Information Clearing House Newsletter 8 March 2012: Can Russia Save the Day?

8 March 2012 Information Clearing House


US ‘Offered Israel New Arms To Delay Iran Attack’


The US administration offered to supply Israel with advanced bunker-busting bombs and long-range refuelling planes. In return, Israel would agree to put off a possible attack on Iran till 2013, after the US elections in November.

Dyer: Reasons To Attack Iran

By Gwynne Dyer

What’s actually at stake here is not the survival of Israel, just the preservation of the huge strategic advantage Israel enjoys as the sole nuclear weapons state in the Middle East.


Can Russia Save the Day?

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

Mr. Putin would do well to draw his own “red lines” by addressing the UN  Security Council and stating firmly and irrevocably that a preventative/preemptive attack on Iran (or Syria) is illegal and unacceptable, and will draw reaction from Russia.


Why Putin is Driving Washington Nuts

New World Order is a no-go

By Pepe Escobar

Washington and its minions have been warned. Before last Sunday’s election, Putin even advertised his road map. The essentials; no war on Syria; no war on Iran; no “humanitarian bombing” or fomenting “color revolutions” – all bundled into a new concept, “illegal instruments of soft power” Continue


NATO Forces Operating Covertly in Syria: Wikileaks

By Stephen Lendman

“The idea ‘hypothetically’ is to commit guerrilla attacks, assassination campaigns, try to break the back of the Alawite forces, elicit collapse from within.”


Afghan Tipping Point

Green on Blue

By Ann Jones

Dead Americans, Dead Goats, and Half a Million Gunmen on the Loose.


PTSD: Cancer Of The Spirit

By Robert Koehler

Can we squeeze the glory out of the word “war”? Can we talk about savage irrationality and lifelong inner hell instead?


The MEK’s Useful Idiots

By Philip Giraldi

Americans who are not Muslim should be concerned by the repeated entrapment of so-called terrorists, first of all because the process reveals that our private communications are no longer very private.


Legal Experts Destroy Rationale for Obama’s Assassination Policy …

And Slam Democrats for Supporting It

By Washington’s Blog

We see one of Dick Cheney’s ideas being ratified by Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder.


Eric Holder Tortures the Constitution

By Glen Ford

The danger is upon us, and it emanates from the White House. There’s a name for the danger: it’s called fascism.


Liberal Whores

By Margaret Kimberley

Call a Georgetown law student a slut, and the liberal universe goes into supernova. Destroy Somalia and Libya, or obliterate due process of law, and the same people just yawn.


Surveillance State: The Making of the US Internal Security Apparatus

By Alfred McCoy

The power of police, information, and scandal in shaping both the modern Philippine state and the U.S. internal security apparatus.


Why Doesn’t the American Red Cross Want People to See

“Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?”

By Center for Economic and Policy Research

What does the Red Cross find so objectionable?


Haiti: Where Did the Money Go?

Video Documentary

Is this what you expected when you pledged your aid dollars?


Poor America

By Stephen Lendman

Cold hard truths reveal what they and complicit media scoundrels try hard to suppress. Growing impoverished millions reflect America‘s dark side.


Gunmen kill seven in northern Nigeria: At least seven people have been killed in an attack by gunmen on a police station and two banks in a remote part of northeast Nigeria


Two hostages killed in failed rescue attempt in Nigeria:

Two western hostages held in Nigeria have been killed during a joint Nigerian-British rescue mission after 10 months in captivity, British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday


Yemen army kills seven militants in Zinjibar: military:

The Yemeni army has killed seven suspected Al-Qaeda militants in an artillery strike on Zinjibar, an extremist stronghold in the restive southern Abyan province, a military official said on Thursday.


Russia says Libya training Syrian rebels: – A Russian official has accused Libya of running a training center for Syrian rebel forces that are combating the “legal government” of President Bashar Assad.


Libya accused of harbouring Syrian rebels: “We have received information that there is in Libya, with the support of the authorities, a special training center for Syrian revolutionaries and these people are sent to Syria to attack the legal government,” Russian ambassador Vitaly Churkin told a UN Security Council meeting on Libya. – Sapa-AFP


Putin’s Russia stares down West on Syria: Russia is still not flinching in the face of Western and Arab pressure to change its stance on the Syria conflict and its defiance may yet increase as Vladimir Putin heads back to the Kremlin.


Annan warns against use of force in Syria: Speaking to reporters at the Arab League in Cairo on Thursday, the former UN secretary-general said the solution to the worsening conflict “lies in political settlement” and must be “Syrian-led and Syrian-owned”.


Iran says Israel, US help put mercenaries into Syria: Arab countries are sending mercenaries to Syria to thwart any chance of a negotiated settlement to end President Bashar al-Assad’s crackdown on a year-long uprising against his rule, Iran‘s ambassador to France said on Thursday,7340,L-4200499,00.html


Syrian minister quits, condemns Al Assad’s brutal campaign: “I, the engineer Abdo Hussam Al Deen, the deputy oil minister… announce my defection from the regime and my resignation,” he said. “I am joining the revolution of the people who reject injustice and the brutal campaign of the regime, which is seeking to crush the people’s demand for freedom and dignity,” he added.


Carter: Netanyahu too eager for war with Iran: “I was glad to see President Obama discourage that immediate resumption of hostilities between Israel and its neighbors that the Israelis seem to be inclined to do,” the former president said in an interview with The Washington Times-affiliated “America‘s Morning News” radio broadcast.


Israel and the US are seen as more threatening than Iran: A poll conducted in 12 Arab countries, representing 84 per cent of the population of the Arab world, has arrived at some interesting results.


Did Israel Help Spark the Russia-Georgia War in 2008? : Fresh documents released by WikiLeaks raise new questions about the five-day war between Russia and Georgia in 2008. In particular, the role of Israel and its involvement in providing military intelligence to Russia in the run-up to the war.


Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian teenager in West Bank: Zakariya Abu Eram, 17, was shot dead on Thursday in clashes that erupted when Israeli troops attempted to arrest the teenager’s uncle in the occupied West Bank village of Yata.


Israeli apartheid week kicks off in South Africa: – The cultural week against the Israeli apartheid regime in occupied Palestine were launched in more than 13 South African cities in the context of global activities and events taking place in about 90 cities around the world.


UN warns of humanitarian crisis in Yemen: Jamal Benomar said on Wednesday that about three million people were in need of immediate assistance and urged international donors to help the Arab world’s poorest country.


Iranian activist continues hunger strike: A jailed Iranian blogger has entered the 60th day of a hunger strike in protest against his imprisonment for criticising President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the government’s policies, his family and activists have said.


UN official slams WikiLeaks suspect Manning’s treatment: US authorities’ treatment of WikiLeaks suspect Private Bradley Manning was “cruel and degrading,” the UN special rapporteur on torture Juan Ernesto Mendez said Monday.


Let U.N. officials meet with Bradley Manning:

Call top Pentagon attorney Jeh Johnson tell him to let U.N. officials meet with Bradley Manning


FBI Launches Unprecedented Attack On NYPD Over Muslim Surveillance Tactics: Feds: Move Has Alienated People, Hurt Counter Terror Info Gathering Process


Eurozone approves second Greek bailout: Finance ministers meeting in Brussels approve $170bn rescue package needed to avoid default by debt-ridden nation.


Are Irish Taxpayers About To Bail Out Goldman?: Why is Dublin’s political establishment so keen to protect foreign investors at the expense of future generations?


Whistleblowers: 70 percent of U.S. ground beef contains ‘pink slime’: “Pink slime” is largely made up of connective tissue that used to be reserved only for dog foods. It was not classified as “meat” because it was largely seen as unfit for human consumption


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,801


Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,915


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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