VTJP News & Articles 12 September 2012: Report: Israeli filmmaker says ‘Islam is a cancer’

12 September 2012  — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Only Immediate Intervention Will Save The Lives Of Three Palestinian Hunger Strikers
IMEMC – Press Release Ramallah, 12 September 2012 – Addameer is deeply concerned that the lives of the three remaining Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli prison are in immediate danger as their prolonged hunger strikes have led to a rapid deterioration in their health. …

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ICH 12 September 2012: The Pauperization Of America

12 September 2012 Information Clearing House


Al-Qaeda Now a US Ally in Syria

By Joseph Wakim

Syrian citizens who prefer the secular and stable state to the prospect of an Iraqi-style sectarian state may well be turning this same question around to the US government: are you with us, or with the terrorists? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article32424.htm


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Target Iran: Drawing Red Lines in the Sand By William J Cox

13 September 2012

At 60 manuscript pages and based on 100 of the latest sources, Target Iran is of the new genre of eBooks on critical political subjects written for the modern on-the-go reader who requires reliable in-depth information to reach an informed opinion, but whose time is too limited to go to the bookstore or to conduct online research.

The book contains a history of Iran and its conflict with the United States and Israel over its uranium enrichment program, a discussion of the likelihood of war between the parties and a peaceful solution that offers a comprehensive nuclear weapons policy for all nations.

Attached is a PDF copy, which can be read on your computer, and the book is available for free downloads in all eBook formats, including PDF and Kindle, at Smashwords.  Click Here

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William John Cox

Israel on the Offensive In Bid To Press President Obama To Attack Iran By Danny Schechter

13 September 2012The News Dissector


New York, New York: It feels like Iran Week in the USA


Using an exaggerated if fictive Iranian threat to create nuclear weapons as their pretext, Israeli politicians are blatantly and publicly inserting themselves in America’s Presidential elections, demanding that President Obama do their bidding by articulating so-called “red lines” to further threaten Tehran.


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