VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 14 February 2012: Take Action to Oppose Ever-Greater Amounts of Military Aid to Israel

14 February 2012VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

UN Envoy Tours Palestinian Territories To Assess Settler Violence
IMEMC – After a recent increase in Israeli settler attacks against Palestinian civilians, property and holy sites, the UN envoy Richard Falk arrived in the West Bank this weekend to begin an eleven-day tour of the Palestinian Territories to examine the situation. …

Four Injured By Israeli Army Fire Near Jenin
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources reported that four residents were injured, on Tuesday evening, after inhaling fire fired by Israeli soldiers invading Zabbouba village, west of the northern West Bank city of Jenin. …

Islamic Jihad Fighter Killed In Rafah
IMEMC – The Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, reported that one of its fighters was killed, on Tuesday evening, during what it described as a “jihadist mission” in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. …

Khader Adnan, 59 days on hunger strike, starving for freedom
IMEMC – The Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan has been on hunger strike for 59 days demanding his immediate release. Khader Adnan refused food one day after being kidnapped by the Israeli military from his house on December 17, 2011. …

Former Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem: Israel is turning Jerusalem into a Jewish City
IMEMC – Former Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Michael Sabbah said the current municipality of Jerusalem is trying to turn the city into a Jewish one. He told the Italian news Agency AKI, that turning the holy city of Jerusalem into a mono-ethnic city will only cause war instead of stability and peace. …

Ma’an News

Nablus village ‘refuses Israeli decision to curtail mosque’
2/14/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that a Nablus-district Palestinian village remove speakers and lights from its minaret in order to placate Israeli settlers living nearby, village residents said on Tuesday. Village Council head Ali Eid said Burin would refuse the court ruling, which was received by the village on….

Islamic Jihad militant killed in Gaza
2/14/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A fighter from the militant wing of Islamic Jihad was killed in an operation in the southern Gaza Strip, the Al-Quds Brigades said in a statement on Tuesday. The group did not specify how Hamad Abu Shallouf, 25, died near Rafah….

Clashes in Jenin village ‘injure 4’
2/14/2012 – JENIN (Ma’an) — Four Palestinians were injured by rubber bullets when Israeli forces raided Zubaba village near Jenin on Tuesday, residents told Ma’an. Locals said the raid provoked residents to throw stones and empty bottles at the soldiers, who responded by firing on them using rubber bullets and tear gas grenades. Soldiers….

Gaza power plant stops running
2/14/2012GAZA CITY (Reuters) — The Gaza Strip’s only power station, which supplies the Palestinian enclave with up to two-thirds of its energy needs, was shut down on Tuesday because of a shortage of fuel from neighboring Egypt. The closure led to widespread blackouts for Gaza’s 1. 7 million inhabitants. The local power….

Soldiers destroy 5 agricultural sheds in Nablus
2/14/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli forces demolished five iron corrugated structures in Nablus on Tuesday, a PA official said.” Israeli bulldozers stormed Furush Beit Dajan in the Jordan Valley, east of Nablus and demolished three agricultural tin-roof sheds belonging to Asad Hanini, Shahir Abu Hait and Atif Husain Hanini,” Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settler activity….

Israel’s army arrests 12 people overnight
2/14/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces arrested 12 people overnight Monday, witnesses and Israel’s army said. Six people were detained in al-Mughayyir village, northeast Ramallah, while three people were arrested in villages southwest of Ramallah, an Israeli army spokeswoman said. Three others were detained in villages surrounding Hebron. One of the men detained….

Ofer court delays decision on prisoner’s appeal
2/14/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) – The Israeli military court at Ofer detention center near Ramallah on Tuesday delayed delivering a judgment on an appeal by jailed Fatah lawmaker Hussam Khader. The prisoner’s lawyer Jawad Boulos, who head the legal unit at the Palestinian prisoner’s society, said the court would deliver a decision….

Officials press for Adnan release
2/14/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — PA Minister of prisoners affairs Issa Qaraqe said Tuesday that an Israeli court decision to reject the appeal of hunger-striking prisoner Khader Adnan amounted to premeditated murder. Qaraqe was speaking at a press conference on Adnan’s situation after his appeal against a four month administrative detention was thrown out….

VIDEO – Valentines Day under occupation
2/14/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Palestinians launched a Valentine’s Day video and social media campaign Tuesday highlighting the obstacles to maintaining relationships under Israel’s military occupation. The Love Under Apartheid project aims to show the “extent to which the Israeli apartheid system affects individuals by restricting a deeply personal right: their right….

Center: Settler violence peaked in 2011
2/14/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians and their property in the West Bank have tripled in the past five years, a Washington-based think tank said Tuesday. Violence by Israelis living in Jewish-only settlements reached a peak in 2011, when the number of attacks grew by 39 percent from the previous year, according….

Israel blames Iran for bomb attempt in Thai capital
2/14/2012 – BANGKOK (Reuters) — An Iranian man was seriously wounded in Bangkok on Tuesday when a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew one of his legs off and Israel said the incident was an attempted terrorist attack by Iran. Shortly before the man was wounded, there had been an explosion in a house the man was….

Hamas: Re-arrest of released prisoners breaks deal
2/14/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A Hamas spokesman said Tuesday that Israel has violated the terms of a prisoner exchange deal by recently re-arresting two men released under the agreement. Sami Abu Zuhri called on Egypt, which mediated the October deal to release over 1,000 Palestinians from Israeli jail, to hold Israel responsible for breaking….

Egypt to monitor work of reconciliation committee
2/14/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Egypt is to start monitoring the performance of the public freedoms committee, a member told Ma’an on Monday. Khalil Assaf, a committee member from the West Bank, said that a meeting was held Sunday in Cairo with Egyptian officials, who recommended that Egypt monitors the committee’s….

Abbas to address Fatah leadership
2/14/2012 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to deliver a speech before Fatah’s revolutionary council Tuesday afternoon, as questions linger over a deal signed in Qatar with Hamas. It was not clear whether the speech would address internal Fatah issues, or if it would be a political address in which Abbas….

PA agrees to lower top tax rate
2/14/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The PA cabinet agreed on Tuesday to lower its top tax rate after a proposal to double income taxes drew widespread outrage across the West Bank. The proposals to plug a $1. 1 billion deficit in the public budget included doubling the top tax bracket to 30 percent, but the PA….

PA minister’s bodyguard accused of assault
2/14/2012 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority’s minister of local governance has transferred his personal guard to a commission of inquiry established to investigate an attack on a government employee. Khalid al-Qawasmeh said in a statement that his guard is accused of assaulting employee Basem Hadaydeh. He did not disclose details of the….

Gaza pilgrims head to Saudi Arabia for Umrah
2/14/2012GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Around 500 pilgrims from the Gaza Strip will leave for Saudi Arabia on Tuesday via the Rafah crossing, Hamas’ interior ministry said. The pilgrims are undertaking the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca, which can be performed at any time during the year….

PA reduces price of shisha tobacco
2/14/2012 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -The Palestinian Authority ministry of finance said Tuesday that import duties on tobacco used for shisha water pipes have been reduced two months after they skyrocketed. Director of the ministry’s custom and tobacco department Bandi Dahdah told Ma’an that import tariffs for a kilogram of shisha tobacco….

Obama proposes $800 million for ‘Arab Spring’ countries
2/14/2012 – WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The White House announced plans on Monday to help countries swept by “Arab Spring” revolutions with more than $800 million in economic aid, while maintaining US military assistance to Egypt despite a crisis triggered by an Egyptian crackdown on US democracy activists. In a year marked by fierce debate over US budget deficits….

Assad’s forces attack opposition across Syria
2/14/2012 – AMMAN/BEIRUT (Reuters) — Syrian government forces attacked opponents of President Bashar Assad on several fronts on Tuesday, sending residents fleeing from one town near the capital and bombarding the city of Homs for an 11th day running, activists said. Citizens of Homs – Syria‘s third largest city with one million people — faced a humanitarian….


India probes Israeli diplomatic car bombing
AlJazeera 14 Feb 2012 – New Delhi calls bombing a “terrorist attack” but declines to attribute blame, as Israel accuses Iran and Hezbollah.

International Solidarity Movement

Al Ma’sara: House on the seam of looming Apartheid Wall becomes center for peaceful resistance
2/14/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – By Aaron, 14 February 2012, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank – There is a place where a ground-level concrete line runs beside a country road through olive orchards, grape vines, blossoming almond trees, and homes””all Palestinian. This is the projected path of a new segment of Israeli Apartheid Wall through Al-Ma’sara, a small….

Bruqin avoids arrests: Planting hope for Khader Adnan
2/14/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – By Jonas Weber, 13 February 2012, International Solidarity Movement, West Bank – Villagers of Bruqin and supporters went out today to plant trees in the field by the factory. While trees were planted alongside pictures of Khaled Adnan, two young men sneaked over to the fence of the factory and put up Palestinian flags. In the….

Dying to live: A hunger striker speaks in Gaza
2/14/2012 – International Solidarity Movement – By Joe Catron, 14 February 2012, Mondoweiss – As hundreds of Palestinians rallied in Gaza today to demand that Israel release Palestinian administrative detainee Khader Adnan, Yassar Salah, a 17-year veteran of Israel’s prison system, spoke about Adnan’s 60-day hunger strike and his own reasons for joining it.”We are…. Related: Mondoweiss

Palestine Telegraph

Israel’s policies violate right to housing and need urgent revision – UN independent rights expert
14 Feb 2012 – London, (Pal Telegraph) – United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, Raquel Rolnik, warned that recent privatization, deregulation and commercialization of public assets in Israel “have resulted in urban and housing policies that made it increasingly difficult for low income families to obtain affordable accommodation, violating their right to adequate housing.”


Facebook scandal erupts after Israeli man uploads photo of naked Ethiopian woman
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Hackers strike websites of U.S. exchanges Nasdaq, BATS
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Dennis Ross tells Haaretz: Sanctions against Iran are working
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Israel to announce names of foreign workers getting residence
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Israel’s justice minister advises rightists on how to seek pardons for Jewish terrorists
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Report: Iran to unveil progress in nuclear program
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

U.S. condemns Thailand terror attack, hints at Iran ‘fingerprints’
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Turkish student village may herald thaw in ties with Israel
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Gaza’s only power plant stops due to smuggled fuel shortage
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

U.S. Defense Secretary: Israel has yet to decide on Iran strike
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Report: First opposition protests held in Iran capital in 12 months
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

A new Israeli video game turns bureacratic hurdles into a quest
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Barak blames Iran for botched Thailand terror attack
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

The Israel Project: ‘American Hispanics are the most hostile toward Israel’
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Suspected Iranian national maimed by own bomb in Bangkok
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

India: ‘Well-trained person’ behind terror attack at Israeli embassy
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Israel court orders railway workers to end strike
Ha’aretz – 14 Feb 2012

Israel’s ultra-Orthodox fear leadership vacuum as top rabbi’s health deteriorates
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

U.S. to cut support for Israeli missile defense program by $6 million
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

Newsweek: Israel keeping U.S. in the dark on Iran attack
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

Israeli judge: Fugitive can’t be deported unless U.S. prison provides kosher food
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

Israeli company launches TV channel for canines
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

Israeli government denies agreeing settlers can stay in West Bank outpost
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

Wikipedia’s archaeology editor slams Israel Museum for prohibiting photography
Ha’aretz – 13 Feb 2012

Jerusalem Post

Syrian forces attack Hama, ignore int’l pressure
Jerusalem Post 15 Feb 2012 – Troops continue bombardment of Hama, Homs; Obama tells Chinese VP he’s “disappointed” by UN Security Council veto.

Ex-cop: Mount of Olives stonings are ‘attempted murder’
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Police delay opening station at the cemetery.

Turn, turn, turn: Montefiore windmill will work again
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – More than 135 years after the blades stopped turning, windmill will once again grind grains into flour.

‘Rehabilitation services if prostitution bill passes’
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – MK Zuaretz says sex workers will receive full range of services if prostitution is criminalized.

Aharonovitch: Youths commit 7% of all crimes
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Public Security Minister says 24,400 criminal cases involving youths were opened by police in 2011, a 12% drop from 2010.

Haredim increasingly open to addressing sexual abuse
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Experts say attitudes changing within ultra-Orthodox community on reporting sexual abuse of minors.

Iran’s tentacles
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – One motive behind the attacks in New Delhi and Tbilisi was Iran’s desire to deter the West from a strike on its nuclear facilities.

Jordanian corruption probe ensnares journalists
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Names of reporters on the take is revealed after intelligence chief’s arrest.

Ending the scourge of prostitution
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Many are unaware that Israel is classified as a destination and source country for human trafficking, of women in particular.

Iran’s war on the world
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – The ayatollahs are not interested in a strong peace, but a big piece – of the planet, particularly the fuel-rich Middle East.

Iran: Any of Israel’s enemies may be behind attacks
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi: Attacks against Israeli diplomatic targets may have been carried out by one of the many enemies Israel has around the world; Iran denies any involvement in Georgia, India bombs.

Israel peace week, a message that works – so far
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – A new student-led movement about Israel will include participants on 75 campuses across North America.

Yalla Peace: Hope for peace at a roadblock
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Israeli and Palestinian leaders refuse to take the steps necessary to make peace.

Words can kill!
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Hearts have their own natural biological pacemaker that allows them to beat on their own accord even when the brain dies.

Train strike ends but disruptions still expected
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Train services due to resume but national rail employees board chairman asks public to “wait patiently.”

Train strike ends, judge slaps employee leaders with fine
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Heads of railway workers’ boards found in contempt of court for ignoring order to halt stoppage.

Egypt state media accuses US on NGOs
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – “America is behind the anarchy,” state daily says; minister sees US attempt to subvert change in Egypt.

India, Israel cooperate on bomb investigation
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Indian FM says all information uncovered about Dehli attack on Israeli embassy car is passed to Israel and vice versa.

Thai officials: Attacks in Bangkok aimed at Israelis
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Two Iranians arrested in connection with blasts, police in pursuit of three suspects, say Thai defense officials.

Gaza power plant stops due to smuggled fuel shortage
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Lack of fuel smuggled in from Egypt shuts down plant that supplies two-thirds of Gazan energy.

Love in the air for Iranians defying Valentine’s ban
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Young Iranians abandoned thoughts of sanctions in favor of shopping, gifts and dinner to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.

Hamas: Free re-arrested Schalit deal prisoners
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – IDF suspects 2 Hamas men of recidivism; Hamas spokesman quoted as saying: Release them or bear consequences.

Arabs mull arming Syrian opposition
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – At least 6 killed in Homs; Arab League asks Arabs provide “all kinds of political and material support.”

Train service remains suspended despite injunction
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – National Labor Court threatens police action after striking rail employees fail to appear for scheduled hearings.

Arrests made in soldier’s hit-and-run death
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Police say several other vehicles being investigated for involvement in incident near Yokne’am.

W. Bank Jewish heritage site to get NIS 15m. fix
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Tel Shiloh one of 13 sites to be renovated; right-wing MKs angry Cave of Patriarchs, Rachel’s Tomb won’t get funding.

Healthy Eating: Valentine’s Day for your heart
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Chocolate, red wine and flowers may make a perfect Valentine’s day, but what about a perfect health combination?

Iranians’ Internet access disrupted ahead of vote
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Internet blockade fuels concerns authorities stepping up censorship ahead of parliamentary elections.

Iran has declared war against Israel and the Jewish People
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – For deterrence to succeed, the threat of military action must be credible to the Iranians.

Amid terror threat, police raise level of alert
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Aharonovitch increases security near embassies, sites linked to foreign interests, gov’t institutions after terror attacks abroad.

Lawyer’s Language: The real cost of buying a home
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Lawyer Caroline Walsh answers your questions about coping with the Israeli legal system.

Iraqi fighters, arms trickle into war-torn Syria
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – As al-Qaida leader pledges support for Syrian opposition, Iraqi Sunni’s near the border with Syria are offering their help to fight Assad.

Assad’s forces bombard Homs for 11th straight day
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Syrian government forces hit multiple opposition fronts; besieged city of Homs facing humanitarian crisis.

The Arab Spring as Robin Hood
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Economists say upheavals could end up benefiting the region’s poorest.

Court orders striking train employees back to work
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Injunction issued against Israel Railways employees’ strike, but train service fails to resume normal operations.

Poverty to be focus of new Knesset caucus
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – Activists confident the new forum will facilitate social change for Israelis living below the poverty line.

‘Assad using chemical warfare in Homs attacks’
Jerusalem Post 14 Feb 2012 – UN rights chief Navi Pillay slams Assad regime over violence; Clinton meets Turkish FM over Arab League plan.

Doctors to run campaign against heart disease
Jerusalem Post 13 Feb 2012 – Many ‘afib’ patients feel fine but aren’t aware of dangers, says cardiology expert.

Ambassador raises $1.5m. for Holocaust survivors
Jerusalem Post 13 Feb 2012 – Donation by British envoy to be spent on six new clubs around country designed to ease loneliness of Nazis’ victims.

The Guardian

Syria, Bahrain and Middle East unrest
The Guardian 14 Feb 2012 – • Bombardment of Homs ‘worst for five days’ • Heavy security presence in Bahrain for anniversary • Read the latest summary 6.01pm: Time for a brief summary of the day’s events in Syria and Bahrain: Syria

Sinai explodes into violence after years of chronic poverty and alienation
The Guardian 14 Feb 2012 – Egypt’s Bedouin accused of looting resorts, bombing pipelines and abducting foreigners in post-Mubarak security vacuum Ahmed Abdo was still asleep in his hut at the gate of the Aqua-Sun beach resort on Egypt’s Red Sea coast…

Sinai desert plagued by kidnap and torture – as the authorities bury their heads
The Guardian 14 Feb 2012 – Horrific tales are emerging from Sinai of Bedouin gangs holding Israel-bound refugees to ransom Hundreds of African refugees are being held hostage in the Sinai desert of Egypt by smugglers demanding up to $40,000 (£25,000) each…

Israel accuses Iran of attacks in Delhi and Tbilisi
The Guardian 14 Feb 2012 – Tehran describes accusations that it was behind bomb attacks targeting Israeli diplomatic missions as ‘sheer lies’ Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has accused Iran of being behind twin attacks on Israeli targets in India and Georgia…


Financial Oligarch Power Raping Greece
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – ….Trapped under euro straightjacket rules, Greece surrendered control over its ability to monetize debt freely, devalue its currency to make exports more competitive, and enact stimulative fiscal policies. Instead, it’s entrapped by foreign bankers demanding tribute at the expense of mercilessly exploiting the nation’s working class, youths, and retirees. Financial oligarchs dominate…

Study: Settler violence is structural, not a price tag’ matter
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – A new study will be released this week on the growing occurrence of Jewish settler violence against Palestinians and their property in the occupied West Bank. The Palestine Center, an influential think tank based in Washington DC, has conducted the report utilizing seven years of daily reports and documentation in order to…

Libyan tribal violence kills 23 in 3 days
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – Fresh tribal clashes erupted Tuesday in Libya’s remote southeastern desert, with one man saying five members of his clan had been killed, a toll that could not be independently verified. Clashes between the Zwai and the Tobu tribes in the town of Kufra broke out for a third consecutive day Tuesday after…

  Gaza Power Plant Forced to Shut Down, PCHR Concerned by Deterioration of Humanitarian Conditions of Approximately 1.6 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – The operation of Gaza Energy Plant was stopped this morning because the fuel required to operate the Plant ran out. PCHR is concerned that the current crisis may impact the access of 1.6 million Palestinians to vital services, including the supply of drinking water, and that this crisis may result in the…

Palestine: Love in the Time of Apartheid
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and their draconian citizenship laws now threaten one of the most basic of human bonds, love. Some love stories have happy endings, others sad, but at least there’s a conclusive ending. In occupied Palestine, love stories often hover in a nervous limbo; checkpoints, racist citizenship laws, and…

George W. Bush’s Torture Program Began Ten Years Ago
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – Last month was the 10th anniversary of the opening of the “war on terror” prison at Guantánamo, and as this year progresses it is appropriate to remember that there will be other grim 10-year anniversaries to note. Last week, one of those 10-year anniversaries passed almost unnoticed. On February 7, 2002, as…

Gaza power plant stops running
Uruknet February 14, 2012 — The Gaza Strip’s only power station, which supplies the Palestinian enclave with up to two-thirds of its energy needs, was shut down on Tuesday because of a shortage of fuel from neighboring Egypt. The closure led to widespread blackouts for Gaza’s 1.7 million inhabitants. The local power company warned that households would…

Bahrain restricts protests on uprising anniversary (Videos)
Uruknet February 14, 2012 – There have been clashes on the outskirts of Bahrain’s capital, Manama, as the opposition marked the first anniversary of pro-democracy protests. Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at youths in several villages, who hurled back petrol bombs and stones. Large parts of Manama were also sealed off to prevent people reaching…

Military Resistance 10B9: R.I.P.
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – Many Greeks believe their living standards are collapsing already and the new measures, which include a 22 percent cut in the minimum wage, will only deepen their misery. “Enough is enough!” said 89-year-old Manolis Glezos, one of Greece’s most famous leftists. “They have no idea what an uprising by the Greek people…

Khader Adnan…A Portrait of a Lion
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – They say internal organs begin to shut down around day 50. Forget about the hunger, which has probably subsided by now. The excruciating pain of liver, kidneys, heart and lungs not able to function properly must be unbearable. Severely deprived of nutrients, 33-year old Khader Adnan is now starving to death. This…

012 (Warning: Graphic Videos)
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – As of this moment, The number of martyrs in Syria has reached 30 including 4 children and one defected soldier, 11 of the martyrs fell in Homs, 9 in Idlib, 4 in Damascus, three in Daraa, 2 in Aleppo and one in Salamiyeh in Hama… Homs: A number of martyrs were reported…

While Israel Blames Iran for India, Georgia Bombings, U.S. More Reserved
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – While Israel and its allies here blamed Iran for Monday’s two nearly simultaneous car bomb incidents in the capitals of India and Georgia, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama echoed local authorities in both countries who said they were not sure who the perpetrators were. “I don’t have an assessment to…

Corruption vs Dignity
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – A friend asked how activists keep going when so many people engage in corruption, stealing, lying, cheating, and harming others. Here in Palestine, there are plenty of people who do these things and they are both Israelis and Palestinians. Occasionally we also have the visiting Western politicians but that only adds marginally…

Israeli demolition ‘displaces 120’ in Hebron village
Uruknet February 13, 2012 — Israeli forces demolished 22 buildings in a Palestinian village south of Hebron on Monday, displacing 120 villagers, residents told Ma’an. Twenty Israeli military vehicles accompanied bulldozers to raze the 16 domestic tents and six animal shelters in Khirbet al-Rahwa, they said. Villager Salim Salem al-Tal told Ma’an forces also demolished a well…

Greek Despair: Will the EU and the Bankers Finally Accept That Austerity is Killing Greece?
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – “Despair has enveloped Greece. This weekend the bankrupt nation, for that is what it is, began negotiating the latest act of a drama that many fear will end in catastrophe – financially, socially and politically.” These are the opening words of an article for the Observer by Helena Smith, who has reported…

012 : A Video Roundup

Lesson in extremism at Israel ‘peace’ school
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – A school set up to promote peace and understanding between Arab and Jewish communities in Jerusalem has been hit by vandals who have daubed racist threats on its playground walls, including “Death to Arabs”. Teachers and pupils at the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Jerusalem School, the city’s only Jewish-Arab school, also…

Israel bulldozes Palestinian community center, making way for a City of David’ visitor center
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – Today, a Palestinian community center, cafe’ and playground in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem was demolished, making way for a second “City of David” visitor center. Haaretz reports: The new visitors’ center is to be built above the Givati parking lot and will be called the Mercaz Kedem (Kedem Center). The…

Randa Adnan: The world must intervene to save my husband
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – As Khader Adnan entered his 59th day on hunger strike, his wife Randa appealed for the international community to end his isolation and save his life. “My husband is dying inside an Israeli jail. The world should make sure I am able to see him,” she said. “And it should pressure the…

Palestine Diaries
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – … The road to Ramallah is characteristic of the geography of apartheid. It feels as if there is a lane for every car on the generous freeway that leads away from Ben Gurion airport, testifying to the prosperity of the people who live here. The landscape is verdant and austere at the same…

Eye in the Sky Spying on Americans
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – Money power runs America. So do lobbies representing all corporate and other interests. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) represents dozens of influential companies. They include Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Bell Hellicopter Textron, Sikorsky Aircraft, Goodrich, General Dynamics, Honeywell, Booz Allen Hamilton, Hill & Knowlton, and many more…

Greek Fire: Extremist Elites Gone Wild in Democracy’s Cradle
Uruknet February 13, 2012 – … What are seeing in Greece is not an” economic” program; it is — most openly and brazenly — a political program: a savagely destructive extremist ideology being imposed on ordinary people by force. In its all-pervasive brutality and tyrannical control of every aspect of life, it makes the “Shariah law” bogeyman of…

Uruknet February 13, 2011. Chaos and violence continue, more prep meetings for a national conference, Iraqi women stage a demonstration, Barack needs more billions for the Iraq War (that hasn’t ended), an MIT professor embarrasses on the public stage (calm down, it’s not Noam Chomsky), and more… Since the US-withdrawal from Iraq approximately 500 Iraqis have been…

Daily Star

Chad rebels threaten to advance on N’Djamena
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 A Chadian rebel group based in the Central African Republic claimed its forces were preparing an offensive that would position them within striking distance of N’Djamena.

One year on, Bahrain riven by political, sectarian conflict
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 One year after Bahrainis, inspired by uprisings in fellow Arab countries, occupied a central public space in Manama their demands for political reform remain unmet.

Palestinian hunger striker to petition top Israel court
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 The lawyer for an interned Palestinian who has been on hunger strike for 59 days said that he would ask Israel’s supreme court to overturn a military order imprisoning his client without trial.

US: No decision yet from Israel on Iran
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday he does not think Israel has made a decision to launch a military strike on Iran to thwart its nuclear ambitions.

US slaps sanctions on Libyan tied to Kadhafi’s son
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 The US government on Tuesday imposed sanctions on a Libyan man accused of supporting the son of slain Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi in his quest to return to power.

Jolie hopes her film draws notice to Syria
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 Angelina Jolie on Tuesday premiered her film “In the Land of Blood and Honey” in Bosnia.

Sudan-S.Sudan rivals still far apart in oil talks: minister
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 Sudan and South Sudan still remain far apart in negotiations to resolve a furious oil dispute threatening to reignite fighting between the former civil war foes.

Bahrain forces patrol capital on revolt anniversary
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 Armoured vehicles patrolled Bahrain’s capital on Tuesday in a security clampdown to deter protesters after overnight clashes outside Manama on the first anniversary of a forcibly suppressed pro-democracy uprising.

Two killed, 16 wounded in Iraq attacks
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 Bomb and gun attacks killed two people, including an army brigadier general, and wounded 16 others in Iraq on Tuesday, security officials said.

Egypt repeals death sentence of bombing suspects
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 Egypt has quashed death sentences against three men convicted of involvement in attacks in the Sinai Peninsula after their trials were deemed unfair.

US group: 6 American activists detained in Bahrain
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 An American rights group says six U.S. citizens have been detained in Bahrain during Tuesday’s anti-government protests.

General urges Egypt to resolve dispute with US
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 The top U.S. military leader said that he pleaded with Egypt’s ruling generals to resolve the crisis with Washington over the crackdown on American nonprofit groups that promote democracy in the Middle East.

Defense: US ‘manipulated’ facts about militia
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 U.S. authorities worried about a perceived threat to the government and President Obama “manipulated” facts and greatly overreached when they charged seven members of a Midwest militia with conspiring to rebel against the US.

India launches WTO cotton complaint against Turkey
Daily Star 14 Feb 2012 India has launched a trade complaint against Turkey’s policies on imports of cotton yarn, the World Trade Organization (WTO) said on its website on Tuesday.


‘Israel warned India of possible terror plot’
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – New Delhi media say Israeli intelligence forwarded list of 50 Iranian nationals to Indian counterparts two weeks before attack on Israeli embassy ….

IDF warns of budget cuts’ debilitating effects
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – Military says cuts will seriously impede Ground Forces training, readiness as Army Headquarters will have to suspend major purchases, operational plans ….

‘You must sleep with a gun under your pillow’
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – Terror attacks cause Israeli diplomats worldwide to take extra security measures; ‘You do everything to avoid ambush,’ former envoy says ….

Olmert trial draws to a close
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – Defense, Prosecution prepare to present closing arguments in former PM’s fraud trial. Defense team: Talsnsky’s testimony wholly flawed ….

Report: Mossad bolsters activity in Tunisia
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – Israeli intelligence agency collaborating with CIA to revive spy network after revolution, Tunisian journal reports ….

Indictment: Jerusalem cult members abused minors
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – Prosecution files severe indictment against three wives, three children of cult leader; details harsh punishment for young members, including whipping, sexual abuse ….

3 structures razed in Oz Zion outpost
YNet News, 14 Feb 2012 – Civil Administration officers demolish temporary buildings in illegal West Bank outpost as IDF blocks roads nearby ….

Palestinian Information Center

IOF soldiers tear down farmers warehouses
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) tore down tents and warehouses for Palestinian farmers to the east of Nablus on Tuesday, local sources said.

Israeli jailors storm Palestinian prisoners’ cells
PIC – Israeli jailors stormed the cells of ward 4 in Askalan prison on Tuesday and savagely searched the prisoners’ rooms in search of mobile phones, press reports said.

Wife of Adnan: He is weak but not in a coma
PIC – The wife of hunger striker Sheikh Khader Adnan has said that he was adamant on continuing in his struggle to the finish but denied that he was in a coma.

Abu Zuhri warns Israeli occupation of violating exchange deal
PIC – Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, has described as a “serious violation†the Israeli occupation authority’s arrest of two Palestinians freed in the prisoners’ exchange deal.

Human rights group warns: Adnan in a coma
PIC – The Palestinian center for the defense of prisoners has warned that detained Islamic Jihad leader Sheikh Khader Adnan was in danger of death after he reportedly went into a coma.

Inadequate fuel forces Gaza power station to shut down
PIC – The Palestinian authority of energy and natural resources said its power station, the vital source of electricity in the Gaza Strip, stopped operating after its fuel supplies ran out.

Jewish female group declares intent to regularly defile Aqsa Mosque
PIC – Jerusalem media center said a gang of 20 Jewish women declared their intent to desecrate the Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday morning.

Israel approves plan to build huge Jewish tourist center in Silwan
PIC – The Zionist district committee for planning and building approved on Monday a plan to build what it called the foot center in Wadi Hilwa neighborhood of Silwan area.

Radwan: Abbas should expedite implementing Doha declaration
PIC – Hamas leader Dr. Ismail Radwan has criticized the delay in forming the new Palestinian government according to the Doha declaration and Cairo agreement.

IOF troops round up 12 Palestinians
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up 12 Palestinian citizens in Al-Khalil and Ramallah provinces in pre-dawn raids on Tuesday.


Official Slams Israeli Restriction on Mosque Prayer Calls
WAFA – 14 Feb 2012

Erekat Urges World to Release Prisoner on Hunger Strike
WAFA – 14 Feb 2012

Abbas Reiterates PA’s Commitment to Negotiations Leading to 2-State Solution?
WAFA – 14 Feb 2012


After revolution in Egypt, women’s taste of equality fades
LA Times 15 Feb 2012 – Women were at the vanguard in the protests that ousted Hosni Mubarak. But long-held sexism has reasserted itself at the hands of the military and the Islamists. Bothaina Kamel is a novelty and a provocation in a single breath. The only woman running for Egypt’s…

Iran, Israel trade blame over embassy attacks
LA Times 13 Feb 2012 – A bomb injures an Israeli diplomat’s wife. Analysts say the twin attacks in India and Georgia may be the latest round of retaliatory violence between Iran and Israel. The technique had a familiar ring.

Idea of peacekeeping force for Syria greeted coolly
LA Times 14 Feb 2012 – Such missions ‘need first to have a peace to support,’ Russia’s foreign minister says, but Russia and other leading nations are studying the Arab League proposal. A request by Arab foreign ministers that a joint Arab-U.N. peacekeeping team be dispatched to Syria met little international…

Syria Resumes Shelling of Homs
New York Times 14 Feb 2012Syria’s military resumed what one activist called the “brutal shelling” in Homs.

Advocates of Iran Sanctions Try to Sway Next Chinese Leader
New York Times 14 Feb 2012 – A group of former national security advisers took the occasion of the Chinese vice president’s visit to the United States to make their case.

Memo From Jerusalem: Lessons From the Holocaust Are Widespread and Varied
New York Times 14 Feb 2012 – Worldwide, but especially in Israel, there is a growing appetite for teaching and learning about the Holocaust, even as the event itself fades from living memory.

Happy Valentines Day: Anonymous takes down web sites for tear gas company and Bahrain government
Mondoweiss – (Image: Anonymous) Marking today’s anniversary of the Bahrain anti-government uprising, the hacker group Anonymous shut down the Bahrain government’s website , along with the websites of several U.S. manufacturers of “less than lethal” weapons. From a statement posted by the group today: So you war profiteering all…

Norman Finkelstein slams the BDS movement calling it ‘a cult’
Mondoweiss – Discuss.

You won’t have Ethan Bronner to kick around anymore . . .
Mondoweiss – Jodi Rudoren is the next NYT bureau chief in Jerusalem. She replaces Ethan Bronner, who will cover national legal affairs in NY. — NYTimes World (@nytimesworld) February 14, 2012 Per the NYTimes World twitter account , Ethan Bronner is being re-assigned to cover national legal affairs from…

News roundup on the 59th day of Khader Adnan’s hunger strike
Mondoweiss – link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.aljazeera.com link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.haaretz.com ‘–> link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.palestine-info.co.uk link to www.bbc.co.uk link to palestinesolidarityproject.org link to mondoweiss.net link to www.ynetnews.com link to gulfnews.com link to…

Dying to live: A hunger striker speaks in Gaza
Mondoweiss – Yassar Salah As hundreds of Palestinians rallied in Gaza today to demand that Israel release Palestinian administrative detainee Khader Adnan, Yassar Salah, a 17-year veteran of Israel’s prison system, spoke about Adnan’s 60-day hunger strike and his own reasons for joining it. “We are on hunger…

Israeli Targets Hit in Coordinated Terror Attacks
Tikun Olam – Car of Israeli defense attache driven by his wife, burns after being bombed (AP) Normally, I’d have a post about this important story already published.  But Muhammad Sahimi and I have wanted to partner on a joint op ed for some time and this presented a…

Qatar buys General al-Dhabi’s resignation
Voltaire Network 14 Feb 2012 – Sudanese General al-Dhabi, considered until recently as the Darfur peace negotiator, has been targeted by an international smear campaign after the first daily reports by the Arab League monitors started to show that his Mission would not endorse the Atlanticist version of events in Syria. However,…

Endgame in the Middle East
Voltaire Network 14 Feb 2012 – Although the armed clashes are not completely over in the beleaguered district of Homs and that the Syrian and Lebanese authorities have yet to inform public opinion of their recent actions, Thierry Meyssan appeared Monday night on the leading Russian television channel to make an initial…

Syria’s Uprising in Context
Voltaire Network 14 Feb 2012 – In this analytical overview, Canadian pundit Stephen Gowans puts his finger on a fundamental aspect which informs on Washington’s real regime change ambitions in Syria. Political dictatorship in Syria is over. However, what does subsist is a state committed to independent, self-directed economic development…hardly the free-enterprise…

Egypt: Mufti Named Member of Jordanian Religious Endowments
allAfrica.com 14 Feb 2012 – [Egypt Online] Mufti of Egypt Dr. Ali Gamma was chosen as member of the board of trustees of the prestigious Jordanian two endowments interested in studying the thought of the two Imams El Ghazali and Al-Razi.

Zimbabwe: Israeli Tycoon Arrested
allAfrica.com 14 Feb 2012 – [The Herald] AN Israeli business tycoon believed to be an international diamond and gold dealer has been arrested for illegally staying in Zimbabwe without documentation. Raof Rasslan alias Mike Rasslan (36) was found in possession of two passports, a Zimbabwean national identity card and driver’s licence….

Tunisia: Nation Will Host First Meeting of International Pro-Syria Organization
allAfrica.com 14 Feb 2012 – [Tunisia Live] Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs Rafik Abdessalem announced that the inaugural meeting of the Friends of Syria will take place in Tunisia on February 24.

Sudan: Govt Will Not Expel Syrian Ambassador
allAfrica.com 14 Feb 2012 – [Sudan Tribune] Khartoum – Khartoum has no intention to sever diplomatic ties with Syria on the grounds of Damascus’s deadly crackdown on protesters, an official said on Monday.

Beit Ommar Activists Released From Israeli Jail with 1500 Shekel Fines
Palestine Solidarity Project 14 Feb 2012 – Yousef and Saqqar Abu Maria, two Palestinian activists from Beit Ommar who were arrested on Saturday, February 11, 2012 during an unarmed demonstration against the Israeli occupation, have been released from the Israeli prison of Ramle on the evening of February 13th. Both men were released…

Israeli Forces Begin Construction of New Fence Near Beit Ommar
Palestine Solidarity Project 14 Feb 2012 – On the early morning of February 13, 2012, Israeli Forces accompanied by survey workers started to put marks on Route 60, the main road connecting the cities of Hebron and Jerusalem in the southern West Bank. The soldiers started surveying the area from the entrance of…

Susiya Demonstrators Remove Military Roadblock
Palestine Solidarity Project 14 Feb 2012 – On Saturday, February 11th, 2012, about 100 Palestinian demonstrators supported by international and Israeli solidarity activists, organized a demonstration in the community of Susiya, in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank. The action was supported by the Palestine Solidarity Project. At 10am, the activists…

‘No Chinese protection’ for Syria
BBC 14 Feb 2012 – Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says his country will “absolutely not protect any party” in the conflict in Syria, despite the veto of a UN resolution.

Gaza’s only power station closes
BBC 14 Feb 2012 – The authorities in Gaza say the Palestinian territory’s only power station has had to shut down because of a lack of fuel.

US carrier in Strait of Hormuz
BBC 14 Feb 2012 – A US aircraft carrier passes through the Strait of Hormuz for the second time in recent weeks, amid heightened tension with Iran.

Iranian protests at house arrests
BBC 14 Feb 2012 – Members of the Iranian opposition hhold protests in several parts of the capital Tehran on the anniversary of the arrest of two of the movement’s main leaders.

Anarkismo.net: General Strike to continue the Revolution in Egypt by CGT* Task Force North Africa (ca)
A-infos 14 Feb 2012 – On Saturday, 11 February a general strike and large demonstrations rocked Egypt, demanding the withdrawal of the military from power and real changes in Egyptian society. — On Saturday, 11 February a general strike and large demonstrations rocked Egypt, demanding the withdrawal of the military from…

Take Action to Oppose Ever-Greater Amounts of Military Aid to Israel
US Campaign to End the Occupation 14 Feb 2012 – President Obama released his 2013 budget request yesterday, which includes in his words “difficult cuts” and “tough choices.” However, even as the White House proposes to reduce services provided to Americans while the debt continues to climb, the President increased his request for military aid to…

Palestine Center: When Settlers Attack
US Campaign to End the Occupation 14 Feb 2012US Campaign member group The Palestine Center published an important study today, entitled “When Settlers Attack.” Check out the press release and link to the report: The Palestine Center Releases Report on Israeli Settler Violence Share Tuesday, February 14, 2012 The Palestine Center Releases Report on…

Take Action on Valentine’s Day: No LOVE in Occupation!
US Campaign to End the Occupation 14 Feb 2012 – Below are three simple actions to take part in today’s Valentine’s Day Stolen Beauty Campaign Day of Action, courtesy of CodePink , a US Campaign member group… the queens of creative tactics and online activism! Take action today, Valentine’s Day, to ask Bed, Bath & Beyond to…


Israeli Embassies Attacked
Farzana Versey, CounterPunch 2/14/2012
      Whose Vengeance and Unholy Wars are These?
     A bomb explodes in the car of an Israeli diplomat. Three people, including the defence attaché’s wife Tal Yehoshua, are grievously injured.
     30 minutes later, embassy officials are examining the remains of the vehicle in an area that has been cordoned off by the police.
     Within three hours, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accuses the Hizbullah and Iran: “Iran, which stands behind these attacks, is the largest exporter of terror in the world. The Israeli government and its security forces will continue to work together with local security services against these terrorist actions.”
     He is pre-empting the inquiry, and the media is already talking about “Hizbullah in Delhi” and “Israel targeted in India”. We are calling ourselves a soft state when our own hardliners and security forces have been killing citizens inside the country.
     The question is not whether global terror is being fought on Indian soil but how much of it is being arranged here. If it is legitimate to ask about the role of local handlers, then why has there been no concern about the incident of a planned vengeance by Israelis?
     Cut to a report a few days ago when there was palpable revenge. The couple, Shneor Zalman and Yaffa Shenoi, arrived in India on a multiple-entry visa in March 2010. After the visa expired, they went back and returned within a month…. more.. e-mail

The Awakening of Palestinian Hydropolitical Consciousness: The Artas- Jerusalem Water Conflict of 1925
Vincent Lemire, Jerusalem Quarterly File 2/14/2012
      Winter 2011
     The drought that afflicted Jerusalem in 1925 was a crucial moment in the history of the holy city and of British Mandate Palestine. The facts may be briefly summarized as follows: on 25 May 1925, after a particularly dry winter, the Mandate government decided to divert almost all the water resources of Artas village to Jerusalem. On 9 June, the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Arab Congress vigorously protested to the High Commissioner Herbert Samuel against what they explicitly called “Zionist spoliation.” The Artas case, first adjudicated before the Palestine Supreme Court, was sent back in 1926 to the Privy Council of London, Britain’s highest judicial body.1
     This development, though generally ignored by historians, nevertheless allows one to grasp in very concrete terms some of the constituent elements of an emerging Palestinian national consciousness, while also illustrating some of the sharp differences that split the Palestinian national movement in the mid-1920s.
     The emergence of a Palestinian national consciousness is one of the most crucial and controversial topics in the history of the Near East. The debate generally revolves around two complementary issues: one is the question of the actual moment when the Palestinian national awakening occurred, while the other is concerned with determining the constituent elements of this national consciousness.2 Nationalist Palestinian historians promote an early appearance of national consciousness resulting from a fundamentally internal formative process. In contrast, Zionist historians defend the notion of a later appearance of the Palestinian national phenomenon, arising from essentially external elements. The former conceive a national consciousness that is early and endogenous, whereas the latter see it as belated and exogenous. The stakes are understandably high if the controversy is viewed within the framework of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict…. more.. e-mail

Syria, the new Libya
Pepe Escobar, Asia Times 2/14/2012
      A Kalashnikov in Iraq, until recently, sold for US$100. Now it’s at least $1,000, and most probably $1,500 (those were the days when Sunnis joining the resistance in 2003 could buy a fake Kalashnikov made in Romenia for $20).
     Destination of choice of the $1,500 Kalashnikov in 2012: Syria. Network: al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers, also known as AQI. Recipients: infiltrated jihadis operating side-by-side with the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
     Also shuttling between Syria and Iraq is car bombing and suicide bombing, as in two recent bombings in the suburbs of Damascus and the suicide bombing last Friday in Aleppo.
     Who would have thought that what the House of Saud wants in Syria – an Islamist regime – is exactly what al-Qaeda wants in Syria?
     Ayman “The Surgeon” al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s number one, in an eight-minute video titled “Onwards, Lions of Syria“, has just called for the support of Muslims in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey to topple Bashar al-Assad “pernicious, cancerous regime”. They had been responding, in kind, even before The Surgeon came into the picture. Not only those, but especially transplanted Libyan “freedom fighters”, formerly known as “rebels”.
     Who would have thought that what NATOGCC (North Atlantic Treaty Organization-Gulf Cooperation Council) wants for Syria is exactly what al-Qaeda wants for Syria?
     So when the Assad regime, for all its ghastly military offensives that essentially victimize civilians caught in cross fire, says it’s fighting “terrorists”, it’s not exactly bending the truth. Even that ubiquitous, proverbial entity, the unnamed “US official”, is blaming AQI for the recent bombings…. more.. e-mail

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