Wikileaks Newslinks 18 December 2011

18 December 2011 —

WikiLeaks investigators ‘feared Bradley Manning had links to foreign agents’
The Guardian
At a preliminary hearing in the case of Private Bradley Manning – the soldier suspected of being a WikiLeaks source – an army computer crimes specialist spoke of his initial concerns of involvement by an overseas agency, noting that the suspect had …

Summary Box: WikiLeaks figure to fight extradition
Britain’s Supreme Court has agreed to hear WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange’s appeal against extradition to Sweden over sex crimes allegations.
A panel of three judges granted a two-day appeal beginning on Feb. 1. THE
BACKGROUND: Assange, who leads the …

By DAVID DISHNEAU and PAULINE JELINEK AP News 13 brings you school kids
from around the state of Maine who take you inside their school to show you
why they think it is special. Diana Ichton is always on your side with
reports that protect and inform. …

regulators have approved the first heart pump for children with heart
failure, offering an important treatment option for patients who are too
small to receive adult implants. …

Senate passing bills…Hearing resumes for accused Wikileaks source …
9&10 News
FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — The military court case against the soldier
accused of leaking classified material to WikiLeaks has resumed, after an
Army appeals court rejected a defense effort to remove the presiding
officer. The purpose of today’s hearing …

Never Mind “Occupy.” The New Solution Is Sharia.
First it was WikiLeaks, and Anonymous. Then came Occupy. Now the movement
to watch is Shariah4, as in Shariah4France, Shariah4America, or
Shariah4Belgium, members of which threatened earlier this month to break
the neck of Muslim activist Irshad Manji …

Another top intelligence official dies
The Zimbabwe Mail
According Wikileaks, the US cable leaks, Muzavazi was identified as the top
man behind Mugabe’s State spy agency and he travelled with him on every
trip abroad. Last night a security analyst whose name cannot be revealed
identified Muzavazi as the main …

2011 was an epic year. Here are the stories you judged the most vital
The Guardian
WIKILEAKS INQUIRY (58968), 4 JANUARY The US Department of Justice announces
plans to hold a congressional inquiry into WikiLeaks and its founder,
Julian Assange, following the organisation’s release of thousands of
classified US diplomatic cables. …

New US ambassador Nancy J Powell not new to India
Business Standard
And judging by that oracle that helps us all make up our own minds about
the US — Wikileaks — she is adept at taking interlocutors by surprise
with the depth of her knowledge. Powell, who has been ambassador in
Islamabad and Kathmandu (in addition to …

Philippines counts storm dead
The Age
WikiLeaks source suspect appears in court Sorry. An error occured when
submitting the form. Websites in the Fairfax Digital Network offer
streaming video and audio in the Flash format. Streaming media allows you
to watch video on a website as a …

Migrant Ship Sinks Off Indonesia; Over 200 Missing
Pfc. Bradley Manning, 24, is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of
sensitive items to the anti-secrecy online group WikiLeaks, including Iraq
and Afghanistan war logs, State Department cables and a military video of a
2007 American helicopter …

New Jersey HeraldAP News in Brief at 11:58 pm EST
New Jersey Herald
Manning is accused of leaking hundreds of thousands of sensitive items to
the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, including Iraq and Afghanistan war logs,
State Department cables and a military video of a 2007 American helicopter
attack in Iraq that killed …

No death penalty for alleged Wikileaker
Washington Examiner (blog)
Prosecutors will not seek a death penalty for the soldier charged with
“aiding the enemy” by allegedly stealing thousands of classified documents
and giving them to Wikileaks, which released them online last year. “The
charge of aiding the enemy under …

Commissioner Greene
Stabroek News
This year, the ever illuminating WikiLeaks cables provided some background
to the issue, when it was revealed in a cable sent by then US Chargé
d’Affaires Michael Thomas that the United States had had Mr Greene under
investigation for five years, …

The venom of false beliefs
The News International
The WikiLeaks disclosures show that the chief of the army staff, Gen
Kayani, wanted drone strikes to complement Pakistan’s military operations
in the tribal areas. Though this was later vehemently denied by the
Inter-Services Public Relations, …

Top 5: World news stories
From devastating tropical storms in the Philippines to the US WikiLeaks
whistleblower’s military court case, here are the most-read world news
stories for Saturday. Pounding rain from a tropical storm swelled rivers
and sent walls of water crushing …

Suspected WikiLeaks source appears in U.S. court
The Sudbury Star
An American Army intelligence analyst accused of giving hundreds of
thousands of classified US documents to WikiLeaks for public disclosure
made his first court appearance Friday to face charges including aiding the
enemy, which could send him to …

Army Appeals Court Rejects Manning Effort To Remove Presiding Officer In …
FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — Army appeals court rejects Manning effort to
remove presiding officer in WikiLeaks hearing By Alan Fram, Associated
Press President Barack Obama delivers a statement in the Brady Press
Briefing Room at the White House in …

Army appeals court rejects Manning effort to remove presiding officer in …
Broadcast Newsroom
By AP FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) ‘ Army appeals court rejects Manning effort to
remove presiding officer in WikiLeaks hearing Source:Copyright 2011 The
Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published,
broadcast, rewritten or …

Now, RAW can legally intercept calls, e-mails
The Hindu
The move came nearly two weeks after The Hindu carried a series of
write-ups, working in collaboration with WikiLeaks, on communications
intelligence capabilities. The sources said the RAW would not be able to
deploy its communication interception …

Army appeals court rejects Manning effort to remove presiding officer in …
AP FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — Army appeals court rejects Manning effort to
remove presiding officer in WikiLeaks hearing To add a comment, please
register or login. We welcome your comments on this story’s topic.
Off-topic comments, personal attacks, …

Stressed by being gay, Manning revealed US secrets
Zee News
Washington: The lawyers of Bradley Manning, the US Army private accused of
sharing classified documents WikiLeaks, have claimed that his position as a
gay soldier in the era of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ played an important role
in his actions. …

The seasonal quiz answers
The Independent
… made derogatory jokes about Mexican stereotypes. 3. The Westminster
Abbey verger ended up on YouTube after being filmed turning cartwheels down
the aisle after the ceremony. 4. Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, who has been
fighting extradition to Sweden.

History has not been kind to Syria’s desire for change
The Nation, Pakistan
The extent to which Syrians are acting freely or being used by the United
States will become clearer when another generation of CIA operatives
publishes memoirs or someone passes documents on to WikiLeaks. The Bush
administration in 2006 began funding …

Is the India Story over for Singh and company?
Malaysia Star
That the Americans were pushing hard for opening up multi-brand retail was
widely known, especially after the recent publication of the leaked US
cables by WikiLeaks. In one of these cables, US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton, a one-time board …

Rwanda: Recovering. Restrained. Resilient.
Minneapolis Star Tribune
asks one portion of a 2008 classified US diplomatic cable obtained by
WikiLeaks. It continues: “Rwanda remains a deeply divided society, and
average Rwandans still identify closely with their ethnic origins. Some
Hutus argue that the massive gacaca …

Why don’t we tweet what we Google? Can end-of-year lists tell us about the year?
The Sociable
In a year of economic disaster, political troubles in Europe, the occupy
movement’s mass civil disobedience, and Wikileaks’ ongoing revelations it’s
striking that we didn’t discuss or search for these online enough to make
the lists. …

Supporters Hail US Soldier Tied to WikiLeaks as Hero | The Lincoln …
By Nico Colombant
Military prosecutors accuse Private First Class Bradley Manning of leaking
thousands of classified documents.
The Lincoln Tribune

Bias rejected in Wikileaks case | Stock Market News – Business …
By Editor – Top News Stories
17 December 2011 Last updated at 11:57 ET Bradley Manning is accused of

CCR Appeals Denial of Guaranteed Access to Manning Hearing for …
By jnessel
New York, December 17, 2011— This morning, the Center for Constitutional
Rights (CCR), representing Julian Assange, publisher of the WikiLeaks media
organization, appealed a military court decision yesterday that denied
guaranteed …

Witnesses testify in Bradley Manning Wikileaks case (Reuters)
By Cass
Reuters – Bradley Manning, the suspected source of the largest leak of
classified U.S. documents in history, spent his 24th birthday in military
court on Saturday listening to investigators detail how.

Gender identity a subject matter within WikiLeaks earshot testimony
By admin
Col. Paul Almanza oversees the investigation and choice command somebody to
a recommendation after its complete vis-a-vis could you repeat that?, if

GI’s lawyer fails to oust chief of WikiLeaks inquiry
GI’s lawyer fails to oust chief of WikiLeaks inquiry. By SCOTT SHANE THE
NEW YORK TIMES. A defense lawyer for Bradley Manning, the Army private
accused of leaking government secrets, began a frontal attack during
Manning’s first court …

Accused WikiLeaks source’s sexual orientation is raised in hearing …
The young Army intelligence specialist accused of passing government
secrets spent his 24th birthday in court Saturday as his lawyers argued his
status as a gay soldier before the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” played
an important role in his …

WikiLeaks’ Assange gets U.K. elevated encourage hearing
By admin
Assange, who leads the WikiLeaks anti-secrecy website, was accused of rape,
oppression and molestation following encounters with two Swedish women into

WikiLeaks – Julian Assange can appeal against extradition, supreme …
By Steffen Konrath
Guardian | Press Association :: The highest court in the land has granted
permission for Julian Assange to appeal against his extradition to Sweden,
where he faces sex crime allegations. The supreme court said it would hear
the appeal …

Soldier’s Hearing Weighs Harm From Wikileaks – WNYC
By Carrie Johnson
Military prosecutors say Army Pvt. Bradley Manning downloaded troves of
secret documents from a computer station in Baghdad and passed …

John Pilger rightly salutes the vital importance of Wikileaks …
By Antony Loewenstein

Negotiation Is Over! – Wikileaks reveals critical US infrastructure site …
By Negotiation Is Over
Of all the leaks to have emerged from this set of releases from Wikileaks,
this global list of infrastructure sites which the US considers critical
for its national security interest must surely count as one of the most
sensitive. In its preamble, the …

Bradley Manning Informant Reported Second Person for Aiding …
Convicted hacker Adrian Lamo told the authorities about a second person he
believed was aiding WikiLeaks, just months after turning over damning chat
logs with alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning….

GrogNews: Legal Maneuverings Start in WikiLeaks Case
By Brant
He faces 22 charges of obtaining and distributing government secrets –
which he allegedly leaked to anti-secrecy site Wikileaks. The Article 32
hearing will determine whether Pte Manning is to stand trial. During the
hearing, which is expected …

WikiLeaks lawyers protest at denial of full access to Manning …
Assange’s lawyer relegated to public benches at alleged leaker’s pre-trial
hearing after army appeals court rejects motion.

WikiLeaks’ favor to diplomacy – Editorials – The Boston Globe
America’s Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, is returning to Damascus after
his last stint there ended because of the dangers and violence. In a short
cable …

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