Wikileaks Newslinks 3 March 2012: USA’s (no longer) secret plan for criminalising Julian Assange

3 March


WikiLeaks: New reports detail discontent, fear in Venezuelan military

Sacramento Bee

The report, which are part of the firm’s more than five million emails that WikiLeaks revealed this week, show Chávez’s concern over the growing signs of discontent coming from the military. “HCF [Hugo Chávez Frías] is worried,” says one of the …


Wikileaks: Journalists Paid to Private Intelligence Firm With Info

Hetq Online

By Valerie Hopkins Journalists were paid to provide information to the

intelligence firm Stratfor, according to the latest tranche of company

emails leaked by WikiLeaks. The firm courted media outlets in almost 50

countries, according to the documents.


012, denounces WikiLeaks


RSA 2012 Former British Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was

RSA’s pick to close out their annual security conference in San Francisco,

and he took the opportunity to bash WikiLeaks as “disgraceful.” Blair took

time out from his busy …


When It’s Hand And Dow


This latest expose from Wikileaks only corroborates what we already knew.

We have had nothing to hide from the start. The work we did following the

Bhopal gas tragedy was always in the public domain. We knew that Stratfor

works for the US army and …


WikiLeaks: Analysts Didn’t Believe Bin Laden Was Buried At Sea

Yeshiva World News

Stratfor analysts did not believe that Osama bin Laden was buried at sea,

according to Stratfor emails leaked by WikiLeaks. Reportedly, we took the

body with us. Thank goodness. Than [sic] onward to the Armed Forces

Institute of Pathology in Bethesda.


Canadian asbestos poses a health risk in Vietnam

Many workers in Vietnam will “suffer debilitating diseases” over the coming

decades from handling asbestos — some of which is imported from Canada, a

US diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks says. The January 2008 cable

calls asbestos “a carcinogen …


Why Assange’s Trashy Celebrity Harms Democracy

Daily Beast

Yet a recent report in the New Statesman reveals that WikiLeaks associates

handed over secret US diplomatic documents to Belarusian dictator Alexander

Lukashenko. Democracy activists oppressed by the dictatorship don’t realize

that in inviting Assange …


Truthdiggers of the Week: Anonymous


More to the point, Anonymous teamed up with WikiLeaks to pass along some

5.5 million emails, news of which began hitting the wires last Sunday,

lifted from the servers of the Texas-based private intelligence firm



Stratfor Emails Reveal Inept Political Spying


The whistle blowing news organization WikiLeaks made waves once more this

week as it began releasing selections from 5 million internal emails leaked

from the global security think tank Stratfor. The emails are believed to

have been passed on to …


The Wiki Stratfor Dump

Reason Online (blog)

The world seems united behind the idea that Wikileaks hacked dump of

Stratfor emails was uninteresting or an embarrassment, and I myself have

not spend extended time studying the raw stuff out there. Jack Shafer

thinks the emails “underwhelm” and …


Dow Chemical accused of spying

But WikiLeaks says it has e-mails that show that it did. The story starts

in Bhopal India, where an accident at a Union Carbide plant killed 15000

people. Dow bought Union Carbide in 2001. Around that time, according to

WikiLeaks, Dow hired a company, …


Hichem Karoui: When intelligence leaks folly

Gulf Today

What does the pack of intelligence files recently released by Wikileaks

inform us about? Stratfor claims to have 300000 subscribers for its online

publication, and a global reach of about 2.2 million readers for its free

weekly newsletter.


Studios maneuver into cloud technology: Execs talk digital, 3D at Hollywood IT …

Chicago Tribune

The recent media attention on Wikileaks and hacktavists org Anonymous,

which have become a threat to the studios data and bottome by advocating

total Internet freedom by any means necessary, might galvanize Hollywood‘s

IT honchos to beef up their …,0,6255609.story


FBI Thinks Hackers Are The New Terrorists


They team up with WikiLeaks to make public five million emails from a known

company of geopolitical analysis Stratfor. Now the FBI is making statements

regarding these types of attacks. Cyberterrorism doesn’t exist in a formal

way, but Security experts …


Arbib’s stab at nobility was ‘paying the price’

Jindabyne Summit Sun

The now former politician has the same, semi-exasperated, incredulous tone

he adopted the last time we spoke, for a Good Weekend profile – although on

that occasion we were discussing his notorious outing by WikiLeaks in 2010

as a ”protected source” …


We will carry the torch of Bhopal to London’s Olympic Games

The Guardian

WikiLeaks was about to release a number of secret intelligence reports in

which we were all named. A private intelligence agency has been spying on

us for handlers at Dow Chemical. How bizarre. I’d forgotten I was an

activist. What of the others?


Clinton, Kohl, EU among 231 candidates for Nobel Peace Prize

The News International

OSLO: A total of 231 nominees are up for the Nobel Peace Prize this year,

the Nobel Institute said Monday, with Bill Clinton, Helmut Kohl, the EU and

US soldier and WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning known to be on the list.

With 188 individuals and 43 …,-Kohl,-EU-among-231-candidates-for-Nobel-Peace-Prize


Even teenagers can defeat US network security


The soldier — a teen at the time — then passed the information on to

Wikileaks, a fame and fortune seeking “leaks” brainchild of ex-Australian

college professor Julian Assange who resorted to creative Hollywood editing

to make US attacks on armed …


Global Intelligence Gate: From Confessions of an Economic Hit Man to the ...

Huffington Post

The e-mails, which were apparently stolen by hacking group Anonymous, were

later disclosed by whistle-blowing outfit WikiLeaks. The cache, which

reportedly numbers a whopping five million e-mails, reveals the inner

workings of a company which provides …


Humanities Super Seminar starting spring term

Union College

Students in the new Humanities Super Seminar will take a look at the inner

workings of global activism, examining headline-grabbing groups such as

Wikileaks and Anonymous, in the new seminar: “Global Activism: Hacking,

Leaking and Whistleblowing.


Send cash urgently, NZ’s honour at stake

The Press

While Kiwi-Leaks does not quite contain material as sensational as that

revealed by WikiLeaks, it certainly comes close in its frankness and

penetrating analysis of host countries. As a teaser, I am releasing a

selection to illustrate the fact our …


Let people know what you think

Bucyrus Telegraph Forum

Has anyone seen the videos released from the Wikileaks site? The sights and

sound of American helicopter gunners blowing some reporters to bits is

beyond watching. They blow up about 10 people using .50-caliber machine

guns and then they blow up the …


RT’s Friday chat over beers: Inside the New York Times


In a world filled with sources of information from regional newspapers to

WikiLeaks, what can America‘s biggest newspaper offer to the reader – if

can it survive at all? The film was first shown at the 2011 Sundance FIlm

Festival, and brought in over a …


Hackathons employ creative programming to create a better, orderly future …

The Voice of Russia

Coincidentally, this Monday, WikiLeaks, which has fallen out the public’s

eye for a while, has released a massive cache of emails from a private

security company with no explanation on how they came into possession of

this information.


Fatal Coincidence

WHTC (blog)

You see Andrew Breitbart was kind of like an American version of Wikileaks

founder Julian Assange, inthat his website was all about uncovering that

which is hidden in terms of politics in particular. In a stunning

coincidence, It appears Andrew …


Anonymous Now Targets Law Firm Over Iraqi Killings

Stratfor was attacked recently to get emails on global intelligence which

is now being shared through Wikileaks. The attack seems to be directed at

the judgement of the court giving Sergeant Frank Wuterich a lighter

sentence for his role in the killing …


The Last Dictator (Video)

Charter 97

A former UK’s Ambassador to Belarus Brian Bennett, the author of the book

“The Last Dictatorship of Europe: Belarus under Lukashenka”, and Julian

Assange, a founder of WikiLeaks website, have taken part in the

presentation of the film.


The War on Drugs comes to Google+


Among those lending their voice to the debate are business tycoon Richard

Branson, comedian and actor Russell Brand, and Wikileaks co-founder Julian

Assange, along with experts such as the former presidents of Mexico and



Mexico Ruling Party in Row Over Casino Fire

Wall Street Journal

Juan José Rojas, a prominent casino owner in Monterrey, financed the

political campaigns of several PAN politicians, including former Monterrey

mayor Adalberto Madero, according to a US diplomatic cable made public by



Wikileaks: The IMF’s Fault for Balkan Wars :: Balkan Insight

The International Monetary Fund is partly to blame for wars in former

Yugoslavia, according to Stratfor document published by Wikileaks.


Live Blog: WikiLeaks Releases the Stratfor Emails (Day 5) | The …

By Kevin Gosztola

UPDATE – 7:54 PM EST The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is partly to

blame for the Balkan Wars, according to the Stratfor emails.


Wikileaks-Anonymous Alliance to Expose US Intelligence …

By Kristina Farrah

We have Wikileaks and Anonymous to thank for the salvo of confidential

documents that shed light to the malpractice of the government. One of the

recent documents released confirms that the US really has been paying a

great deal of cash to …


WikiLeaks, Stratfor and Fisher’s Joke | KABOBfest

By Yazan

Max Fisher, an associated editor at The Atlantic recently wrote a piece

called: “Stratfor Is a Joke and So Is WikiLeaks for Taking It

Seriously.” In.


Stratfor Files: State Dept says more than one person leaked …


The Stratfor e-mails,published by Wikileaks, reveal a State Department

source telling Stratfor thatmore than one person leaked files to Wikileaks

and this concerned the USgovernment because it would expose “the underbelly

of our role.” …


WikiLeaks says Stratfor emails to expose sinister spies and insider …

By legitgov

WikiLeaks says Stratfor emails to expose sinister spies and insider traders

28 Feb 2012 ‘Privatelives of private spies’ have been laid bare as

WikiLeaks began publishing a huge tranche of emails from US intelligence

firm Stratfor. WikiLeaks


Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Friday, 02-Mar-12 23:40:30 UTC …

By wikileaks2

Wikileaks (wikileaks2)’s status on Friday, 02-Mar-12 23:40:30 UTC.

Wikileaks. The UK High Court refused to permit the UK Supreme Court from

hearing that issue in the Assange case · a few

seconds ago from bti at …


WikiLeaks emails suggest Bin Laden corpse ‘brought to America …

By In2EastAfrica

INTERNAL EMAILS in a major global intelligence firm, published by

WikiLeaks, suggest that Osama bin Laden’s body may have been brought to

America after he was killed by US Navy Seals. The emails, from the

intelligence firm Stratfor …


Plan Z: the latest national chauvinist campaign anti-WIkiLeaks in the …

By Marcello Ferrada de Noli (Italy)

The Swedish campaign against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange”. A more

detailed analysis on characteristics of the Swedish journalism – the duck

pond phenomenon – or on the Swedish Media Trial VS. Assange (referring in

particular to the …


DoD Inspector General Tallies Leaks of Classified … – WikiLeaks Press


In response to a congressional directive, the Department of Defense

Inspector General has provided to Congress “an inventory of all

identified unauthorized disclosures of SCI [sensitive compartmented

information, or classified…


USA’s secret plan for criminalising Julian Assange « Antinuclear

By Christina MacPherson

On Monday, WikiLeaks began releasing more than 5 million Stratfor emails

which it said showed ”how a private intelligence agency works, and how

they target individuals for their corporate and government clients”.

Revealed: US plans to …


PBS – Joshua Foust: The Stratfor files: Much ado about nothing

By Kelvin Lum

In his column for PBS Need to Know, ASP fellow Joshua Foust writes about

Wikileaks’ latest investigation on Stratfor. Neither interpretation of this

leak really makes a moral argument for exposing a private company’s

proprietary information.


brian_carnell: RT @kgosztola: All of US media yawn as identity of …

By Twitter / brian_carnell

brian_carnell: RT @kgosztola: All of US media yawn as identity of FBI

member feeding info to Stratfor on Assange indictment is revealed

#WikiLeaks. Posted on March 2, 2012 by Twitter / brian_carnell.

brian_carnell: RT @kgosztola: All of US


Truthdiggers of the Week: Anonymous – Truthdig


More to the point, Anonymous teamed up with WikiLeaks to pass along some

5.5 million emails, news of which began hitting the wires last Sunday,

lifted from the servers of the Texas-based private intelligence firm

Stratfor. Here’s more on that …


Wikileaks and Anonymous Join Forces to Reveal How Dumb Our …

The most recent bombshell of confidential documents dropped by infamous

watchdog organization Wikileaks is already looking to have an enormous

impact on …


Twitter / WikiLeaks: #GIFiles: Stratfor VP on # …

GIFiles: Stratfor VP on #Assange: “Move him from country to country to face

various charges for the next 25 years”

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