Syria Newslinks 21-22 December 2011

22 December 2011 —

22 December 2011
Arab observers to head for Syria
BBC News Today at 08:17
Arab League observers are set to arrive in Syria under a plan to end the violent crackdown on anti-government protests the UN says has claimed 5,000 lives.

‘US trajectory on Syria ‘a self-generating path to war’
Russiatoday.ruToday at 08:01
Washington has once again slammed the Syrian regime, warning of new international measures unless it withdraws security forces from the streets. But a US-based political cartoonist says human rights are merely a cover…

Ordinary Syrians will bear brunt of sanctions Today at 06:53
Arab League observers are due to arrive in Syria on Thursday as part of a plan to halt violence. That is after one of the bloodiest weeks since the beginning of the unrest, with more than 200 people having been killed…

Syria rejects reports of killing 21 officers
Strategic Culture Foundation Today at 02:24

21 December 2011
VIDEO: Syria ‘inching towards civil war’

BBC News Yesterday at 23:46
The Syrian opposition calls for emergency meetings of the UN Security Council and the Arab League to discuss the intensifying violence in the north-west of the country.

111 killed in ‘organised massacre’ in Syria
Morning Star Yesterday at 17:16
Opposition activists accused the Syrian government today of conducting an ‘organised massacre’ in the north-west town of Kfar Owaid, killing over 100 people.

Sanctioning Syria: Who Loses?
Dissident Voice Yesterday at 16:18
Economic sanctions are arrogant open acts of war against other nations. Their goal is to devastate the lower and middle classes and to weaken the country. The regime of the imposing country believes that its economy is superior and is so influential that other countries are so dependent on it and could not survive without it.

Iranian embassy urges Syrian gov’t to identify kidnappers of abducted Iranian experts
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 15:15

Syria ‘massacre’: UN urged to act
BBC News Yesterday at 14:32
The Syrian opposition calls for emergency meetings of the UN Security Council and the Arab League to discuss an alleged massacre in Syria’s north-west.

Israel in the midst of the Arab winter
Asia Times Online Yesterday at 11:00
Despite inhabiting an island of relative economic and political calm as deadly violence in Egypt and Syria sees a chill descend on the Arab Spring, many Israelis predict perpetual war for generations to come. The Jewish state’s leadership recognizes that this year’s growth of democracy among neighbors potentially removes a barrier to peace, but in its deep-rooted suspicions of Arab maneuvers and apathy towards conflict resolution, it is entirely representative of the population as a whole. – Victor Kotsev (Dec 21, ’11)

Russia calls for ‘efficient influence’ on Syrian opposition Yesterday at 10:59
In an effort to stabilize the situation in this embattled Arab Republic, Russia is calling for some degree of influence exerted on the Syrian opposition, which has been rebelling against the government of President…

Syria holds military exercise to repel invasion
Strategic Culture Foundation Yesterday at 08:16

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