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22 September 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

Abuse Video from Gldani Prison a Pivotal Point in Georgia’s Race to Parliament

22.09.2012 | 08:33 | Vladimir IVANOV

The huge scandal which erupted in Georgia following the release of a video showing inmates abused in Tbilisi’s Gldani N8 Prison highlighted the obvious: as always, the post-Soviet republic’s chances to hold elections in a healthy atmosphere are nonexistent… An hour after the video was broadcast by the Georgian television, human rights activists and relatives of the inmates flocked to the N8 Prison and, as the next step, blocked Tbilisi’s Merab Kostava Prospect, demanding the ouster of the interior minister, the corrections minister, and the chief prosecutor… The Gldani incident marked the culmination of the electoral battles in Georgia, and, moreover, rendered the situation after the poll completely unpredictable. One thing beyond dispute in the context is that, in any case, prospects for democracy in Georgia dim day by day…


New Round of Diplomatic War against Syria

22.09.2012 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

A diplomatic war against Syria is waged along with ongoing military operation. A new attack took place on September 18 at the United Nations Human Rights Council session where hearings on the report of the United Nations Investigation Commission on Syria were held… It’s important to note that all investigations and conclusions have been done by the Commission… in abstentia. None of its members even stepped into the Syrian territory… While assessing the report one should agree there are reasonable grounds to believe the document is far from meeting the high criteria standards adequate in the case an international investigation of serious armed conflict is conducted…


Bioterrorism and the New World Order (II)

21.09.2012 | 00:00 | Igor IGNATCHENKO

Information surfaces increasingly often that the US Army is retraining servicemen to operate domestically. The Internet writings by soldiers returning from Iraq leave no doubt that, while in the country, they exercised to launch cleaning raids and firearm seizures in the US. The Army servicemen have reportedly been offered tests intended to gauge their readiness to shoot, under specific circumstances, their countrymen, including friends and family members… It is widely held that the August, 1995 Hurricane Katrina presented FEMA with an opportunity to practice relocating masses of the population to camps and establishing military rule in a particular region with the hands of private security contractors. The notorious Blackwater played a big role in the game. It seems that the only issue unclear so far is at what time and under what pretext a decision in favor of the repressive turn is going to be made…


A «Price Tag» October Surprise in September for Obama

20.09.2012 | 00:00 | Wayne MADSEN

Manufacturing twin political crises: one over a controversial American and/or Israeli-made anti-Muslim film that resulted in the siege of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the deaths of four personnel, including the U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens, and a very tense Chinese-Japanese crisis over the disputed Diaoyu (as they are known in Chinese) or Senkaku (as they are known in Japanese) uninhabited islands in the East China Sea that could bring the U.S., via its treaty obligations with Japan, into a conflict with China, have rocked the Obama administration’s foreign policy…


Bioterrorism and the New World Order (I)

19.09.2012 | 09:57 | Igor IGNATCHENKO

An outbreak of an obscure and fast-spreading decease – a pulmonary syndrome caused by hantavirus – was reported in the US Yosemite National Park. No specific cure for hantavirus being on record up to date, three people are already dead and around 8,000 guests are thought to be at risk of having contracted it during their stays in the park’s tent cabins in June-August. According to USA Today and other sources, the threat actually hangs over 22,000 tourists including 2,500 foreign nationals from 40 countries, who visited the Yosemite National Park last summer… The US health authorities estimate lethality due to hantavirus at 36%, which is considerably higher than the 2-3% for Spanish flue in the early XX century and marginally comparable to the 30-60% for plague absent any medical treatment…


Death of US Ambassador in Libya Marks the Collapse of Washington’s Middle Eastern Policy

18.09.2012 | 00:00 | Dmitry MININ

The recent tragedy provoked by the release of the movie “Innocence of Muslims” – the killing of US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three members of the US consulate staff – in Benghazi, the city which became famous as the epicenter of the Libyan revolution, and the spill of Muslim rage worldwide, highlighted the pivotal character of what is happening at the moment in global politics. Regardless of the much smaller death toll, the developments spell trouble for the US which, politically, may overshadow September 11 in the long run…


Ladies And Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

17.09.2012 | 00:00 | Rafe MAIR

The Quadrennial Quandry has officially started…President Obama does have one advantage over Mr. Romney – he’s easier to like and looking back at winners like Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan, that can count for a great deal. Maybe when all’s said and done, it will turn out like a Boston friend of mine hopes – the public will see Barak Obama as the kind of guy they’d like to have a beer and talk politics with on a pleasant summer’s eve…


Libya: Permanent Chaos a.k.a. Permanent Revolution

17.09.2012 | 00:00 | Alexander MEZYAEV

In contrast to other attacks on US diplomatic missions across the world – a total of 23 as of September 14 – the one in Libya grew out of the background of permanent bloody fighting which is flooding the country, and out of the wider turbulent context of the post-Gaddafi Libya. No doubt, the demonstration of the spectacular incapacity of the current Libyan administration was an event carefully planned with an array of objectives in mind – from warranting a stronger Western military presence in the Arab world to plunging it into permanent chaos which is the same as a permanent revolution…


Canada-Iran Tensions: Why Israel is so Happy

16.09.2012 | 07:43 | Kourosh ZIABARI

In a frantic and unexpectedly hysterical decision made on September 7, the Canadian government suspended all its diplomatic ties with Iran, closed its embassy in Tehran and ordered the Iranian diplomats to leave the Canadian soil in 5 days…The Israeli President Shimon Peres, who was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding role in the 1956 Kafr Qasim massacre which resulted in the killing of 6 women, 23 children aged 8-17 and a total of 49 people…couldn’t hide his happiness at the Canada‘s move: “Canada has proven once again that morals come before pragmatism; Canada has demonstrated that policy must reflect principles and values”, he said in a statement…


Anti-American Tide Sweeps Across the Arab East

16.09.2012 | 07:30 | Boris DOLGOV

Central to the context is the fact that the tide of anti-Americanism is a symbolic development which marks the collapse of the entire US Middle Eastern policy…The anti-American surge and the tragedy which culminated in the death of the US diplomat in Benghazi left no doubt that flirting with politicized Islam means playing with fire, a game which can easily spin out of control. In the now-distant past, the US propped up Bin Laden and the Talibs to bring down the pro-Soviet regime in Afghanistan, but eventually Bin Laden who seemed to be under Washington’s full control became the US prime enemy. The pattern may re-emerge these days, with the US and its allies  sliding towards a disaster comparable to September 11…


Middle East Wildfire

16.09.2012 | 00:00 | Andrei AKULOV

The wildfire of protest against Islam denigration is raging across the Muslim world plunging the region deeper into turmoil. The Innocence of Muslims fake film is a clear provocation. The synchronization of actions aimed at US and other Western embassies leaves no doubt we are facing a coordinated effort by those whose interests are served by aggravating confrontation between the Muslim world and the West making the Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington topping the bestsellers list again and again…


Iraq Headed for Islamic Statehood?

15.09.2012 | 16:58 | Anton VESELOV

Polarizing developments, decried as power abuse by one party to the discord and welcomed as a reinstatement of genuine Muslim values by the other, took place in Baghdad in early September. Considerable government forces – the police, the security service, and, in some cases, army units – serially raided and closed the city’s restaurants, night clubs, and likewise joints…Some Iraqi media reported on September 8, quoting “well-informed” sources, that the sealing of night-time joints in Baghdad was the first step on the agenda intended to transform Iraq into a Muslim state…The situation appears to be somewhat grotesque if you take into account that Iraqi premier Al Maliki both leads the Islamic Dawa Party and presides over the State of Law political bloc, and imposing the Sharia laws is a stated priority of the terrorist organization called the Islamic State of Iraq


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