4 thoughts on “Iran ringed by 45 US military bases

  1. Conrad says:

    I reposted the map and was criticized for suggesting that the installations were actually bases. It was said that many of the installation were really listening posts. I know that it becomes a debate over semantics but I wonder if you could be clear as to the kinds of bases that are suggested in the map.


  2. gerald spezio says:

    Plus two gigantic naval forces including aircraft carriers with conventional & nuclear missiles.
    Plus nuclear submarines with conventional & nuclear missiles.
    Plus thousands of lawyers, reporters, & peeyar geniuses to blather on.
    Israel’s Muslim enemies eliminated one by one.
    Zionist Israel’s Oded Yinon Plan is working.
    Crypto journalists wailing about the oli & resources.
    Twisted Zionist fundamentalists successfully bought the U.S. government to advance Zionism.


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