The Syrian Arab Army advances in Idleb, Homs and Daraa By Pierre Khalaf

18 April 2013 — Voltaire Net

In Idleb, Homs and Daraa, the Syrian Arab Army regained the initiative, inflicting heavy losses to terrorists of Al-Qaeda and other groups created, funded, trained and armed by NATO, the United States and its Arab auxiliaries.

The latest achievements of the Syrian army are from Saturday and Sunday, when she managed to break the six-month blockade around two military camps in the province of Idleb (northwest). “For the first time in months, the regime’s forces were able to break the siege of military camps and Wadi Deif and Hamdiya (near Maarat al-Nohman), after the army took the rebel side“, announced the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), based in London and close to the opposition.

The army conducted a surprise attack at Babulin village and took control of two hills on one side of the Damascus-Aleppo international road, opening a supply route to the soldiers who were in the camps. Trucks carrying soldiers, equipment and weapons were able to enter the military camps for the first time in six months. The SOHR speaks of 21 dead in the ranks of the terrorists, but the losses are much heavier, according to informed sources. Dozens of insurgents were killed in their trenches, and many were taken prisoner. Only a few have managed to escape, leaving behind weapons, ammunition and sophisticated communication provided by NATO and its auxiliaries.

On the southern front, the Syrian army launched a counter-strike in the region of Daraa, pushing the terrorists arrived from Jordan away from the localities of Sanamein and Ghabagheb. The army massed important troops in preparation for a major offensive. The purpose of the military is to regain control of the border with Jordan.

The news from Damascus indicate a turnaround. According to information, the Syrian army has surprised its enemies by launching a series of raids in the countryside of Damascus and a broad attack on the borders of the eastern Ghouta. The results of these attacks by the Syrian army means that the rebel attack against the capital has become difficult.

Significant success has been achieved in Daraya, which was almost completely liberated and near the area of Al Sayeda Zeinab (southwest of Damascus). Some progress has also been recorded in Maadamiya. But the new development took place in the eastern Ghouta. A few days ago, the Syrian army has managed to break the blockade for months around one of its battalions in Adra. Syrian officials say the operation was a “light and fast attack” and had “brilliant” results. The most significant action of the army took place from Damascus airport towards the town of Oteiba (31 kms east of the capital). Many terrorists have been killed and injured in this operation which enabled the army to encircle the eastern Ghouta after isolated Oteiba, where the rebel headquarters for Damascus is located in, including al-Nosra Front and The islam Brigade. This blockade cut the supply lines that reached the rebels in neighboring regions in Damascus, including Jobar, allowing the army to advance in this area.

Terrorists bombed Lebanon

In Homs, the army launched a major offensive in the countryside of the province, taking the strategic hill of Mando, near Qoussair, and tightening the noose on this city, located 12 kilometers from the Lebanese border.

For revenge and diversion, the terrorists shelled border villages in eastern Lebanon, killing two children. The child Ali Hassan al-Qataya died in the early afternoon after the fall of shells fired on the village of el-Qasr (Hermel, Bekaa). Four people from the same village were injured. In Hawch el-Sayyed village, near the Lebanese-Syrian border, rockets fell, injuring two, including a 13-year-old who died from his injuries. A rocket also landed near the town of Khrab el-Batm on the road leading to the village of Kwakh, causing no casualties, according to the same source.

The defeats inflicted on terrorist came just days after al-Nosfa Front had pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda leader. “We, Al-Nosra Front, swear allegiance to Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri,” said al-Nosra leader, Abu Mohammed al-Joulani, in an audiotape broadcast on extremist forums message. Few days earlier, Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had announced that it was “time to proclaim to the Levantine and to the world that al-Nosra is actually a branch of the Islamic State of Iraq. “Both groups, he added, are now united under the name Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

In the message, al-Baghdadi is willing to join forces with other jihadist groups “on condition that the country (Syria) and citizens are governed by the precepts dictated by Allah.” “The ’democracy’ should not be the reward after the death of thousands of you,” still launches al-Baghdadi.

The al-Baghdadi message comes two days after Ayman al-Zawahiri called for an Islamic state in Syria, in a sound message posted on Islamist websites.

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