WikiLeaks Newslinks 8 February 2012

8 February

WikiLeaks, Assange and Democracy
Green Left Weekly
WikiLeaks, a free press publishing and media organisation, has revealed human rights abuses, war crimes and corruption in governments across the world. Yet the US Administration wants to close WikiLeaks down and prosecute its founder Julian Assange.

Canadian PM to Meet With Chinese Regime Hardliner, Subject of Wikileaks Cable
The Epoch Times
While in China, Harper will meet with Chinese Leader Hu Jintao, Chinese
Premier Wen Jiabao, and others including Party Secretary Bo Xilai, the
subject of a cable leaked through Wikileaks that details how he was demoted
from minister of commerce due to …

Moroccan army promised better deal after protests
Chicago Tribune
A 2008 US diplomatic cable, leaked by Wikileaks, described Morocco’s army
as being plagued by corruption, an inefficient bureaucracy, poor education,
and vulnerable to radicalization within its ranks. The king retains control
over the 190000-strong …,0,395552.story

UK Supreme Court is tweeting, but where are the other courts?
UK Human Rights Blog (blog)
Some even speculated that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition
fate could now be revealed on Twitter. The court is already being followed
by almost 4000 Twitter users (for the uninitiated, that is a lot) and has
already beaten its own Twitter …

Who Is Anonymous: 10 Key Facts
But the group really came to public prominence during its defense of
WikiLeaks and its charismatic–if reportedly mercurial–leader, Julian
Assange. WikiLeaks, of course, came under fire from the US government after
the site obtained video footage from …

Former opposition leader to press charges on bribe accusations
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
Former opposition leader Deniz Baykal is set to press charges over bribe
accusations in WikiLeaks documents, private broadcaster NTV reported on its
website today. Baykal gave the government three days to produce the
documents that were mentioned in US

Political briefs, 2/8/12
Denver Post
Pepe Rojas Cardona is now a prominent casino owner in Mexico, where he is
suspected of illegally pumping $5 million into political campaigns,
according to a State Department cable revealed by WikiLeaks. Published
reports in Mexico suggest he has …

Key vote begins in India’s biggest state
Local 10
In US diplomatic cables leaked last year by WikiLeaks, she reportedly sent
a jet to pick up her preferred brand of sandals from the Indian city of
Mumbai — a claim her party denied. Though Uttar Pradesh is almost
paralyzed by widespread poverty and …

4 signs ‘hacktivism’ has gone mainstream
The year began with hacktivists targeting the websites of Paypal,
MasterCard and Visa, in retaliation for the companies limiting or stopping
processing donations to WikiLeaks following the release of thousands of US
diplomatic cables in November 2010.

Embassy briefing denied as row simmers
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
According to US cables made public by WikiLeaks, Turkish police briefed the
United States Embassy in Ankara on the Ergenekon probe at least on two
occasions in 2008 and in 2009 in an apparent bid to enlist Washington’s
support for the controversial …

Carol’s film up for Oscar
Peterlee Mail
The attack made headlines around the world when footage of it was leaked
through the controversial website Wikileaks. The filmmakers tracked down
soldier-turned-peace activist Ethan McCord on how the experience changed
his life.

China leader-in-waiting carries heavy political baggage to US
At a 2007 dinner with the US ambassador to Beijing, Xi mentioned his
affection for Hollywood films, including World War II stories such as
“Saving Private Ryan,” according to US diplomatic cables made public by
WikiLeaks. “Hollywood makes those moves …

Will ‘Dalit queen’ Mayawati win again in Uttar Pradesh?
BBC News
Her image has also been dented by Wikileaks allegations last year that she
sent an empty plane to Mumbai to fetch her favourite pair of shoes. This in
a state where 56 million people earn less than $1 a day and more than
300000 go to bed hungry.

Wade defiant over third term
Independent Online
But initial euphoria over his election has given way to fatigue over
corruption, electricity cuts, rising fuel and food prices while Wade
focuses on big legacy construction projects using what a US diplomatic
cable published on Wikileaks refers to as …

ComputerworldUK (blog)
The only reason people knew what was in ACTA was thanks to a document
posted in Wikileaks in 2008: in other words, if the ACTA negotiators had
got their way, ACTA would have been negotiated behind closed doors for four
years before the public was …

Egypt on the Brink: An Exclusive Look at the Hunted Men Who Brought Growth and …
… who was then defense minister and remains so in “revolutionary”
Egypt, is anti-American, opposed to free markets, and advocates government
control of prices and production, according to diplomatic cables disclosed
by WikiLeaks.

A gutless government
Yass Tribune (blog)
Another possible hero is Julian Assange, responsible for the release of
hundreds of thousands of classified US documents through Wikileaks,
revealing many very embarrassing hypocrisies committed by individuals of
all political/national shades, …

Obama forced to return $200000 tied to fugitive Mexican tycoon
The Independent
A State Department cable first made public by WikiLeaks also said that the
fugitive, more commonly called Pepe Cardona, may have been involved in the
assassination in Mexico of a business rival. The two brothers, who
seemingly have been seeking to have …

Netizen Report: Which Way Ahead?
Global Voices Online
A piece from On the Media reveals the redactions made to Wikileaks
documents by the US government in a comparison between the published
versions and those recently obtained by the ACLU in a FOIA (Freedom of
Information Act) request.

Imran targets ‘trio’ for bad governance
The Nation, Pakistan
… Maulana Fazlur Rehman to explain his statement he had given to former
US Ambassador to Pakistan in which he had desired to serve the interests of
the US in Pakistan in return of premiership of the country, as was later
revealed through WikiLeaks.

Gambia: Editorial: The Gambian Military Is An Important Political Constituency …
Freedom Newspaper
The whistleblower website Wikileaks reported that the selected Gambian
officers performed terribly during their training in the US. In fact, some
of the officers could not even speak or write simple English. The
Ambassador asked Tamba to correct the …–Editorial-The-Gambian-Military-Is-An-Important-Political-Constituency-For-Jammeh/Default.aspx

Senegal presidential hopefuls woo powerful Muslim leaders – …
“It is difficult to overstate the level of influence of the Mouride
Caliph General in Senegalese society,” former US ambassador Marcia
Bernicat wrote in a diplomatic cable in 2009, published by Wikileaks. After
an interview with the holy man, …

Oscar shorts at Miami Beach Cinematheque and Bill Cosford Cinema
Miami New Times
Less hopeful is Incident in New Baghdad, director James Spione’s interview
with a US soldier caught in the crossfire of the 2007 air strike on Iraqi
civilians that became news after WikiLeaks released military video footage
of the incident.

Oil multis make huge profits but worry about future reserves
Monsters and
Venezuela’s reserves are reported to be 297 billion barrels, more than
Saudi Arabia, which may have overestimated its reserves by 40 per cent,
according to Wikileaks. Exxon is currently engaged in a legal battle in
Venezuela over compensation for the …

Hannity: Bin Laden Strike “Wouldn’t Have Happened” If Obama “Had His Way”
Media Matters for America
I feel sorry for the MMFA staff that has to watch this $h*! t. by Dem02020
(4 hours and 37 minutes ago) OK, I hope I don’t get into trouble over this,
like that poor WikiLeaks guy, but I’ve just hacked and intercepted a Top
Secret document, …

Anonymous takes down Swedish government websites
Computer Business Review
Anonymous, which started out with Operation Avenge Assange in 2010, by
targeting payment sites including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa for freezing
the accounts of WikiLeaks, has been in the news lately for attacks on
government websites in various …

Foreign Policy: Freezing In The Dark
“Gazprom is what one would expect of a state-owned monopoly sitting atop
huge wealth — inefficient, politically driven and corrupt,” was one US
diplomat’s opinion, as revealed by WikiLeaks. That appears to be being
borne out, as the company is …

Maldives: President Resigns Amid Protests, Police Mutiny
Democracy Now
… warnings about the dangers of climate change to low-lying islands. His
reputation was tarnished after the publication of a cable by WikiLeaks that
suggested the Maldives signed on to the US-backed Copenhagen climate accord
in exchange for $50 million.

Safe House Review: Competently-Acted But Thoroughly Procedural Thriller
What it has to say about the power of information feels surprisingly
relevant in light of the recent Wikileaks scandal, though this point is not
lingered on any more than it needs to be. Unfortunately, the final scenes
meander for far too long – again …

A League Apart
The Majalla Magazine
It is worth remembering the WikiLeaks cables that showed how US officials
working in the country saw Syrian officials “lie at every level.” Maura
Connelly, US charge d’affaires in Damascus, wrote in 2005 that the Syrian
government officials “persist in …

Next up for WikiLeaks: The sinking of the SS Assange? « The …
By Marc Thiessen
In October, I attended a satellite speech by WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange at the Sydney Opera House, where he described the state of his
criminal enterprise this way: “WikiLeaks is a rather big boat with a lot
of torpedo holes in it that has …

Wikileaks: more on HRW and the coup V « Political Prisoners in …
By thaipoliticalprisoners
This is the sixth post, and for now, our last, on Human Rights Watch and
the events that unfolded following the 2006 coup. Wikileaks has 58 cables
mentioning HRW in Thailand, the majority related to events in the South. We
know the number …

“friday-lunch-club”: Wikileaks: US government: “We should …
By G, M, Z, or B
Wikileaks: US government: “We should coordinate with the Saudis & Egyptians
to undermine a stronger Assad!” S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 04 DAMASCUS

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