera
Syria is taking economic action against Turkey after Ankara froze the assets of Bashar al-Assad’s government and suspended all financial deals with the country last week. Damascus says it will end a free trade agreement which allows tax free Turkish …

Syria: Free Razan Ghazzawi · Global Voices
By Amira Al Hussaini
Ghazzawi is a US-born Syrian blogger and avid Twitter user, who has contributed to both Global Voices Online and Global Voices Advocacy. She is also one of the few bloggers in Syria who writes under her real name, advocating for the rights …

Israel Matzav: Hamas leaving Syria
By Carl in Jerusalem
Departures were speeded up, one regional intelligence source said, by the Arab League’s suspension of Syria last month over its military crackdown on protests rocking the Assad government. Diplomats said dozens of Hamas operatives and …

Prison » Syria given 24 hours to sign Arab League deal …
By admin
Syria has been given a final deadline by the Arab League to accept international observers into the country or face sanctions. The Qatari prime minister, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani, said on Saturday that the league had given Bashar …

Syria ‘willing to let in foreign observers’
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:08
The Syrian government dodged Arab League sanctions today by agreeing in principle to let foreign observers into the country.

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