ICH 12 January 2013: Propaganda and Tyranny in the Middle East

12 January 2013 Information Clearing House


AFRICOM’s Imperialist Quest

By Burkely Hermann

Since 2003, the modern American ‘scramble for Africa,’ has begun, as “…in quiet and largely unnoticed ways, the Pentagon and the CIA have been spreading their forces across the continent.



The Master as “Guest”:

The U.S. Military Swarms Over Africa

By Glen Ford

2013 is the year the U.S. kicks off its wholesale military occupation of Africa.



Syria: A Jihadi Paradise

By Pepe Escobar

Syria in the 2010s is the 1980s Afghan remix – with exponential inbuilt blowback.



“Mr. Obama, Tear Down These Sanctions!”

By Franklin Lamb

To continue to allow the dying and suffering under the weight of these sanctions suggests that we in America have learned nothing from the results of similar sanctions imposed in Iraq and Afghanistan.



The US, Saudi Arabia, Propaganda and Tyranny in the Middle East

By Glenn Greenwald

The ability to persuade people that the US opposes tyranny is a testament to the potency of propaganda.



Netanyahu, Barak Spent NIS 11 Bil. on Preparations for Iran Strike that Never Eventuated

By Aluf Benn

The money was wasted on the reckless adventurous fantasies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak; fantasies that were not – and will not – be implemented.



Buying Hearts and Minds

Netanyahu Headlines Israeli Birthright Rally


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu headlines Jerusalem mega event for thousands of Jewish teenagers on (free) Israel-bonding trip.



In Case You Missed It

John Pilger – The War You Don’t See


John Pilger says in the film: “We journalists… have to be brave enough to defy those who seek our collusion in selling their latest bloody adventure in someone else’s country… That means always challenging the official story, however patriotic that story may appear, however seductive and insidious it is.



The “Disproportionate Venom of Online Commentary

By Robert Fisk

Anonymous trolls are as pathetic as the anonymous “sources” that contaminate the gutless journalism of the New York Times, BBC, and CNN. Rather than call it cyber-journalism we should stop drinking this digital poison.



Jacob Lew: Another Brick in the Wall Street on the Potomac

By William K. Black

Lew has gone from failure to failure.



Sudan army ‘kills’ 50 Southern Kordofan rebels:

Government troops had pushed back an attack by rebels in the region, killing more than 50 and suffering some dead and wounded themselves, SUNA reported late on Friday, citing an army statement.



French soldier killed and hostage feared dead in Somalia:

A French soldier has been killed in Somalia during a failed operation to free a hostage who is also believed to have died, the defence minister said.



French pilot killed in Mali helicopter raid:

French defense minister warns of threat of new terrorist state if Mali falls



Hundreds of French troops drive back Mali rebels:

France says its troops and warplanes in Mali have driven Islamist rebels from a key city and destroyed a militant command center.



Mali insurgent group Ansar Dine threaten French citizens across Middle East over air strikes:

Spokesperson for Ansar Dine Sanda Ould Boumama said: “There are consequences, not only for French hostages, but also for all French citizens wherever they find themselves in the Muslim world



Niger says sending 500 soldiers to Mali operation:

Niger will send 500 soldiers to join an international military campaign in Mali led by West African regional bloc ECOWAS to quash advances by Islamist rebels, Foreign Minister Mohamed Bazoum told Reuters on Saturday.



Afghanistan: 6 Killed in Nuristan Clashes:

“They wanted to attack the Kamdish district governor compound but we knew that they were attacking. We were ready. When they came we started clashes with them,” he said.



US occupation force soldier killed in Afghanistan:

The Defense Department says 28-year-old Sgt. Aaron Wittman died Thursday after his unit from Fort Stewart was attacked by small arms fire while conducting a mounted patrol in Nangarhar Province.



Special Afghanistan inspector blasts Pentagon, USAID waste:

“At $28 million a day, the United States has spent more money rebuilding Afghanistan over the past 11 years than we spent rebuilding Germany after World War II,” said Sopko



Thousands protest Quetta sectarian attacks:

At least 81 Shias killed in southwestern Pakistan, with dozens more dead in separate attacks elsewhere on Thursday.



2 NATO truck drivers killed in rocket attacks:

Two drivers were killed and 10 NATO containers were damaged on Friday night when several brazen rockets attacks were carried out on a terminal near Hazara Ganji, on the outskirts of Quetta.



CIA drones have already killed at least 40 in Pakistan since the start of the year:

The CIA has escalated its use of drones in Pakistan, launching seven deadly strikes during the first 10 days of 2013 and killing at least 40 people,



U.S. Drones Pound Pakistan, Which Responds by Doing Exactly Nothing:

Tribesman rallied on Saturday in the “thousands” to protest the killing of Taliban commander Maulvi Nazir, who had reached a truce with the Pakistani military. So far, the main Pakistani politician speaking out against the drones is Imran Khan, who condemned the new strikes on Sunday as a violation of Pakistani sovereign



Indian air chief threatens Pakistan:

Asserting that repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan are “unacceptable”, IAF chief Air Chief Marshal NAK Browne yesterday warned that India may have to look at “some other options for compliance” if such incidents continue.



Three policemen killed in Iraq attack:

Three policemen were killed Friday in an attack on a security checkpoint north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a media report quoting security officials said, dpa reported.



Anti-government protests sweep Iraq:

Thousands of Sunnis take to streets of Baghdad and other parts of the country to decry alleged targetting of minorities.



Iraqi PM supporters stage rally in Baghdad:

They reject Sunni calls to abolish a tough anti-terrorism law and another law banning former members of the disbanded Baath party from holding government jobs



Iran warns of civil war in Iraq: cleric:

“The United States and Zionist regime (of Israel) are behind Iraq’s recent unrest and the rebellion originated from Washington’s plot to divide Muslims for creating situation similar to Syria,” according to semi-official Fars news agency.



Iraq to close two border exits with Syria:

The concerns are that armed rebels could cross the border from either Jordan or Syria to take part in violent activities in Iraq.



Syria launches counterstrikes after rebels seize airbase:

Anti-government rebels overran Idlib province’s Taftanaz airbase, the largest in northern Syria, on Friday after days of fierce fighting. Syrian government forces have launched air strikes in a bid to take back the base, a rights watchdog said.



Syrian official says troops have captured most of the strategic Damascus suburb of Daraya:

Syrian troops have captured most of a strategic Damascus suburb used by rebels as a base to threaten key government facilities in the capital, a government official said Saturday.



Russia rejects deal with Assad exit precondition:

Russia voiced support on Saturday for international peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi but insisted Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s exit cannot be a precondition for a deal to end the country’s conflict.



Turkey may have to accept transition period with Assad:

A reference was made to a Geneva consensus at a meeting in Moscow of Turkish and Russian foreign ministry officials on the crisis in Syria that may indicate Turkey will have to accept a transition period in Syria that includes President Bashar al-Assad, analysts have said.



UK seeks deal to arm Syria rebels:

Britain could ship hundreds of sets of night vision goggles, body armour and helmets to Syrian rebels under new plans to oust President Bashar al-Assad.



Two soldiers killed in ambush in south Yemen:

Two army soldiers were killed in a secessionist ambush in Yemen’s southern province of al-Dhalea on Friday, a police officer told Xinhua.



Israeli forces kill man, wound another in Gaza:

The incident happened near a cemetery by the refugee camp, al-Qidra said. Al-Mamlouk was in an outdoor area studying for an exam when he was killed, according to his brother Hani, who was not harmed in the incide



Palestinians set up “settler” outpost in E1 zone:

“We chose this specific area because it is conquered Palestinian land and places a wedge between the northern and southern parts of the West Bank,” said Mahmoud Zawara of the Popular Palestinian Committees. “I hope the encampment will be permanent and remain in the E1 area,” he added.



Israel orders Palestinian E1 tent evacuation:

The Israeli Civil Administration has given Palestinian activists an ultimatum to quit a protest camp in part of the occupied West Bank where Israel has vowed to build new settler homes.



The screenshots prove it: New York Times altered headline to remove words “Israeli-occupied”:

A New York Times headline accidentally told the truth today about Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, before it was ‘fixed.’



Why Americans Should Care about the Hagel Nomination: Op-Ed:

If Hagel survives this process, it will show that you can stare down the neocons and live to tell the tale.



Two airlines suspend Iran flights as economy weakens:

Two European airlines said on Saturday they were halting services to Iran, a sign of the crumbling purchasing power of Iranians as their economy buckles under the weight of Western sanctions.



Most Russians and Pakistanis say they prefer a ‘strong ruler’ over democracy:

The Pew global attitudes project, a big set of periodic surveys on everything from economics to religion, is a terrific window into the public opinions and ideas that increasingly guide our world.



Venezuela VP in Cuba to see Chavez:

Nicolas Maduro is visiting ailing Venezuelan president, as leaders of Argentina and Peru also arrived in Havana.



Bolivia scores coca leaf victory at UN:

Country re-admitted to UN anti-drug convention after lobbying for right of its indigenous people to chew raw coca leaf.



Night Terror in El Salvador:

How Young Organizers Have Become Unwitting Victims of the U.S.-Funded Fight against Gangs



Gitmo ‘medieval torture chamber’ turns 11, more years ahead? : Video –

Barack Obama recently authorized the military to keep holding terror suspects there without charge or trial, as Gitmo remains in business 11 years since it was opened



Protestant militants attack Belfast police as protests over lowering of UK flag reach 40th day:

Thousands of workers fled the city early in expectation of what has become nightly disruption since Catholic council members voted Dec. 3 to remove the British flag from city hall except for 18 official days annually.



Greeks to pay over 40% of annual salary in tax:

Annual incomes of as much as EUR25,000 for salaried workers will be taxed at 22%, incomes of as much as EUR42,000 will be taxed at 32%, while a 42% tax rate will be applied to those paid more than EUR42,000. Currently, a 40% rate is applied to those earning more than EUR60,000, while those earning more than EUR100,000 are taxed at 45%.



Over a quarter of US kids on food stamps, under-50s dying young – reports:

American health is in decline as new data finds that one in four US kids are on food stamps as of fiscal year 2011 and the younger generation is more prone to death and poorer health levels compared to their counterparts in other developed nations.



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,256


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001





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