Bradley Manning Newslinks 23 February 2012

23 February


Alleged WikiLeaks source Manning to be charged


FORT MEADE, Maryland — Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of leaking a trove of secret military and diplomatic documents to the WikiLeaks website, was to be formally charged in a military court on Thursday. The 24-year-old will be charged with …


Arraignment set in Bradley Manning’s WikiLeaks case

Local 10

An arraignment is scheduled Thursday for Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, who is

suspected of leaking secret documents to the WikiLeaks website and is the

subject of a court martial. Manning, 24, faces charges that include aiding

the enemy, wrongfully causing …


Army private may enter a plea at his arraignment in WikiLeaks case

Washington Post

The arraignment of Pfc. Bradley Manning begins Thursday afternoon at Fort

Meade near Baltimore. Officials say Manning also will be asked whether he

wants to be tried by a judge or a jury. The 24-year-old native of Crescent,

Okla., faces 22 counts, …


A ‘Transparency Grenade’ for Would-Be Bradley Mannings

Technology Review (blog)

Bradley Manning did something more than merely blow a whistle. He kind of

blew stuff up. That thought must have been on Julian Oliver’s mind when he

made the so-called “Transparency Grenade.” The Transparency Grendade

looks like, well, a transparent …


Daniel Ellsberg

Santa Barbara Independent

In March 2011, he was arrested during a peaceful demonstration at Quantico

protesting the imprisonment of whistleblower Marine Bradley Manning, who

provided WikiLeaks with restricted Iraq War military data. Last November,

Ellsberg showed solidarity …


Oscar winner? The Newcastle nurse turned campaigner and film producer

The Guardian

But if I did get to speak, I would say that Bradley Manning [the soldier

accused of leaking the WikiLeaks material] deserves a Nobel peace prize

more than Obama ever did.” Carol Grayson , Oscar film producer.


Demonstrators “Occupy San Quentin” for a National Occupy Day in Support of …

Bay Area Indymedia

Freeing political prisoners, such as Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier,

Lynne Stewart, Bradley Manning and Romaine “Chip” Fitzgerald, a Black

Panther Party member incarcerated since 1969. 4. Demanding an end to the

repression of activists, …


The United States and Its Dark Passenger – Part Two: Act Of Valor


Witness the current dismal attention given to WikiLeaks and whistleblowers

like Julian Assange and Bradley Manning now caught in legal quicksand. It’s

for good reason that the Obama administration is harsher than its

Republican predecessor in hunting …


What’s The Truth Behind the ‘Occupy’ Eureka’s Story?


The sordid truth of that regime, supported by this government, was exposed

by those same set of official leaks put out by Bradley Manning. But human

nature and the immensity of the US government with its variety of military

might and tools have been …


New WikiLeaks Drop Alleges That Sweden’s Foreign Minister Has Been A US Spy …

Business Insider

An informant told Expressen that Assange fears that he could be forced to

testify in the trial against Bradley Manning, the alleged leak in the US

army now being held, if he is put on trial in Sweden.


UN will deny Tamils justice

Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

… of many types including war crimes, not the least committed by United

States governments; 3166 of the 251287 cables concerning Sri Lanka war

crimes and obtained by Wikileaks—perhaps through brave Bradley

Manning—are from the US embassy in Colombo.


Team Kure 4 Kally show and sale

Minto Express

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards finding a cure for

juvenile arthritis – a disease that Manning’s granddaughter, Kally

Bradley, suffers from. Manning has not set a figure to raise at this event,

but states that every little bit counts.


The Register’s all-CIML girls’ basketball team is announced

Ankeny’s Maddie Manning followed a road to her college hoop dreams right

through the CIML. Manning found Division I basketball role models, like Des

Moines East’s Markisha Wright, that set examples for her. “You see girls

you’re playing with in AAU …


Bradley Manning Support Network » Call your gov’t representative …

By Owen Wiltshire

Every week from now until the court martial the Bradley Manning Support

Network will be asking supporters to write or call individuals and

organizations influential to the trial. Pfc. Bradley Manning, an alleged

WikiLeaks whistle-blower, will be …


Op-Ed: Who is really on trial — Bradley Manning or America itself …

By James M. Branum

These ideas have been pressing on my mind lately as I think of the case of

accused Wikileaks whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning. After almost two years

of delay, PFC Manning will likely be tried this summer before a US Army



Tides are changing for whistleblowers in the US — RT


After nearly two years in custody, Private First Class Bradley Manning is

scheduled to be arraigned Thursday at a general court-martial at Fort Meade

in Maryland.



By m_cetera

On Bradley Manning: The Bradley Manning Support Network offers instructions

on how to attend Bradley’s arraignment at Fort Meade. Upcoming Dates:

02/23/2012: Bradley Manning’s arraignment, 1:00PM at Fort Meade.

02/23/2012: London …


Sibel Edmonds: Obama administration charges a record number for …

By RTAmerica

From Thomas Drake to Bradley Manning, many whistleblowers have faced

retaliation for revealing controversial government information. Last week

the House Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government-Sponsored

Enterprises passed …


Julian Assange

By Jackmoves

WikiLeaks officials are convinced that Sweden has already made a deal with

the United States that would see Assange extradited there to testify

against Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of leaking thousands of

classified US


Bradley Manning to be arraigned at Ft Meade on Feb 23 | War Is A …

The US Army last week scheduled a formal arraignment hearing for PFC

Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower. The arraignment is

scheduled …


012 Free Bradley Manning Protest!!! | Occupy News

Bradley Manning’s case should serve as a wake up call for everyone in the

USA and, indeed, the world. As a Whistleblower/ Conscientious Objector –

Manning …


Tech Ops | Forum | Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize …

The official website for the New York General Assembly and the Occupy Wall

Street Movement.


Daily Kos: Who is really on trial — Bradley Manning or America itself?

OPINION: Who is really on trial — Bradley Manning or America itself? By

James M. Branum Chair of the Military Law Task Force of the National

Lawyers Guild …


CR-CL Podcast – Episode 1 – SuperPACs, Bradley Manning, and …

Harvard CR-CL is proud to publish the first official episode of the Harvard

Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Podcast! This first full episode features

CR-CL Senior …


The weakest link. PFC Bradley Manning, his court-martial, the …

Now meet another Private First Class — Bradley Manning, young like

Slovik, just 24 years old. A native of main street Crescent,

Oklahoma…slight, fey, …


Demand Secretary of Defense Free Bradley Manning! | Wisconsin …

Share your concerns about Bradley’s brutal confinement and unjust

prosecution. Ask him to drop all the charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning.

Allow the …


Skeptical Eye: Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Bradley Manning has been nominated independently by two groups for the most

prestigious international award for advocating peace. Both the Oklahoma …


Bradley Manning Nominated Nobel Peace Prize …

Bradley Manning who was made famous for releasing top secret documents to

… This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Bradley Manning, …


Bradley Manning Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize | WHAT …

Bradley Manning Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize · Log in to vote. 0.

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Army officials say WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning will be …

Army officials say WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning will be formally

charged on February 23 at Fort Meade in Maryland. The 24 year old Manning

is the Army …


CR-CL Podcast – Episode 1 – SuperPACs, Bradley Manning, and …

2)Matt leads a discussion of the upcoming court martial of Bradley Manning,

and what we should consider when assessing the government’s treatment of



We So Excited!! downside is he is 1 of 200 nominees, but heck maybe he has

a shot. This would go a ways to redeeming the Nobel Committee for making



gbabuts – Cass McCombs – Bradley Manning

Wed. permalink. [Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.] Cass McCombs –

Bradley Manning. Comments. blog comments powered by Disqus. Powered by



Twitter / Anonymous: Bradley Manning is a Hero …

Bradley Manning is a Hero don’t listen to the MSM Clowns. Manning released

the truth for everyone to see, the US Govt hates the truth. #OWS.


Bradley Manning arraignment for February 23 – Revolution not on TV

Bradley Manning update Bradley Manning is accused of aiding the enemy,

theft of public property, transmitting defense information and.


bradley manning’s Page – Anonymous LulzSec & wikileaks community

bradley manning’s Page on Anonymous LulzSec & wikileaks community.

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