Information Clearing House Newsletter 22 March 2012: Sociopaths in US Governance

22 March 2012 Information Clearing House


No Matter Who Does Them

By War Criminals Watch

People of conscience must insist on accountability for the actions of U.S. officials, no matter who is president. It is our obligation.

The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance

By Doug Casey

Sociopaths – are now fully in control of major American institutions. Their beliefs and attitudes are insinuated throughout the economic, political, intellectual and psychological/spiritual fabric of the US.


CNN Runs Segment On

‘Terrifying New Reason’ To Be Worried About Iran

By TPMLivewire

Rep. Peter King, during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing Wednesday, said there could be “hundreds” of Iranian-backed Hezbollah agents in the U.S. CNN’s clip showed Hezbollah agents marching — but not in the U.S. Watch the video:


UN Security Council Resolution, Syria

Full Text

The UN Security Council adopted this resolution concerning Syria on March 21, 2012.


A Year Later, Libya is Still a Mess

By Daniel Larison

After the West’s much-ballyhood intervention, Libya is dominated by a complex tangle of violent militias – and the chaos is spilling into neighboring countries.


Dying for Justice

By Stephen Lendman

Hana demands simple justice: freedom or death.


Up, Up And Away:

How Money Power Works Down Under

By John Pilger

As in Britain and America, the unions have long been tamed, co-opted and policed by their own leaderships.


34 killed in attacks on “al-Qaeda militants” in Yemen: At least 29 people were killed Thursday in a joint attack by Yemeni and US forces on suspected al-Qaeda militants in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula country, Al Arabiya broadcaster reported.


Ten killed on bus fleeing Syria violence: monitors: Ten people, including women and children, were killed on Thursday as they were fleeing violence in Syria‘s northwestern Idlib province on board a bus headed to Turkey, monitors said.


UN Security Council backs Syria peace plan: The Syrian National Council, Syria‘s main opposition group, said the UN statement will simply give the government more time to continue killing its own people.


Clashes rage across Syria despite UN cease-fire call: Opposition sources said Syrian tanks had heavily shelled a large neighborhood in the city of Hama on Thursday after fighting between Free Syrian Army fighters and Syrian government forces.


Rebels warn of hit-and-run strikes in Damascus: The rebel Free Syrian Army has set up a military council to coordinate hit-and-run strikes around Damascus, as it brings the year-old conflict to the capital, it announced on Thursday.


Turkish troops kill seven “PKK militants” in clash: Turkish security forces killed seven Kurdish militants in southeast Turkey near the Iraqi border on Thursday, security officials said, in a second day of clashes after violent unrest in the region over the Kurdish new year.


Iraq’s Sunni lawmakers accuse government of torturing to death fugitive VP’s jailed bodyguard: The guard was held on suspicion of terrorism. Authorities say he died of kidney failure on March 15.


Baghdad turns into a ‘virtual prison’ ahead of Arab League summit: Tens of thousands of soldiers and police reinforcements have been brought into the city for the summit and the extra patrols and checkpoints are disrupting normal life. Bitter arguments are breaking out between frustrated commuters and the military and police.


British Soldier Killed in Helmand: A British soldier was killed while on foot patrol by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, according to military officials.


Gates: Proceed Warily on Iran: Former Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has joined the chorus of past and current officials warning that a military strike against Iran could produce dire consequences.


West misstep against Iran will jeopardize Israel existence: Iran MP: “Should the Western countries want to commit the slightest of errors regarding Iran, they will be gripped by such ramifications that will endanger the existence of the Zionist regime,” Alaeddin Boroujerdi said on Thursday


Israel thanks Germany’s Merkel for sixth Dolphin submarine: Israel thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday for selling the country its sixth Dolphin submarine at a subsidized price.


Israel’s useful idiot:

‘We have a duty to prepare for the worst’: Peter King warns Iran has ‘hundreds’ of Hezbollah agents in the U.S.: Iranian-backed militant group Hezbollah may have hundreds of operatives based in the United States, and Hezbollah – not al-Qaida – poses the greatest terrorist threat to Americans, the Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Peter King, said today.


Global water issues likely to affect U.S. security in coming decades, report finds: Study also warns of potential for water to be used as weapon


Mali soldiers say seize power, close borders: Renegade Malian soldiers declared on state television on Thursday they had seized power in the West African state in protest at the government’s failure to quell a nomad-led rebellion in the north.


A Coup In Mali – Made In Libya?: Mali wasn’t exactly the “bastion of democracy” in West Africa that Hillary Clinton is making it out to have been and that the coup is another of the forseen-but-unplanned-for consequences of intervention in Libya last year.


French shooting suspect leaps to death while firing: The suspect in a three-attack killing rampage jumped from a window to his death while firing his weapon as police were entering his apartment early today, France’s interior minister says.


U.S. soldier accused of Afghanistan massacre ‘told comrades he killed several men: Staff Sergeant Robert Bales did not tell the other soldiers that he had also shot women and children, even though nine of those who died were said to be children.


After Bales’ arrest, military tried to delete him from Web: Several former military officers said they were perplexed that the Army would try to remove information that already had been public. One called it “unusual.”


Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Calls for Destruction of Churches in Region : Since Christianity is already forbidden in Saudi Arabia and no churches exist there, the implications of the cleric’s words were that the church ban should extend to other countries in the region, including Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates


Marine facing dismissal over Obama criticism: The Marine Corps on Wednesday notified a sergeant who has been openly critical of President Barack Obama that he is violating Pentagon policy barring troops from political activities and that he faces dismissal.


Congress: The $$$ is all in the family: How lawmakers are using their positions to benefit their families.


Ex-Irish PM Bertie Ahern took secret payments, judges say: Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern received at least $209,779 (CDN) in secret payments while in office and repeatedly told lies about this under oath, a mammoth fact-finding investigation ruled Thursday in a long-awaited verdict.


Donations by former MEP Flynn sought ‘wrongly and corruptly’: THE TRIBUNAL is satisfied that an IR£50,000 donation sought “wrongly and corruptly” by former MEP Padraig Flynn from Tom Gilmartin was used for his personal benefit.


Republic of Ireland falls back into recession: Its economy shrank by 0.2% from October to December, following a contraction of 1.1% in the third quarter.


Strike brings Portuguese services to a halt: Union group calls for general strike against austerity measures amid fears eurozone country could need second bailout.


Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,801


Number Of  International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,932


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001


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