Wikileaks / Bradley Manning Newslinks 4 May 2013

4 May 2013 —


Government-operated spyware on the rise around the world – report


More and more regimes across the world are using Western-made ‘lawful intercept’ software to spy on their own citizens, a brand new report has revealed. Citizen Lab, a digital research unit at the University of Toronto, says that servers running …


What you Need to Know About Bradley Manning


(BROOKLYN) – In June, Bradley Manning, 25, the army private who caused the

greatest security breach in US history by giving hundreds of thousands of

classified war and diplomatic documents to Wikileaks, will go on trial at

Fort Meade, MD. Two nights …


Assange to suffer more, lawyer says

Sydney Morning Herald

Speaking ahead of the TEDx conference, human rights lawyer Jennifer

Robinson said she last saw the WikiLeaks founder before flying to Australia

last week. ”He is coping as well as anyone can be expected to cope when

they have been confined effectively …


False Flag Chemical Attack on Syria – The Peoples Voice

The People’s Voice

On April 27, WikiLeaks Supporters Forum headlined “Syria False Flag

Chemical Weapons – Obama sets up America for invasion,” saying: US

intelligence “actively promot(es)” a false flag attack. Assad’s wrongfully

blamed. Obama’s heading closer to full …


Weekly Column by Daniel Kalder

RIA Novosti

According to a former US ambassador whose assessment was made public on

Wikileaks, Berdymukhamedov is not the sharpest tool in the box. So perhaps

he was just thinking – “Hey, where did that horse go?” And yet

consider the danger: In a matter of …


WikiLeaks Donations By Visa Ruled OK In Iceland – Slashdot

angry tapir writes “The three-year blockade against donations to WikiLeaks

may have just been chiseled away, in Iceland, by a ruling handed down by

the …


Summer Movie Preview: Documentaries on Wikileaks and Bergdorf’s

Former Universal chief Marc Shmuger and director Alex Gibney partnered on

We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks, a look at the organization

started by …


Victory for WikiLeaks | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

The supreme court of Iceland passed a ruling on April 24, 2013 ordering

Valitor – a.k.a Visa Iceland – to resume processing online donations to

WikiLeaks within …


On Scene with Bill Wilson: Not So Straight From My Archives — Daniel Ellsberg

This edition of “Not So Straight From My Archives” was inspired by the

news that Daniel Ellsberg had participated in a protest over SF Pride’s

over the on and off again naming of Bradley Manning as a Grand Marshal for

this year’s GLBT Pride Parade.


Bradley Manning the runner-up in the election for 2013 SF Gay …

Update 4/27 4:05pm: Unfortunately, the SF pride board now disputes the

original public announcement of Bradley as grand marshal. It seems he was a

top …


Pride organisers ban Bradley Manning | Peter Tatchell Foundation

The organisers of San Francisco LGBT Pride have revoked the nomination of

gay rights advocate and military whistleblower Private Bradley Manning as

Grand …


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