Video: Dario Fo su Berlusconi (d'annata ma tragicamente attuale)

13 May 2013 — Youtube

More Dario Fo! Title roughly translated to English: ‘Vintage Berslusconi but unfortunately still current’.

Prologue of a (famous Italian NOBEL award-winning) Dario Fo’s show aired in late 90′, where he jokes about Silvio Berlusconi (“Psiconano” ITA – “Psycodwarf” ENU).

Veronica Lario (Berlusconi’s wife) is amongst spectators. Greetings from non-Italian viewers are appreciated.

(I subtitled for non-Italian viewers. If my English grammar is incorrect… i beg your pardon.)

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Israeli Military Assault on Gaza – “Operation Pillar of Defence” – Not “defence” but murder of unarmed civilians By Mairead Maguire

17 November 2012 — Global Research


It is with the greatest sadness, mixed with frustration, and a sense of helplessness, that many people around the world, myself included, watched on television the horrific scenes of death and destruction perpetrated, yet again, by the latest Israeli military assault on Gaza and its besieged, mostly young population.

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Action Alert: Urge Nobel Foundation to Rescind Obama’s award

1 March 2012Boiling Frogs

Petition to Investigate Betrayal of the Nobel Peace Prize

In June 2012 Coleen Rowley and I co-wrote a petition to rescind Obama’s Transparency Award, given to him during a secret ceremony by a handful of agenda-driven organizations led by Project on Government Oversight (POGO). Here is what our petition called for:

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 23 February 2012

23 February


Alleged WikiLeaks source Manning to be charged


FORT MEADE, Maryland — Bradley Manning, the US soldier suspected of leaking a trove of secret military and diplomatic documents to the WikiLeaks website, was to be formally charged in a military court on Thursday. The 24-year-old will be charged with …


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