Bradley Manning Newslinks 3 March 2012

3 March


Manning Charged with Espionage, Leaker of SEALED Indictment on Assange Gets Nada

Government Accountability Project (blog)

Hamsher is right on explaining the disparate treatment: Moral of the story: Bradley Manning gets charged with “aiding the enemy” for potentially leaking information that was available on the SIPRNET to hundreds of thousands of people.


Bradley Manning Formally Charged, Still No Trial | War Is A Crime .org

By War Criminals Watch

The Manning prosecution is a tragic miscarriage of justice. US officials are highly embarrassed by what Manning exposed and are shooting the messenger. As Glen Greenwald, the terrific Salon writer, has observed, President Obama has …


Bradley Manning Support Network » Update 3/2/12: Manning’s …

By nathanlfuller

Ft. Meade announces Manning’s next court date is March 15, when his court martial will be announced. Jane Hamsher discusses Stratfor‘s FBI source.



By m_cetera

The Bradley Manning Support Network has issued an update for March 2, which covers Bradley’s upcoming March 15 court date and Jane Hamsher identifying Stratfor‘s FBI source. Upcoming Dates: 03/04/2012: Julian Assange Supreme…


Lotus – Surviving a Dark Time: Left Side of the Aisle #46 – Part 4

By LarryE

Bradley Manning, the US Army Private accused of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, appeared before a military judge at Fort Meade near Baltimore on February 24 to hear the formal reading of the charges against him. If convicted at …


The Law Office of David E. Coombs: Mailing Address

By Army Court-Martial Defense Specialist

a) PFC Bradley Manning cannot receive any cash, checks, or money orders. Due to this additional restriction, our office will ensure that PFC Manning has sufficient funds in his detainee account to purchase items. b) Photographs are only …


012 …

By prisonradio

With that understanding, while hoping for the best, we need to commit ourselves to all the ongoing issues–Bradley Manning and Wicki Leaks; the obscene vaudevillian Charade of democracy that is the current Presidential election ; the cause …


Time for government to stand ground and protect Assange: Eric …

By Worldwide Hippies

Our appeals to military courts for access to the Bradley Manning proceedings were denied. The Australian government has consistently claimed to have no information from the US as to whether they will prosecute Assange and seek his …


Bradley Manning, Solitary Confinement and Occupy 4 Prisoners …

Solidarity. US Army Private Bradley Manning is to be formally charged with numerous crimes at Fort Meade, Maryland. Manning, who was nominated for the…

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