ICH 9 October 2012: U.S., Israel Plan Iran Attack: New Report

9 October 2012  — Information Clearing House


Report says U.S., Israel Plan Iran Attack


If such a strike is carried out it would set the Iranian nuclear program back many years, the report said and would do so without civilian casualties.



Iran Sanctions Now Causing Food Insecurity, Mass Suffering

By Glenn Greenwald

Yet again, the US and its allies spread mass human misery though a policy that is as morally indefensible as it is counter-productive.




Is a Nuclear Deal With Iran Possible?

By Pat Buchanan

In diplomacy, always leave your adversary an honorable avenue of retreat.



‘Saudi Weapons’ Seen at Syria Rebel Base


BBC News has uncovered evidence that appears to suggest that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels.



Turkey Beats War Drums as Kurds Mobilize at Syria Border

Video By RT

Mortar shells landing in Turkey may be coming from weapons that Ankara itself provided to Syrian rebels fighting Bashar al Assad, according to a Turkish newspaper.



Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech: All War All the Time

By Matthew Rothschild

Romney threatened war against Iran “for the sake of peace.” George Orwell alert!



Congress Cries War

By Ted Galen Carpenter

Led by the Three Amigos in the Senate-John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joseph Lieberman-and their hawkish counterparts in the House, a crescendo of calls for new U.S. crusades in the Middle East is rising.



In Case You Missed It

What Christians Don’t Know About Israel

By Grace Halsell

“It shouldn’t be published. It’s anti-Israel.”



A Warning To America:


A message from Spain to The United States of America.



The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis

By Bill Moyers

Host Bill Moyers exposes the inner workings of the secret government. Though originally broadcast in 1987, it is even more relevant today.



Che: The Legacy Endures

The 45th anniversary of the death Ernesto Che Guevara

By Syed Badrul Ahsan

 Che was bound hand and foot and made to lie down on the floor of a classroom in a school. Near him lay the bodies of two of his murdered comrades.



Nigeria: 37 Killed in Maiduguri:

 At least 30 civilians and insurgents were killed in Maiduguri yesterday when security operatives allegedly went berserk after the killing of an Army lieutenant and six other military personnel in an explosion.



4 policemen killed in checkpoint attack in northern Afghanistan:

Four members of Afghan Local Police (ALP) were killed Tuesday morning when militants launched attack on a checkpoint in northern Kunduz province, an official said.



Civilian, two police killed:

A clash happened between local police and Taliban in Deh Daman area today in which two cops including a commander were killed and another wounded, a security official in Shindand district, Herat province, told AIP.



Two killed, 15 injured in Helmand attack:

Two intelligence agents were killed as a suicide bomber struck a National Directorate of Security (NDS) office in Lashkargah, the capital of southern Helmand province, Monday afternoon.



How the U.S. Quietly Lost the IED War in Afghanistan: Analysis by Gareth Porter:

Although the surge of “insider attacks” on U.S.-NATO forces has dominated coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2012, an even more important story has been quietly unfolding: the U.S. loss of the pivotal war of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to the Taliban.



Afghanistan’s government ‘could collapse’ after 2014 – report:

A new report on Afghanistan warns that the departure of Nato forces in 2014 could be followed by the government’s collapse and even civil war, unless steps are taken now.



NATO rules out Afghan govt collapse, civil war:

The Afghan National Army (ANA) and police would be capable of securing their entire country by the end of 2014 and beyond, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation hoped on Monday.



Afghanistan: Outgoing Red Cross Head Warns of Humanitarian Crisis:

Reto Stocker, declared in Kabul today that for ordinary Afghans the armed conflict in the country has taken a turn for the worse.



Dozens killed in double suicide attack near Damascus: Activists: :

Dozens of people were killed in a double suicide attack on a military security branch in Harasta, just northeast of the capital Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Tuesday.



Rebels back off as Syrian forces advance into Homs:

“For the first time in months the Assad army has entered these areas in Khalidiya,” a fighter told Reuters by Skype. “They have occupied buildings that we were stationed in and we had to evacuate.”



‘Saudi weapons’ seen at Syria rebel base:

BBC News has uncovered evidence that appears to suggest that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels.. Saudi Arabia has refused to comment on the matter.



Misfire: NATO mortar ‘gift’ from Turkey to Syrian rebels – newspaper:

The mortar used to attack the Turkish town of Akcakale is a design specific to NATO and was given to Syrian rebels by Ankara, according to Turkey‘s Yurt newspaper. The mortar killed one adult and four children from the same family on Wednesday.



NATO makes plans to defend Turkey from Syria attacks:

NATO said it had drawn up plans to defend Turkey should the Syrian conflict spill over their border again. The announcement came as rebel suicide bombers struck an Air Force Intelligence compound in Damascus on Tuesday.



Iraqi judge, soldiers among 6 killed in attacks:

A series of attacks across Iraq on Tuesday killed six people, including three soldiers and a judge, police and health officials said.



Iraq buys $4.2 billion in Russian weapons-document:

Russia announced on Tuesday it has signed $4.2 billion in arms deals with Iraq, making it the largest weapons supplier to the Middle East country after the United States.



Iraq approves $100 mln oil contract with Russia’s LUKoil:

The Iraqi government has approved a contract worth at least $100 million for Russian oil producer LUKoil and its partner Japan’s Impex Corp. to explore and produce oil at bloc 10 in southern Iraq, LUKoil said on Tuesday



3 Killed as Libya’s Bani Walid is shelled in standoff over rebel’s death:

Shelling by Libyan pro-government forces has killed three people including a child in the former Gaddafi stronghold of Bani Walid, a local militia leader said on Tuesday.



Ahmadinejad acknowledges threat of attack, promises ‘crushing’ response:

Iranian president says coming period will be ‘tumultuous and controversial’



Killing Iranian Scientists Is Terrorism: U.S. Official :

There is some institutional backing for the notion that killing Iranian scientists does indeed constitute terrorism and that those who are responsible can therefore be considered terrorists, including states.



Analysis: Iran government likely to win battle of wills over currency:

Many economists estimate Iran may still earn more from exports than it spends on imports, giving the state leeway to resist Western pressure, as sanctions-hit rulers in the likes of Iraq, Serbia and Zimbabwe did in the past.



What Are Enemies For?: Iran Sham Helps PBS Smear Chavez:

It’s no secret that U.S. media outlets don’t have much love for left-wing Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. A PBS NewsHour segment (10/5/12) just ahead of the recent election showed just how far you could go.



21st Century Socialism: Anti-poverty course behind Chavez victory :

The poll’s sky-high turnout of over 80 percent proved just how crucial the vote was for the nation.



Evo Morales says Regional Transformation is Unstoppable:

Bolivian President Evo Morales said the reelection of his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, shows that the transformation process in Latin America is unstoppable.



Bust in Honor to Che Guevara in Ecuador:

Brigadier General Harry Villegas (Pombo), Ernesto Che Guevara’s guerilla mate, will unveil a bust in his honor this Monday in Portoviejo, capital of the Ecuadorian province of Manabi. In the activity for the 45th anniversary of the death.



This is What Imperialism Does to Men – Video and transcript – December 11, 1964, 19th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. –

“In our condition as colonial slaves, we could not observe: that “Western Civilization” disguises behind its showy facade a picture of hyenas and jackals. That is the only name that can be applied to those who have gone to fulfill such “humanitarian” tasks in the Congo. A carnivorous animal that feeds on unarmed peoples. That is what imperialism does to men. That is what distinguishes the imperial “white man.”



Assange backers ordered to pay up:

BACKERS who stood surety for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange before he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London have been ordered to pay £93,500 ($150,000) by November 6.



An exclusive interview with Julian Assange – Video –

His first face-to-face Australian interview since he sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy



How British companies pour cash into the American elections:

More than one in five of Britain’s largest corporations are channelling political donations to favoured candidates ahead of next month’s elections in the US



Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech at the Virginia Military Institute : Video –

Mitt Romney called Monday for a change of course in America‘s Middle East policy, accusing President Obama of sitting on the sidelines in the face of a “profound upheaval” across the region.



Media Whitewash Dishonesty From Romney’s Foreign Policy Speech :

Media outlets praised Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s speech on foreign policy, calling it “tremendous” and “a fabulous speech that exuded leadership.” But the speech relied on numerous falsehoods, including many that have already been debunked.



A Warning To America: Video –

Spain’s police state has spiraled out of control as riot police are now running throughout the streets beating everyone in sight, men and woman, young and old.



In a world gone crazy:

Taking photos of clouds earns Texas man a visit from the FBI:

Michael Galindo, 26, learned the hard way that anything and everything is seemingly fair game for an FBI investigation. He was taking photos of a dark and stormy rain cloud above his native Texas town of Houston last month and had to pay the consequences for it when a federal agent appeared at his front door on Friday.



Cybercriminals plot massive banking Trojan attack:

An international gang of cyber crooks is plotting a major campaign to steal money from the online accounts of thousands of consumers at 30 or more major US banks, security firm RSA warned



Merkel lands in Greece as protesters mass on streets:

Thousands of Greeks defied a ban on protests, gathering in Syntagma square in central Athens as Merkel’s plane touched down. Two protesters dressed in German military uniforms waved a red-black-and-white swastika flag and held out their arms in the Nazi salute.



Post election deficit deal threatens Medicare and Social Security: Op-Ed:

After the November election, there will be a major effort in Congress to pass a budget deal that will make cuts in Social Security, raise the Medicare and Social Security eligibility age, and perhaps more-unless we act to stop it with a solution that is close at hand.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,199


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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