Action Alert: Urge Nobel Foundation to Rescind Obama’s award

1 March 2012Boiling Frogs

Petition to Investigate Betrayal of the Nobel Peace Prize

In June 2012 Coleen Rowley and I co-wrote a petition to rescind Obama’s Transparency Award, given to him during a secret ceremony by a handful of agenda-driven organizations led by Project on Government Oversight (POGO). Here is what our petition called for:

Awarding the worst president in US history when it comes to government whistleblowers with a Transparency Award is a huge insult. Presenting a president who has dramatically increased government secrecy with an Anti-Secrecy Award is ridiculous. Rewarding one of the worst US presidents when it comes to invocation of unconstitutional state secrets privilege is ludicrous. This award is a major insult to all liberty-loving Americans. This award is a slap to all freedom-liberty seeking activists. This award is dumb, highly damaging, and extremely dangerous by what it says it represents. Please stand up and say ‘NO’ to this award by signing this petition. I urge you to demand that this award be taken back immediately. I implore you to not let them get away with this in your name. I am asking you to sign this petition and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Don’t let them mock our nation, our people and our values: Take Obama’s Transparency Award Back Now.

At the time we were drafting this petition Coleen and I were also discussing another hypocritical and ludicrous award that was granted to this same president-The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. We were debating whether to tackle both awards in one petition, or take on each separately. We decided on the latter.

A few weeks ago we began our discussions and plans to launch the petition addressed to the members of Stockholm’s County Administrative Board which has formally asked the Nobel Foundation to respond to allegations that the peace prize no longer reflects Nobel’s will that the purpose of the prize was to diminish the role of military power in international relations. As always, David Swanson volunteered to help with drafting and launching the petition, and taking care of all the technical and complex organizational and logistical requirements (Thank you David!). Here is the petition launched at Warisacrime.Org:

Read the rest here @ Boiling Frogs Post:

Sibel Edmonds

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