Anonymous reveals links between US and British white supremacists — RT

2 February 2012Anonymous reveals links between US and British white supremacists — RT

The latest campaign from hacktivists with the online collective Anonymous involved divulging a trove of emails between members of a noted white supremacy group.

The content of that correspondence has also linked the group to some top members of British Parliament.

Upon infiltrating the website of the American Third Position and the emails of many of its members, hackers have come into possession with material that suggests that the US-based white supremacy group had reached out to Nick Griffin, the chairman of the British National Party and a member of the European Parliament, among others. While Griffin has in the past caused controversy for alleged hate-mongering in Europe, the emails uncovered by Anonymous-aligned operatives suggest that the BNP member is involved with Nazi ties internationally.

Hacktivists have uploaded a sizeable chunk of recovered emails from American Third Position members and implemented a search feature that makes navigating them as easy as conducting a basic Google query. By doing so, however, they may have accidently derailed the political career of the 52-year-old Brit.

‘I’ve got my tickets for Jared Taylor’s 2010 American Renaissance. Your fellow WhiteNewsNow members . . . are meeting up with some more of us and probably the most effective White activist in the world today, Nick Griffin,’ reads one email from January of that year recovered in the American Third Position hack. In another from 2009, a member writes, ‘Today will definitely be a Pearl Harbor for the Global Warming criminals who are at this moment cringing in the 4,200-seat arena in Copenhagen where Nick Griffin is clobbering them with the truth about Climategate. Good things are happening … and this is our chance to seize the opportunity.’

The correspondence suggests that ties have continued up until now, as supported by a document with the headline ‘A3P Proposed Conference Agenda’ for May 2011. In addition to opening up discussion on the controversial Arizona immigration law that went on the books that year, the group also sought to discuss strengthening ties with BNP members across the pond.‘BNP Leadership – establish contact. We need a contact!’ is one bullet point on the list.

As recently as last month, other correspondence links the two international outfits. In the meeting minutes for January 7, 2012, a member of the American Third Party says that European Parliament member Andrew Brons would be joining the group for a phone conference. The reason, reveals the email, is that he had ‘expressed enthusiasm’ over Merlin Miller, a candidate that the group is supporting in the 2012 US presidential elections.

‘We don’t know if [Andrew Brons] had contact with them over the phone. If he did we don’t see what the issue is, he’s a popular MEP. If he spoke to them he’s been elected to speak to people and share ideas, we speak to everyone including Muslim groups,’ a spokesman for the BNP explains to the UK’s Guardian.

In a press release from last month, Miller writes that America’s character ‘ has been dramatically altered’ during the last 50 years as ‘the overwhelming white, Christian majority’ is being transformed into a minority. ‘To question this radical demographic assault against traditional America, or divisive and unfair ‘affirmative action’ programs – is to be classified a ‘racist,’’ writes Miller.

In the website where hackers have made the correspondence available, they address the American Third Position Party as ‘racist losers’ and warn them that the information obtained will, obviously, not be well-received.

‘It’s time for these cowardly suit and tie white supremacists to sleep with one eye open. Scared much?’ asks the site.

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