Can you help us launch our revolting platform?

20 November 2012Kickstarter

Hey there!
I wanted to make sure you knew of an exciting plan from Yes Men HQ—a plan we think can help the Movement to take our democracy back.

It’s only a small part of the Revolution ahead, to be sure. But I think it can be important, and I hope you’ll consider supporting it through our Kickstarter campaign, which has just 10 days left to go.

The meat of the plan is the “ACTION SWITCHBOARD,” a human-moderated network to help thousands of newly-motivated, newly-inspired viewers of The Yes Men Are Revolting—or anyone!—pull off policy-changing, criminal-embarrassing actions of the sort we’ve been helping folks do for years.

Do these actions matter? Don’t take it from us—just listen to our opponents.

There’s the time we slammed Shell, an action that CPA Global recently bemoaned for causing “enormous brand damage.” Or the time Dow Chemical hired Stratfor to spy on the Yes Men to find out what new plans we have to expose their huge lies. Or when we smeared the nasty name of the US Chamber of Commerce all over prime-time TV (watch the video starting just after the pitch), an action some think helped push those creeps to stop fighting climate change legislation. They’re still real mad.

The Action Switchboard will help many more people carry out actions like these against those who undermine our democracy. If you’re familiar with the Yes Lab, it’s like that—but on hyperdrive.

But all this will only happen if our movie is really good, and gets seen by a whole lot of people. We have high hopes for that—getting FunnyOrDie founder Adam McKay on board was a shot in the arm—but we’re still going to need your assistance. Please visit our Kickstarter page and help if you can, or just spread the word. We’re near to making our minimum goal—but the more we make now, the less we’ll need to keep chasing money, and the more we can focus on making this movie the great kind that makes legions want to take action.

So that’s it. Sorry to be so crass. But I really believe this is worth it.

Thanks in advance!
Andy Bichlbaum

p.s. Happy holidays!

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