PETITION – Khader Adnan’s life ebbing away, facing day 57 of hunger strike

12 February 2012

Khader Adnan, a Palestinian in Israeli military detention – about to die on hunger strike – please help save him

Background info
Aljazeera report about Adnan –
Addameer article –
Nabi Saleh protest calling for Adnan’s freedom –

Please read and sign the emergency petition (below). You are asked to sign as quickly as possible. It is unlikely he can survive many more days – he is desperately thin and ill already. It is our responsibility to act because the International Red Cross & Red Crescent is not taking the necessary steps to save Adnan’s life.

No one, whatever their background or the allegations leveled against them, should be treated in this way. Justice does exist, human rights do matter, and life is precious. The Israeli Government must be taught to respect these three simple rules by the ICRC, and now.


“We are writing to express our frustration at your slow acting in regards to the Palestinian detainee, Mr. Adnan Khader, who has been on hunger strike since 17 December 2011. Mr. Khader is protesting his being held under administrative detention by the Israeli occupation forces. Adnan’s detention is based on military order with secret evidence that he and his attorney are not allowed to review. According to the order, he was sentenced to jail for a six month period that may be renewed without limitation. His detention is continuing without trial or charges. According to International Humanitarian Law, it is the responsibility of the ICRC to take active steps to save his life by applying pressure on the Israeli government to release him.”

Click here to sign:

And now, please forward this email to all your friends, family and colleagues to sign the petition as well.

Many thanks


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