Video: Israel's Deadly 'Monopoly of Force' in Gaza By grtv

15 November 2012GRtv

Israel‘s carried out a wave of deadly rocket attacks on Gaza – and warned that a ground operation is also on the table. The attacks, in response to rocket fire from Gaza, killed at least 10 Palestinians, including the military leader of Hamas.

 Eric Draitser, a geopolitical analyst for Stop, thinks Israel‘s actions are disproportionate, and the violence will spill over beyond Gaza‘s borders. He sees the attack as fitting in with the pre-election campaign to influence Israel‘s general election.

“The timing of the attack is not a coincidence. Even though Israel‘s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seen as the only option, he was also pushing hard for Romney to win,” Draitser told RT. “And now this attack could be one of the ways Netanyahu is trying to exercise his own power in the country, showing that Israel is not weak and that the administration will push forward with this imperialistic agenda no matter who won the US election.”

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