Information Clearing House Newsletter 17 February 2012: It's Time We Recognised the Blair Government's Criminality

16 February 2012Information Clearing House

It’s Time We Recognised the Blair Government’s Criminality
 By John Pilger
 In the kabuki theatre of British parliamentary politics, great crimes do not happen and criminals go free.

Presstitute Alert
Iran Planning An Attack In America? Congressman Peter King
CNN: Video
Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran.

Syria And The Media: “Activists say…”
By William Bowles
Anyone who believes that the Empire is at all concerned about the ‘human rights‘ of Syrian citizens and it’s this that motivates its desire to ‘protect’, must have slept through the Empire’s decades-long killing spree.

The Islamist Plot: The Untold Story of the Libyan Rebellion
By John Rosenthal
The uprising in Libya was the realization not of democratic aspirations, but of the longstanding ambitions of Islamic extremists.

“Human Rights” Warriors for Empire
By Glen Ford
 Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are swigging the ale with their fellow buccaneers.

Khader Adnan: The West Bank’s Bobby Sands
By Donald Macintyre
Khader Adnan‘s two-month hunger strike has made him a hero among Palestinians outraged by Israel‘s policy of arbitrary detention.

The New Blacklist
By Pat Buchanan
The modus operandi of these thought police at Color of Change and ADL is to brand as racists and anti-Semites any writer who dares to venture outside the narrow corral in which they seek to confine debate.

How Violence Protects the State
By Stephanie Van Hook
Violence in opposition to the State relieves the State and the citizenry of any guilt for a brutal response to all protesters-and it refocuses from the nominal issue to the issue of violence by protesters.

US Taxpayers Bailing Out Big Banks Again
By Jill Schlesinger
The Financial Times is reporting that taxpayers will subsidize a large portion of the $25 billion mortgage settlement, which was broken down into two distinct pieces.

Would You Vote For This Man?
By Mike Whitney
A man who’d pick fights with big oil, big pharma and Wall Street? A man who’d shrug off divisive issues –like abortion, stem cells and gay marriage– and focus on poverty, jobs, redistribution, and class?

31 killed in bombing outside Shiite mosque in Pakistan: A bomb exploded outside a Shiite mosque on Friday, killing at least 31 people, in Pakistan‘s north-western tribal region along the Afghan border, government officials said.

US kills 21 people in Pakistan : At least 21 “suspected” militants were killed on Thursday when U.S. drones carried out two airstrikes in northwest Pakistan‘s tribal region, Pakistani intelligence officials said. Several others were injured.

Pakistan troops ‘kill 17 Taliban in clash’: Pakistani troops killed 17 Taliban on Friday in a clash in the country’s troubled northwest, with one soldier and three militiamen also dying, security officials said.

Pakistan’s president vows to continue with Iran pipeline deal despite US sanctions warnings: The U.S. wants Pakistan to halt the project because it would undercut international pressure to isolate Iran over its nuclear program. The issue is an irritant, though by no means the largest, in already badly strained relationship between Islamabad and Washington.

Pakistan-Afghanistan talks ‘end in acrimony’: Reports say Karzai’s demand that Taliban chief be delivered to the negotiating table was dismissed as “preposterous”.

Iraqi VP Hashimi denies involvement in 150 terrorist operations against people, officials: Iraqi Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi has denied charges of terrorism leveled against him and said that he will leave the country altogether if he has to, in an interview with Al Arabiya on Friday.

Australia’s link to secret Iraq prisons: Illegal detention … Australian troops were “integral” to the operation of a secret Iraqi desert prison. The revelation has led to an Australian human rights organisation investigating such secret prisons to claim that the Australian military might have been complicit in war crimes by handing detainees over to the so-called ”black site” known as H1.

Officials: US drones monitoring clashes in Syria: “A good number” of unmanned U.S. military and intelligence drones are operating in the skies over Syria, monitoring the Syrian military’s attacks against opposition forces and innocent civilians alike, U.S. defense officials tell NBC News’ Jim Miklaszewski.

Friendly advice: France, UK to command ousting of Assad?: Coordinating help for Syrian opposition was high on the list in Paris talks between the French and British leaders on Friday. Anti-government troops lack unity and training, so sending military advisors could change the situation, the sides agreed.

Fighters, weapons flow into Syrian war zone: SYRIA has become a magnet for foreign fighters, with al-Qaeda-aligned jihadists streaming across the border from Iraq and rebel soldiers from the Libyan city of Misrata crossing in from Turkey, experts say.

UN General Assembly condemns Syria “crackdown”: The UN General Assembly on Thursday demanded an immediate halt to Syria’s brutal crackdown on dissent, in a strongly worded resolution adopted by a 137-12 vote.

U.N. Syrian resolution: Which countries voted no?: Of the 193-member world body, 137 countries voted for the resolution. Seventeen countries abstained from the vote. Twelve countries voted no.

Act of war:
SWIFT to exclude Iran banks: SWIFT, the global interbank transfer network, said Friday it was ready to exclude Iranian banks from its system once the EU has enacted new sanctions to that effect against Tehran.

U.S. General: Iran unlikely to strike unless hit: The nation’s U.S. intelligence officials said Thursday that if Iran is attacked over its alleged nuclear weapons program, it could retaliate by closing the Strait of Hormuz to ships and launch missiles at regional U.S. forces and allies.

Panetta: No Iranian decision yet on nukes: “The intelligence does not show that they’ve made the decision to proceed with developing a nuclear weapon.” Clapper said it’s “technically feasible” that Tehran could produce a nuclear weapon in one or two years if its leaders decide to build one, “but practically not likely.”

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran :
Israeli Vice Prime Minister Declares Iran Is Pursuing A Nuclear Bomb : Silvan Shalom disagrees with U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s assessment of Iran‘s nuclear program

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran :
Santorum Warns of Iran Attack on North Dakota: The Republican presidential candidate said. “No one is safe. No one is safe from asymmetric threats of terrorism.”

Presstitute Alert:
Nuclear Threat! Iran Building Bombs To Attack NYC? : New York Congressman Peter King, who is head of the House’s Homeland Security Committee, said, “New York is the No. 1 target,” King said. “New York has all the targets that terrorists want.”

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran:
Tensions with Iran raise US safety concerns: The government is worried that Iran will consider a terror attack on American soil, but it has no specific or credible threat about such a plot. Police from Los Angeles to New York City said they were anxious about the risks

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran:
US cities on alert for terror attack by Iranian agents: Officials are tracking potential Iranian operatives or anyone with links to the country’s terrorist group.

Guess what? FBI foils alleged bomb attack on U.S. Capitol: The FBI has arrested a suspect who was en route to the U.S. Capitol allegedly to detonate a suicide bomb, USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson reports.

Another setup:
Exclusive: Feds arrest man allegedly heading to U.S. Capitol for suicide mission after sting investigation: He was nabbed following a lengthy investigation by the FBI, initiated after he expressed interest in conducting an attack. He came onto the radar screen in early December after he told an undercover agent about an earlier plan to bomb a northern Virginia building.

Engineering Consent For An Attack On Iran:
Israel: Iran, Hezbollah plotting attacks abroad: – A senior Israeli counterterrorism official claimed Friday that Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah are plotting attacks on Israelis overseas and urged travelers to be vigilant.

Hezbollah not involved in recent bombings that took place in India, Georgia, and Thailand : Hassan Nasrallah: Nasrallah was speaking during a televised speech Thursday evening to commemorate the martyrdom of three of the party’s top leaders, Ragheb Harb, Imad Mughniyeh, and Abbas al-Mousawi, on the hands of Israel.

Thousands rally in Gaza, West Bank in support of Khader Adnan’s hunger strike: ‘We are all Khader Adnan,’ chant Palestinians in Gaza, referring to the Islamic Jihad leader who is on the 62nd day of a hunger strike to protest his detention by Israel.

Airport security can’t treat Arab Israelis like suspicious objects : Nobody questions the need for airport security checks. But what happens at Israel‘s airports, and at El Al counters overseas, goes way beyond what is necessary to ensure passenger safety: It entails unnecessary humiliation and being singled out on account of one’s ethnic origin.

Egypt’s Brotherhood warns US over aid cut-off: Muslim Brotherhood says it may review its 1979 peace deal with Israel if US cuts aid to Egypt over recent NGO dispute.

BBC spent £350,000 on legal battle to keep report on its ‘biased’ Middle East coverage secret: A seven-year campaign to gain access to the 2004 document, which examined the corporation’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ended in defeat yesterday after the Supreme Court ruled it could remain secret.

BBC to issue global apology for documentaries that broke rules: Independent revealed programmes were made by third-party in pay of governments and firms.

Dozens killed in southeast Libya clashes since last week: tribes: Dozens of people have been killed since last week in clashes between rival tribes over control of territory in the far southeast of Libya, the tribes said on Thursday.

We need a new world order at the World Bank: Robert Zoellick’s replacement should reflect changes in global politics – the US has controlled the top position for too long

Greek Cuts Drama: Healthcare doomed, army booms : Cuts and slashes in spending have left hospitals short of medicine, workers short of cash and many ill Greeks out of luck. But, as RT’s Jacob Greaves reports, the NATO chief’s visit to Greece suggests the military may remain largely immune.

Foreclosure abuse rampant across U.S., experts say: The audit of almost 400 foreclosures in San Francisco found that 84 percent of them appeared to be illegal, according to the study released by the California city on Wednesday.

Cost Of war

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590”

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,888

Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001

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