WikiLeaks Newslinks 5-6 January 2012

6 January 2012 —

WikiLeaks Supporters Lose Court Bid to Protect Twitter Records
Wired News
By Kim Zetter Three WikiLeaks supporters have lost their bid to protect their Twitter records from US investigators trying to prosecute the whistleblowing site over its publication of secret and sensitive government documents. …

Their website makes it obvious the hactivists favor the Wikileaks strategy. Hang on a minute …. there is nothing wrong with Nazis. They are a political group in their respective countries which is a threat to the present Western …

Julian Assange’s 400th day under house arrest approaches: political detainment …
Death and Taxes
By DJ Pangburn 13 hours ago January 11, 2012 will mark the 400th day of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s house arrest, a court order that arose after an erstwhile Swedish prosecutor decided to re-launch a case against the free information and open …

Leaked Documents Show How The US Bullied Spain Into Passing Its Anti-Piracy Law
Business Insider
Image: AP Way back in 2010 it was confirmed in a series of Wikileaks
releases that the US had played a crucial role in creating Spain’s plans
for an anti-piracy law. The release of those cables by Wikileaks actually
did a lot to hinder the law (at the …

Sweden recognises file-sharing religion
The country which gave the world the Pirate Bay and original Pirate Party,
stored WikiLeaks data and took internet telephony mainstream (ie, Skype)
has now officially recognised file-sharing as a religion. “Hopefully, this
is one step towards the day …

The origins of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
GMA News
From the country that gave the world Abba, Ericsson, Spotify, IKEA, H&M and
yes, even WikiLeaks, the Millenium series by Swedish author Stieg Larsson
is another offering that is difficult to ignore. With 65 million copies of
the books sold worldwide …

EU may bar purchases of Iranian oil
But the extent of the effort that the United States has gone to over the
years to target the Iranian energy industry had been largely out of public
view until the publication of classified State Department cables by the
WikiLeaks website. …

2011: Alberni Valley celebrates the highs and lows in Part II of year-end features
Alberni Valley News
The incident came to light as part of the infamous WikiLeaks release of
military documents last year. New publisher Teresa Bird came from the North
Island Gazette to join the team at the News after former News publisher
John Tierney left for Victoria. …

The AFL-CIO and Colombia
The diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks, however, show a more equivocal
role. First, some background on Colombia. Since 1986, around 2900 unionists
have been killed in that country. According to the ITUC, which itself
relies upon the well-respected …

Meet the Taliban leader Obama wants to release from Guantanamo By Marc.Thiessen
Tucson Citizen
Fox News reports that a senior US official has confirmed that “Mullah
Mohammed Fazl is among the prisoners being considered for release.” Last
year, WikiLeaks released a trove of documents it dubbed the “Gitmo
Files” with assessme…

In pace with the times
Sofia Echo
Borissov himself had an unpleasant moment when, through Wikileaks, cables
emerged from two previous US ambassadors portraying him in a
less-than-flattering light. Being named, as he was months later, Footballer
of the Year may not entirely make up for …

Amazon shakedown artists
National Post
Nevertheless, an alleged smoking gun is an April 2008 cable from the US
embassy in Quito – released by Wikileaks – noting that “Chevron had begun
to quietly explore with senior GOE [Government of Ecuador] officials
whether it could implement a series …

A little modesty
According to cables sent from the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Washington and
published by WikiLeaks this year, Israel was among those concerned by what
was going on in Pakistan at this time – an indication, it seems, of some
affinity for Musharraf, …

Making waves
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, was a regular speaker there, and
Mark Zuckerberg used to come there before he became widely known. I was
invited this year to speak at the conference on the connection between
science and computer hacking. …

2011 – A Year of Mixed Bags
Wikileaks and the saga about diplomatic cables gave us weeks of interesting
conversation on diplomatic leakages and who is recording who. No doubt
people in high places have begun putting limitations on what to say in
certain quarters. …

What journalists need to know about SOPA
Funded by the US State Department, the Tor Project creates encryption
technology used heavily to transfer copyrighted files (think WikiLeaks).
The tool is particularly popular with foreign dissidents living in
repressive regimes. …

General strike called as protests spread in Nigeria against gas price hike
World Socialist Web Site
Secret diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks in 2010 revealed the extent
to which companies like Shell Oil go to extract wealth from Nigeria. Shell
representatives handed out bribes to Nigerian government officials to the
tune of tens of millions of …

Alasdair McDonnell’s call for MLA pay increase is counter to SDLP’s own policy
Belfast Telegraph
He added that people were being reminded of the prediction contained in
WikiLeaks that Dr McDonnell would behave like “a bull in a china shop”
if he became leader. Politicians were critical, but reluctant to be named.
Sean Farren, a party elder …

30 year rule: A bizarre anachronism
The Africa Report
Whilst the 30 year rule has been somewhat undermined by the Freedom of
Information Act, Wikileaks, and the slew of self-serving political
autobiographies that follows the fall of each government (the forth volume
of Alistair Campbell’s diaries is …

World Soccer Daily: 10 stories you need to read, January 5th, 2012
World Soccer
According to a US report published by Wikileaks, Rahmon’s father presides
over massive levels of of corruption. A cable dated 16 February 2010 from
the US embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan’s capital, describes how Rahmon runs
the country’s economy for …

NDC is cursed, everything they touch gets spoilt – Ursula
She asked whether government was planning to impose hardships on Ashantis,
making reference to an alleged confession of President Mills in Wikileaks
that he feared the ‘Great Ashanti Project’. Health, education and shelter
are the basic needs of …

Millett’s New Year views
Yass Tribune (blog)
… Julian Assange in the Wikileaks charade and also de-politicise its
‘look-the-other-way-and-do-nothin g’ policies regarding the unfortunate
asylum seekers who continue to be a political football and where humanity
has given way to gutless expediency …

50 faces that made the news in 2011
Ahram Online
WikiLeaks cables laid bare the centrality of Suleiman to US-Egypt
relations; a 2006 US State Department memo described him as “probably the
most successful element of the relationship”. The Supreme Council of the
Armed Forces (SCAF) currently holds the …

CIA infects South American leaders with cancer?
WikiLeaks reported that in 2008 the CIA asked its embassy in Paraguay
(Fernando Lugo!) to collect all biometric data, including the DNA of all
four presidential candidates. Knowing the DNA code, it is easy to develop
an oncogene for each individual. …

What sites does DHS monitor for situation analysis?
Emergency Management (blog)
Being on the same list with wikileaks gives me a bit of an eery feeling.
But then made the list as well. Not sure what help I
could possibly offer DHS in providing situation awareness but I think I’ll
choose to take this as a …

Vecer Downplays Importance of US Ambassador’s Conduct
STA – Slovenska Tiskovna Agencija (subscription)
In Slovenia it has economic interests in particular, but as a member of the
EU and NATO, Slovenia is not politically unimportant either. Cables leaked
by Wikileaks showed how the US and its diplomacy function. Compared to
that, Mussomeli speaking too …

WikiLeaks Begins new strategy on invasive Twitter Subpoenas …
By Anomaly
A few hours ago, WikiLeaks tweeted, “Given that police are increasingly
issuing subpoenas to Twitter, join us in requesting twitter change their
data retention policy. #NOLOGS.” WikiLeaks is not the only entity in
jeopardy due to Twitter’s flawed …

Wikileaks backers lose battle to keep twitter data from U.S. …
By Kevin O’Keefe
Bloomberg’s Tom Schoenberg reports that three WikiLeaks backers lost their
bid to keep information from their Twitter accounts from being turned over.

WikiLeaks Backers Lose Bid to Keep Twitter Accounts From U.S. …
By Dissent
Tom Schoenberg reports: Three WikiLeaks backers lost their bid to keep
information on them collected from their Twitter Inc. accounts from being
turned over to.

WikiLeaks cables confirm US role in Somalia « The Daily Attack
By Rj
The Wikileaks website released cables showing that plans for the Kenyan
military invasion of southern Somalia had been mapped out for nearly two
years and refuting claims that the intervention was done without
Washington’s knowledge. …

WikiLeaks backers lose bid to keep Twitter data from U.S – :: Future …
By Steffen Konrath
Business Week :: Three WikiLeaks backers lost their bid to keep information
on them collected from their Twitter Inc. accounts from being turned over
to U.S. prosecutors who are investigating the group’s publication of
classified information.

WikiLeaks Proves U.S. Forced Spain to Adopt SOPA-Style Law …
Last week, the Spanish government enacted a law containing provisions that
allows copyright holders to have allegedly-infringing websites shut down.

Anonymous Blitzkrieg: Hactivists declare war on Neo-Nazis — RT
Activists of the Anonymous online hacker community have launched a web
campaign against German neo-Nazi and other far-right sites. Their website makes it obvious the hactivists favor the Wikileaks

WikiLeaks Proves U.S. Forced S… | AW WebBiz & Social Media Blog
By Gretchen Glasscock
WikiLeaks Proves U.S. Forced Spain to Adopt SOPA-Style Law: Last week, the
Spanish government enacted a law cont…

Michael L. Love (proclus)’s status on Thursday, 05-Jan-12 21:59:15 …
Naomi Wolf is expecting an authoritarian blowback. – #opblackout #sopa
#pipa #wikileaks #stopsopa #ows #ndaa #usdor · about
7 minutes ago from at Baltimore, Maryland, United States · Help ·
About · FAQ · TOS …

Spain-full SOPA Politics | Beanstalk’s SEO News Blog
By Ryan Morben
United States government interference in Spain’s intellectual property laws
had long been suspected, but it was revelations from Wikileaks that finally
confirmed the depth of its involvement. More than 100 leaked cables showed
that the US …

Specials: Demanding Democracy – WNYC
In this hour, we talk with some of them — from Wikileaks’ controversial
founder Julian Assange, to the first Tea Party activist, to the influential
media duo of Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. What do they all have in common?
They’re Demanding …

WikiLeaks Proves U.S. Forced Spain to Adopt SOPA-Style Law
In addition to the WikiLeaks cables, Spanish newspaper El Pais obtained a
letter from the U.S. ambassador to Spain expressing “deep concern” over the

Political opinion Wikileaks | WL Central
WikiLeaks news, analysis and action. Search this site … A ‘Wikileaks’
party and # JA4Senate in the Australian polity: Can Parliament be
‘occupied’? Submitted by …

WikiLeaks: US Eyed Trade War With EU Over Genetically Modified …
The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to engage in a trade war with EU
nations opposing genetically modified crops, Wikileaks cables reveal.

WikiLeaks Targets Twitter Data Retention Policy: #NOLOGS …
Over the last year, Twitter users who also happen to be WikiLeaks
supporters have found their user data subpoenaed along with a gag order.
Former WikiLeaks …

WikiLeaks: Why It Matters. Why It Doesn’t? by Daniel Ellsberg on …
With this roundtable hosted by the Churchill Club, the Wikileaks scandal
serves as a jumping off point for a discussion on how we access government

Time to defend Assange and Wikileaks to protect the right to expose …
The Guardian hits rock bottom with smear campaign against Wikileaks… News
Corp desperate to conceal full extent of corruption to prevent destruction
of its UK …

WikiLeaks : Lady Gaga , page 1
If you are trying to suggest a connection from Lady Gaga to the Wikileaks
folks, I do not think that there is one. If you are trying to support
“your” solution as a way …

New legislation aims to prevent another WikiLeaks security disaster
New legislation aims to prevent another WikiLeaks security disaster. U.S.
Army Pfc. Bradley Manning (left) arrives at a U.S. military Magistrate
Court facility …

5 January 2012
Anonymous hunts neo-Nazis with WikiLeaks-style site
By John Leyden • Get more from this author The hacktivists of Operation
Blitzkrieg this week launched a WikiLeaks-style website that aims to expose
members of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) and other
extremist groups, Der Spiegel reports …

Times Eagerly Fronted Stolen Secrets from Wikileaks, but Climate-Gate Was …
Media Research Center
Unlike the paper’s standard eagerness to splash sensitive diplomatic
secrets on the front page during the Wikileaks saga, the Times took the
side of government when it came to the still-unknown whistleblowers behind
Climate-gate, which revealed the …

NGO crackdown: Frontline of the ongoing revolution
Ahram Online
The offending article referenced a US diplomatic cable, recently published
by online whistleblower Wikileaks, which documented several meetings
between Egyptian NGO activists and American diplomats. “There’s no
mention of funding whatsoever in the …

Counter-insurgency ‘improves’ Brazil’s slums
Life in Rio’s biggest favela seems to be improving one month after a
crackdown WikiLeaks compares to counter-insurgency. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
– More than a month after “pacifying police units” seized control of Rio’s
biggest slum or favela with the …

Leaked cables confirm US role in Somalia war
Workers World
By Abayomi Azikiwe The Wikileaks website released cables showing that plans
for the Kenyan military invasion of southern Somalia had been mapped out
for nearly two years and refuting claims that the intervention was done
without Washington’s knowledge. …

EFF raises privacy concerns over new AOL Instant Messenger
Death and Taxes
By DJ Pangburn 13 hours ago A day after WikiLeaks launched the #NOLOGS
campaign to apply pressure on Twitter to drastically change its user data
retention policies, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has publicly
stated its concern over privacy …

Why 2012 is starting to look like 1984
This may not seem to have anything to do with the Internet — until you
think about groups like Anonymous and Wikileaks. Could Anonymous (or groups
within Anonymous) attacking credit card operators, the threatening the
NYSE, law enforcement …

US Threatened To Blacklist Spain For Not Implementing Site Blocking Law
United States government interference in Spain’s intellectual property laws
had long been suspected, but it was revelations from Wikileaks that finally
confirmed the depth of its involvement. More than 100 leaked cables showed
that the US had helped …

FBI’s wait for 26/11 evidence continues as SC nod awaited
Indian Express
US officials complained that India was “not forthcoming” on the request
and this was a “significant hurdle” in the prosecution of the case in
Pakistan, a US diplomatic cable accessed by The Hindu through WikiLeaks and
published in March last year had …

Shell completes transition of HR application services to Accenture
Shell signed the multi-year deal in July 2011, to cover the areas of
employee administration, self-service, environmental health and payroll.
Wikileaks – fearless whistleblowers or irresponsible nuisances? Keep up to
date with the latest developments. …

Win Win Argument from Mainstream on Effectiveness of Occupy Movement
The same argument was used against Wikileaks despite an inherent
contradiction. If they did not reveal anything really new then why were
they a security threat? Although there was a lot more noise about Vietnam
War crimes, Lt. William Calley was …

“NDAA, not in the USA!”
SOPA and PIPA are online regulation bills, which Occupiers fear will become
internet censorship to take down websites such as Wikileaks which the
government is not a fan of. Before the protest began one of the Occupiers
spoke to people in length about …

Afghan President Karzai supports direct US-Taliban talks
Washington Post
They are among the most prominent remaining Afghans at Guantanamo Bay, and
all held senior positions before their capture, according to military
documents released by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks. Mohammad Fazl, a
former deputy minister of defense …

A Techrospective Look Back at 2011
Geek WIth Laptop
Udemy put together this terrific interactive timeline that pulls together
all the major tech news of the year, from Wikileaks’ document dump on Jan.
1 to Salesforce’s announcement Dec. 19 that it would acquire startup Rypple
in the first quarter of …

A mistaken case for Syrian regime change
[42] The Washington Post exposed in April 2011 that recent WikiLeaks showed
that the US State Department had been giving millions of dollars to various
Syrian exile groups (including the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Movement
for Justice and …

Envoys conference
The News International
The report produced on the occasion need not be a state secret, to be
revealed by WikiLeaks in the future. As a former diplomat I attended one
such conference which produced nothing except a big zero. My ideas were
dismissed as inconsequential because, …

Anonymous’s Operation Hiroshima: Inside the Doxing Coup the Media Ignored (VIDEO)
International Business Times
Expanding on the example Julian Assange set with his groundbreaking
releases of sensitive data and documents via WikiLeaks, on Dec. 31 the
Anonymous movement posted thousands of pages of documents on WWeb sites
like Pastebin and Scribd via a popular …

Why The New York Times Company Will Never Be Great Again
The documentary details the modern struggles of the daily as it faces
layoffs, fading circulation rates, and a world where WikiLeaks can scoop
the pros and cyberspace can level the playing field. It can take weeks for
an investigative reporter to file …

Macau Casinos Continue Revenue Records, Pummeling the Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in September 2011 that no US-based
casino operator in Macau was alleged to be connected with the region’s
organized crime, according to cables obtained by Wikileaks.

Islamist Terror Network Gains Strength in Africa
Spiegel Online
… and is apparently in direct contact with (the) Nigerian extremist group
Boko Haram,” warned US diplomats in Paris in a confidential dispatch to
Washington from February 2010, which was published by the whistleblowing
platform WikiLeaks. …,1518,806749,00.html

Guest Column: Is this end of the revolution as we know it?
The New Age Online
… drenching pepper spray on young demonstrators in Oakland, California,
arresting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to send him to Sweden for his
apparent inability to keep his secrets in his pants, trying to close the
internet as in Europe or China, …

Don’t go bar-hopping in Yemen
GlobalPost (blog)
In 2010, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh came under fire for an offhand
remark published by Wikileaks in its mass release of confidential US State
Department cables. “I don’t care if he smuggles whiskey into Yemen,”
President Saleh said of …

Azerbaijan Seeks to Burnish Image Ahead of Eurovision
Spiegel Online
United States diplomatic cables obtained by the whistleblower platform
Wikileaks attest to the mafia-like tendencies of Aliyev’s regime. In
October, British historian Simon Sebag Montefiore wrote in a contribution
to the New York Times on the “lives of …,1518,806769,00.html

Canada: Climate Criminal
Greenpeace International (blog)
In June 2011, on national television, another Harper henchman, Tom
Flanagan, advocated assassinating WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: “I
think Assange should be assassinated,” he told Canada’s CBC. Flanagan has
been one of the lead architects of …

Sweden recognises filesharing as an official religion
… Sweden is also home to the first Pirate Party – which spawned a
short-lived Irish counterpart for around nine months last year. Sweden is
also home to the main servers that house WikiLeaks, and to the well-known
file-sharing website The Pirate Bay.

Al-Qaeda Trying To Recruit Fighters In Libya: Officials
Osun Defender
”A US diplomatic cable from 2008 published earlier this year by the
anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks portrayed the eastern Libyan town of Derna as
a bastion for extremists.The ranks of Al-Qaeda in Iraq had large numbers of
Libyan volunteers from the …

Solidarity with Manning & Assange: A year in pictures and links [Part 3]
Indymedia UK
Julian Assange is appealing the extradition decision against him at the
Supreme Court, scheduled for two days from 1 Feb; a Grand Jury in Virginia,
US, continues to investigate Assange and WikiLeaks. We suggest you use an
encrypted connection for …

How Powerful is Nigeria’s Opposition?
Think Africa Press
A wikileaks cable revealed that members of the House of Representatives had
colluded with international oil companies to not only stall the bill, but
also to tweak it in their favour. The real reason for the bill’s reluctant
process is not clear, …

Anonymous Apes WikiLeaks with “Nazi-Leaks” in Operation …
By Sam Gibbs
Anonymous Apes WikiLeaks with “Nazi-Leaks” in Operation Blitzkrieg by
Gizmodo UK. Anonymous is still waging war on German neo-Nazis and has taken
to a WikiLeaks-esque data release tactic to renew its assault. It’s
launched the …

RealClearScience – The Politics of WikiLeaks vs. Climategate
If someone talks about WikiLeaks and admires transparency and
accountability but talks about ClimateGate and talks about how the emails
were illegally …

Twitter / WikiLeaks: A rumour is spreading – at …
A rumour is spreading – at 250 tweets/a minute that Fidel Castro is dead.
However there is nothing to back this up presently.

Wikileaks – Snotr
What does WikiLeaks do exactly, and how do they do it? Who are the people
running the site …

Mugabe declined US exit package: WikiLeaks – Nehanda Radio …
According to a cable released by whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks, McGee
told Goche Zimbabwe was in a transition and the US was willing to help
Mugabe …

Wikileaks Truck for Sale on eBay | Occupy America
Now you have a chance to buy what must be one of the more famous U-Haul
trucks in history. Artist Clark Stoeckly has put his spoof ‘Wikileaks
Mobile Collection …

Prosecutors say Manning collaborated with WikiLeaks’ Assange in …
Prosecutors say Manning collaborated with WikiLeaks’ Assange in stealing
secret documents 22 Dec 2011 Military prosecutors presented new and
detailed …

WikiLeaks Truck For Sale — ANIMAL
Artist Clark Stocekley announced on Twitter that he’s auctioning off the
WikiLeaks truck. The iconic vehicle, that temporarily went missing, has
become a mobile …

Supporters WikiLeaks Projects
Supporters WikiLeaks Projects. … The Official WikiLeaks Forum … Welcome
To Wikileaks Forum, please always refer Our Mission Statement Board to
follow …

WikiLeaks hearing against Manning ends –
A hearing in the case against Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of handing over
classified documents to WikiLeaks, concluded Thursday at Fort Meade, Md.

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