Bradley Manning Newslinks 1 March 2012

1 March

Bradley Manning Is Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize as Court-Martial Begins


Last Thursday Bradley Manning, the former US Army intelligence officer accused of leaking sensitive government documents to WikiLeaks, began the process of a formal court-martial. Manning is charged with 22 different counts, including “aiding the enemy …


Bradley Manning, Camp Eviction, Police Brutality and private Prisons Conditions

Press TV

This episode of the show returns to the Bradley Manning trial to expand on

the charges brought against the incarcerated US serviceman, reports on

99ers camp evictions and the remaining outposts and gives an overview of

the week that has passed.


Further evidence of secret US indictment of Julian Assange

World Socialist Web Site

The Stratfor correspondence makes clear the connection between Assange’s

indictment and the imprisonment of alleged WikiLeaks source Private Bradley

Manning. In an email to Stephen Feldhaus, Stratfor legal counsel, Burton

remarked: “I look forward to …


Video Reviews, March 1, 2012

Library Journal

Lib., Westminster, MD WikiSecrets: Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and

WikiLeaks. color. 60 min. Frontline with Rain Media, dist. by PBS, 2011. DVD ISBN 9781608834990. $24.99. SDH subtitles. POLITICS

This excellent Frontline report …


Gay hairstylist takes stand; lesbians charged with hate crime

Windy City Times

Army PFC Bradley Manning decided not to enter a plea to charges he sent

military secrets to WikiLeaks, according to the Huffington Post. Manning

allegedly gave the anti-secrecy website more than 700000 documents and

video clips. Manning’s lawyers claim …


Major update to governmentwide cyber manual takes on WikiLeaks


The last time the National Institute of Standards and Technology updated

Special Publication (SP) 800-53 in August 2009, no one had heard of Pfc.

Bradley Manning, the soldier who allegedly divulged a mass of classified

materials to WikiLeaks.


Wikileaks vs. Stratfor: Pursue The Truth, Not Its Messenger


Bradley Manning is an Iraq War vet who won’t be there. He is being

court-martialed, facing life in prison or possibly death, for allegedly

releasing thousands of military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks

revealing the casualties of war.


Time for government to stand ground and protect Assange

Brisbane Times

Our appeals to military courts for access to the Bradley Manning

proceedings were denied. The Australian government has consistently claimed

to have no information from the US as to whether they will prosecute

Assange and seek his extradition.


The NDAA: a clear and present danger to American liberty

The Guardian

(Bradley Manning‘s initial treatment in solitary confinement, for instance,

met some Red Cross definitions of torture.) But I am far more scared than

hopeful, because nothing about the NDAA‘s legislative passage worked as

democracy is supposed to work.


E-mail: Assange named in secret indictment

… to face possible espionage or conspiracy charges for WikiLeaks

publication of hundreds of thousands of leaked classified US military and

diplomatic documents. US Army Pvt. Bradley Manning faces court-martial for

22 alleged offenses in the leaks case.


Leaked papers reveal Assange charges

Hong Kong Standard

… saying they are linked to the activities of WikiLeaks. Assange fears

being sent to Stockholm will open the way for his extradition to the United

States to face charges of spying linked to the leaking of documents by US

soldier Bradley Manning.


Anonymous, Surfaces, and Gaps

SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)

As I wrote on the STRATFOR hack, despite the company’s tangential

relationship to the actual Bradley Manning case, it got hacked anyway

simply because it was a target of opportunity. There’s really a simple

(conceptually) answer to the problem: harden …


Leaked Documents: Homeland Security Monitoring Occupy Wall Street

In These Times

We know that they’ve interviewed people in a grand jury, and then a few

weeks ago with the Bradley Manning pre-trial that they were actually trying

to make this espionage case against Assange,” says Hastings. “Burton claims

that there in fact a secret …


Lord, I Won’t Be Worried Long! Regaining Defiance

Pacific Free Press

Whitman’s admonition is known innately by some, by those whose spirit of

defiance are helping us to remember our innate roughness: by Bradley

Manning, by the people of Greece, of OWS, by those stopped and frisked,

humiliated, harmed, and jailed on …


Mulmur Council held 2nd public meeting on budget

Orangeville Citizen

The Township has received approval for a deputation with the Environment

Minister Jim Bradley, at the ROMA/OGRA Conference, regarding Source Water

Protection. Council awarded a tender for grass cutting, for numerous

locations in the Township, …


Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 2/29/12: Assange …

By nathanlfuller

Michael Ratner, representing Assange at Bradley’s arraignment, discusses

Manning’s case. Manning has the most votes in a human rights award contest.


This Day in WikiLeaks: 02/29/12

By m_cetera

CCR’s Michael Ratner was on The Real News discussing Bradley Manning‘s

recent arraignment. The Bradley Manning Support Network has issued an

update for February 29. … 03/15/2012: Bradley Manning‘s next court



Pakistan has no basis to hold CIA collaborator Dr Shakil Afridi …

By (Huma Imtiaz)

What did she say about releasing Bradley Manning? Recommend. ali. Mar 1,

2012 – 2:50AM. Reply. traitor. Recommend … What basis the US has to court

martial Bradley Manning? What he did was in international interest as much

as in US


Kincaid: Media Partners in Crime with WikiLeaks? | www …


On the other hand, evidence produced during Bradley Manning‘s preliminary

hearing revealed that Manning was in direct contact with Assange, making

the founder of WikiLeaks into a co-conspirator in the theft and release of

classified …


Big Bad Bald Bastard: Nothing to Protect Me From Robots

By Big Bad Bald Bastard

The beseech came as Foot-soldier Bradley Manning, 23, appeared at a

military court during the main time. He faces 22 charges of obtaining and

distributing direction secrets – which he allegedly leaked to anti-secrecy

locate Wikileaks.


Anonymous, Surfaces, and Gaps |

By admin

As I wrote on the STRATFOR hack, despite the company’s tangential

relationship to the actual Bradley Manning case, it got hacked anyway

simply because it was a target of opportunity. There’s really a simple

(conceptually) answer to the …


Bradley Manning‘s Quest for Justice | Common Dreams

Bradley Manning escorted from a military vehicle to the court facility at

Fort Meade, Maryland. Photograph: Patrick Semansky/APBefore the charges

were read, …

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