ICH 16 November 2012: Uri Avnery: “Operation Short Memory”

16 November 2012 — Information Clearing House


Egypt PM Says Gaza is ‘A Disaster’


“What I am witnessing in Gaza is a disaster and I can’t keep quiet. The Israeli aggression must stop,” he said.



Israel Fires Over 500 Strikes in Gaza

“Nowhere to Run”: Civilian Toll Grows in Humanitarian Crisis

Audio Report

Air strikes are bombing everything that moves. Everything that moves in the streets is being bombed and attacked



Uri Avnery: “Operation Short Memory”

By Gush Shalom

Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak have taken the decision – for the second time in a row the State of Israel will conduct general elections under the shadow of war on the Gaza Strip.



“I Think It Has Got To Do With Iran, Actually.”

Chief Rabbi Caught Off Guard With Comment on Israel’s Attack On Gaza

By Alan Hart

In what way could Israel‘s latest war (in all but name) on the Gaza Strip be “to do with Iran”, at least in part? There are, it seems to me, three possible answers.



Another Ceasefire, Another Assassination

By Mark Perry

This is not the first time that “calm” has been assassinated.



The Real Petraeus Scandal:

His CIA Killing Machine

By Tom Junod

Americans ambivalent about the prerogatives of the Lethal Presidency might experience a moment of unwelcome clarity if they found out that the President was killing people out of political expediency.



Continuing Devastating U.S. War Crimes

By Nat Hentoff

We, too, are responsible for these targeted killings.



Nobel Prize Winners Say

Bradley Manning Deserves Americans’ Support for Military Whistleblowing

By Desmond Tutu, Mairead Corrigan-Maguire and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Thanks to WikiLeaks, US citizens are better informed about wars prosecuted in their name. We owe Manning honour, not jail time.



The U.S. Elections and Syria

By Thierry Meyssan

By definition the “American dream” really is just a “dream”, an illusion. Those who believe it to be a model to follow had better wake up.



After The Flood

Requiem for a Friend, Death Knell for a Dying Paradigm

By Phil Rockstroh

As Sandy raged around our home and then departed, I stood in grief’s dominion.



Syria: Fierce fighting claims 48 lives: France raised the prospect on Thursday of providing Syria‘s rebels with defensive weapons as Turkey joined it and the Gulf Arab states in recognising the newly unified opposition.



Rebels in Syria waiting to see if new opposition umbrella group can deliver international aid: Rebels here say they have little faith that the new group, the Syrian National Coalition of Opposition and Revolutionary Forces, will be any more effective than its predecessor. Most rebel groups inside Syria also never recognized the primacy of the Syrian National Council.



European nations to debate lifting Syria arms embargo: European nations are discussing whether to overturn an arms embargo on Syria and seeking to press Arab countries and the United States for a new impetus to end the deadly 20-month conflict, Britain’s foreign policy chief said Friday.



Iran reiterates call for negotiated solution to Syrian crisis: Salehi also said that Iran has presented a written proposition on the settlement of the Syria unrest to Russia, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UN special envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi.



Gaza: At least 28 killed, 290 injured in Gaza; Missile hits West Bank settlement; Israeli television reports 75,000 reservists being drafted



Gaza parents of baby killed in Israeli strike ask why: Inside the wreckage lay the charred body of his 11-month-old son, Omar. The mortar blast also killed his brother’s wife, Heba, 20.



Egyptian premier tours Gaza’s hospital wards: Kandil, watched closely by his security detail, helped medics pull the body of the young boy on to a stretcher, smearing blood on his shirt, and kissed him lightly on the head



Egypts Prtesident Mursi to Israel: Price will be high if “aggression” on Gaza continues: “Today’s Egypt is different from that of yesterday,” Mursi said, adding, “Egypt will not leave Gaza alone.”



Egyptians rally in support of Palestinians in Gaza conflict: Thousands of Egyptians gathered outside mosques and in squares across the country on Friday to call on Egypt and the Arab world to back the Palestinians in their conflict with Israel.



Obama reiterates US support for Israel: Netanyahu, who initiated the call, expressed his deep appreciation for US investment in the Iron Dome rocket and mortar defense system, “which has effectively defeated hundreds of incoming rockets from Gaza and saved countless Israeli lives,” according to the readout.



Gaza: Israel’s PR Policy : : A long list of Israeli governmental and private volunteers are working together to mold the public perception of the operation in Israel and around the world.



Gaza Resistance Fighters Target Jerusalem With Rockets for First Time: Many residents of Jerusalem, were startled when wartime sirens warning of impending danger wailed at dusk, followed by at least two dull thuds. Hamas’s military wing claimed in a statement that they were rockets fired from Gaza, 48 miles away, and had been meant to hit the Israeli Parliament.



Israel prepares to invade Gaza; Israel‘s cabinet authorised the mobilisation of up to 75,000 reservists late on Friday, preparing the ground for a possible Gaza invasion after Palestinians fired a rocket toward Jerusalem for the first time in decades.



Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld: ‘If they dare to strike Tel Aviv… we’ll wipe the whole place out’: Then Rosenfeld spoke with controlled anger about a possible Israeli invasion of the strip if Gazan rocket attacks persist. “It won’t be for two days… It could be two weeks. It could be a month. It could be two months. It is not going to be like last time.”



Under attack, Gazans preparing to apply lessons of Cast Lead: Gaza journalist describes the current atmosphere in the coastal territory as ‘ghost’ town, writes that at Al-Jabrai’s funeral, she saw proof that Gazans have a strong immunity against any Israeli threat or attack.



Arabs should use oil weapon against Israel: Iraq: An Iraqi official said on Friday Baghdad will recommend that Arab states use oil as a weapon to exert pressure on Israel and countries that back it, particularly the United States, over the Gaza crisis.



Hugo Chavez slams ‘savage’ Israeli attacks on Gaza: “Another savage aggression against the Gaza Strip has begun. Once again, Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip,” Chavez told a cabinet meeting on Thursday.



17 Afghan civilians attending wedding killed in a roadside bomb: A roadside bomb in western Afghanistan on Friday killed 17 civilians who were attending a wedding party when their minibus triggered the mine, officials said, DPA reported.



Taliban kill 12 Afghan policemen in northeast Afghanistan:

A Taliban ambush Thursday night on a police checkpoint in the northeastern province of Badakhshan killed four policemen, Khaama Press reported on Friday.



2 NATO occuaption force service members killed in Afghanistan: Two occupation force service members with the U.S-led military coalition were killed Friday by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan, the coalition said. Their nationalities were not released.



More WMD Bull:

Pentagon Says 75,000 Troops Might Be Needed to Seize Syria Chemical Arms: The Pentagon has told the Obama administration that any military effort to seize Syria‘s stockpiles of chemical weapons would require upward of 75,000 troops, amid increasing concern that the militant group Hezbollah has set up small training camps close to some of the chemical weapons depots, according to senior American officials.



Yemen suicide bomber kills 3: A suicide bomber linked to Al-Qaeda killed himself and three others inside the headquarters of government-allied militias in the capital of southern Yemen’s Abyan province yesterday, a security source and medical sources told Reuters.



Two dead, 10 wounded after Iraqi, Kurdish forces clash in northern Iraq: Two people were killed and 10 others wounded in clashes Friday between Iraqi soldiers and Kurdish forces in Tuz Khurmato, a town in a disputed area of northern Iraq



Protesters in Jordan denounce King Abdullah II: Demonstrators call for his ouster, a demand previously muted in the strategically located kingdom, which has mostly avoided the “Arab Spring” unrest.



Petraeus: Benghazi attack linked to al-Qaeda:

Former CIA Director David Petraeus testified on Capitol Hill Friday that the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in September was an act of terrorism committed by al Qaeda-linked militants.



Petraeus: CIA secrets cut from public account after U.S. consulate attack: Petraeus told lawmakers Friday that the agency had secretly assessed that al Qaida-linked gunmen attacked the U.S. consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, but that classified references to the terrorist group were cut from talking points on which U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice relied for television interviews.



Lawmakers see Benghazi attack video: Lawmakers were shown surveillance video and footage from a Predator drone that gave a real-time picture of what happened the night of Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya, as the House and Senate Intelligence committees began inquiries into the attack Thursday.



Presstitute and propaganda alert::

Iran closer to making nuclear warhead: Iran is within months of being able to make the core of a nuclear warhead, according to the latest information from the the UN nuclear agency.



Sanctions- More Deadly Than The Atomic Bomb? 2 Minute Video – Contrasting the fatalities of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to those of the sanctions imposed on Iraq in the 1990s. “Genocide masquerading as policy” as one congressman put it. Should the US do the same to Iran? Are sanctions a legitimate ‘diplomatic tool’ to avert war?



BP settles for $4.5 billion in federal criminal charges: BP also pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of the eleven workers that were killed in the explosion, obstruction of Congress and two other misdemeanors.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,229


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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