GR Week in Review: Bahrain Backlash, Beyond Kony 2012 and the Middle-East “Package War”

22 March 2012 — Global Research

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  Canadian Public Investigation of 9/11: Richard Gage AE911Truth Tour Canada, 24 March-April 7



  Conference: Kosovo and Metohija 13 Years After NATO Aggression

Belgrade, March 24, 2012
VIDEO: Bahrain Backlash: Doctors on Trial for Helping Protesters

Watch now on GRTV
– by Finian Cunningham, Paula Slier – 2012-03-22
REMOTE DRONE WARFARE: Robots Kill, But The Blood Is on Our Hands

– by David Swanson – 2012-03-22
WALL STREET CONFIDENCE TRICK: How “Interest Rate Swaps” Are Bankrupting Local Governments

– by Ellen Brown – 2012-03-22
  Activist Outrage Causes Major Supermarkets to Drop ‘Pink Slime’ Meat

– by – 2012-03-22
  Workers face loss of more than 100,000 jobs as Obama joins attack on postal service

– by World Socialist Web Site – 2012-03-22
  Syrian opposition accused of “human rights abuses”

– by Chris Marsden – 2012-03-22
Bahrain Medics Show Trial: This Is Not Syria, Therefore No Western Outcry

– by Finian Cunningham2012-03-22
Massive EU Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia Contribute to Fuelling International Aggression and Terrorism in the Middle East

– by Julie Lévesque – 2012-03-21
Details of Talks with IAEA Belie Charge Iran Refused Cooperation

– by Gareth Porter – 2012-03-21
French Terror Attack: All the Hallmarks of an Intelligence Psy-op and False Flag

– by Kurt Nimmo – 2012-03-21
012”. What is Happening in Uganda? America‘s “Invisible” Military Agenda

– by Daniele Scalea – 2012-03-21
VIDEO: Palestine: A Time To Cry

Watch this moving video on GRTV
– by Rim Banna – 2012-03-21
VIDEO: Fast and Furious: The Hidden History of the Drug War

Watch the GRTV Feature Interview to learn more
– by Bill Conroy, James Corbett – 2012-03-21
US war game foreshadows Israeli attack on Iran

– by Peter Symonds – 2012-03-21
SLIPPING INTO CHAOS: After Libya, NATO Intervention Threatens To Destabilize the Entire Region

– by John Cherian – 2012-03-21
U.S.-IRAN: From War Of Nerves To Full-Scale War?

– by Boris Volkhonsky – 2012-03-21
Curbing Social Inequality through “The Millionaires Tax”?

– by Ann Robertson, Bill Leumer – 2012-03-21
“Package War” Looming in the Middle East: “Regime Change” in Syria, Precondtion for War on Iran

– 2012-03-21
The Bull Market in Gold and Silver Prevails

– by Bob Chapman – 2012-03-21
BRITAIN AND THE EMPIRE: Falklands and Chagos – A Tale of Two Islands

– by Peter Presland – 2012-03-21
Water Conflicts and Hydroelectricity in South Asia

The Indus Water Treaty. A Review article
– by Dr. Nasrullah Khan Kalair – 2012-03-21
  Massive Demonstrations Support Quebec Students Striking Against Fee Hikes

– by Richard Fidler – 2012-03-21
Possible U.S. Involvement in Covert Warfare in Syria

– by Raven Clabough – 2012-03-20
VIDEO: Al Jazeera Journalist Explains Resignation over Syria and Bahrain Coverage

Find out more on GRTV
– by Ali Hashem – 2012-03-20
A “Global Hope Plan” to End the Worldwide Financial Crisis

– by Hon. Paul Hellyer – 2012-03-20
012 Video: A Justication For More US AFRICOM Wars Over Oil

– by F. William Engdahl – 2012-03-20
Does Genetically Modified (GM) Food Increase the Incidence of Obesity?

Study: Genetically Modified Corn Increases Body Weight in Rats
– by Washington’s Blog – 2012-03-20
The Bradley Manning Prosecution Infected by Government Misconduct, Dismissal is the Only Option

– by Kevin Zeese – 2012-03-20
SYRIA: US-NATO Supported “Opposition” Commits Extensive War Crimes

– by Devon DB – 2012-03-20
Towards a World War III Scenario: The Real Imperialist Agenda

Review of Michel Chossudovsky‘s book
– by Finian Cunningham – 2012-03-20
MIDDLE EAST: The CIA Operating behind a Web of “Pro-Democracy” NGOs

Strange Bedfellows: How the U.S. and Egypt control the destiny of the region
– by Patrick Henningsen – 2012-03-20
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: Insider Trading 9/11 … the Facts Laid Bare

– by Lars Schall – 2012-03-20
WIKILEAKS: COVERUP OF WAR CRIMES IN AFGHANISTAN: Washington Lied About 2009 Bala Baluk Massacre, Red Cross Concealed Truth

– by Kevin Gosztola – 2012-03-20
  MEDIA LIES: Deaths in Syria: Counting them (politically) correctly

British-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR) Reveals its True Face
– 2012-03-19
Small Business Owners and Labor in America: The Backbone of the Nation

– by William Cox – 2012-03-19
Joseph Kony’s LRA versus the Ugandan Military: Who are the Real Terrorists?

– by David Zarembka – 2012-03-19
CONFRONTATION WITH AMERICA: China’s military spending surpasses $100 billion

– by John Chan – 2012-03-19
US official account of Afghanistan massacre challenged: “latest in string of coalition forces’ massacres”

– by Patrick Martin – 2012-03-19
BOOK LAUNCH: “Towards a World War Three Scenario” NOW IN PAPERBACK!

Pick up the new title from Global Research
– by Michel Chossudovsky – 2012-03-19
Syria, Bahrain: A Tale of Two Uprisings… One Fabricated, the Other Forgotten

– by Finian Cunningham – 2012-03-19
VIDEO: Who’s Afraid of War Crimes Prosecution? Cheney Cancels Canada Visit

Find out more in this week’s edition of GRTV’s Behind The Headlines
– by James Corbett – 2012-03-19
The REAL Cause of the Global Obesity Epidemic. Are Toxic Chemicals Making Us Fat?

– by Washington’s Blog – 2012-03-19
ORWELL 1984 “RELOADED”: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center

– by James Bamford – 2012-03-19
The Real Cause of Rising Prices at the Gas Pump

– by Prof Robert Reich – 2012-03-19
Mossad and CIA concur: Iran is not seeking nukes

While CIA admits Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, sanctions against Iran remain in place
– 2012-03-19
SYRIA OPPOSITION TARGETS CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: Christians Expelled from Homs by “Opposition” Al Qaeda Gunmen

– 2012-03-18
Violence is As American As Cherry Pie

– by B. Nimri Aziz – 2012-03-18
‘Israel Loves Iran’ initiative takes off on Facebook

Online posters of love and peace draw support. Iranians send messages of thanks
Drugs, Guns and Nukes: Iran as the New ‘Dope, Incorporated’

– by Tom Burghardt – 2012-03-18
9/11 Truth, Inner Consciousness and the “Public Mind”

– by James Tracy – 2012-03-18
No public event has been more repressed in public consciousness via the mass media than 9/11…
The Roots of Israeli Behavior: Sabotage Peace at any Cost

– by Adrian Salbuchi – 2012-03-18
The Media’s Coverup of the Afghan Massacre

Afghans want US occupiers out of their country immediately
– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-03-18
POLICE STATE USA: New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness

– by Brandon Turbeville – 2012-03-18
Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the President and his designated Secretaries have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water.
SYRIA: Media Accuses Syrian Government of Collaborating with Al Qaeda. How the Media Refutes its own Lies…

– by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky2012-03-17
America’s “Lone Gunman” in Afghanistan: “I Did It”…

– by Joe Giambrone – 2012-03-17
France Bans GM Corn Amid Mass US Protests against Monsanto

– by Rady Ananda – 2012-03-17
US-NATO SUBVERSION IN SYRIA: Saudi Arabia Is Arming Syrian “Opposition” As Twin Car Bombs Kill 27 In Damascus

– by Finian Cunningham2012-03-17
  Afghan Massacre: Pattern of Established U.S.-NATO Criminal Acts in Several Nations

Why U.S. forces in Afghanistan frequently ‘out of control’?
End the Crime That Is the War on Afghanistan

– by Prof. Francis Boyle – 2012-03-17
Global Systemic Economic Crisis: Stagnation in Europe, US Relapse into Recession. Crash of Markets and Financial Institutions

The five devastating storms in summer 2012 at the heart of the world geopolitical swing
– by GEAB – 2012-03-17
US relapse into recession against the background of European stagnation and BRICS slowdown . dead end for the central banks and interest rate increases . storm on the foreign exchange and Western sovereign debt markets . Iran, the war « too far » . new crash in the markets and financial institutions.
  Goldman Sachs: Making Money by Stealing It

– by Stephen Lendman – 2012-03-17

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