Bradley Manning Newslinks 8 June 2013

8 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning’s WikiLeaks trial: Book parts delivered as it happens

Los Angeles Times

Leftie publisher O/R Books is covering the Bradley Manning trial for a book slated to appear in October, “The United States vs. PFC Bradley Manning: A Graphic Account From Inside the Courtroom.” The chronicler is Clark Stoeckley — he’s a WikiLeaks …,0,7971928.story


Bradley Manning’s day in court arrives, but focus is on spymasters

Financial Times

The slight, pallid figure of Bradley Manning was barely visible in a

hearing room filled with uniformed military lawyers, brisk government

officials and a gaggle of his supporters as his court martial opened this

week. His trial, too, at Fort Meade, a …


Bradley Manning: Ready, fire, aim. Boo-rah!

However, army life wasn’t what Manning had imagined it to be. Within

months, he was whining on Facebook that he was beyond frustrated with

people and society at large. And then came one that read: “Bradley

Manning is not a piece of equipment”. No?


Bradley Manning Trial: Making An Example of a Naive Young Soldier


After three years, Private First Class Bradley Manning’s court-martial has

begun. He faces 22 counts, including communicating national defense

information and aiding the enemy, after he transmitted hundreds of

thousands of classified government …


The Embarrassing Debate Over Bradley Manning

Huffington Post

Is it just me, or does everyone in America seem to lose their damn mind at

the mention of Bradley Manning? I’m never entirely certain if the person

I’m talking to will want to put his face on the $1 bill or hang his corpse

on the White House gates as a …


Cyr: Bradley Manning’s WikiLeaks trial points up security needs

The Republic

By ARTHUR I. CYR — After three years of delay, the military trial of Army

Pfc. Bradley Manning — for stealing and supplying to WikiLeaks masses of

classified military and diplomatic documents — began Monday. Manning has

been charged with aiding the …


Bradley Manning facing the full force of the US government | Malaysia Sun

Malaysia Sun

On the opening day of the court-martial of Private First Class Bradley

Manning at Fort Meade this week, the United States government made clear it

had assembled an array of resources including a plethora of special agents

and forensic experts and …


CrossTalk: The passion of Bradley Manning


Published on Jun 7, 2013. Should Bradley Manning be on trial? What is he

supposedly guilty of? Is he merely a scapegoat, a warning to all

whistleblowers? And what does this trial say about the US judicial system?

CrossTalking with Tighe Barry and David …


Whistleblower ‘may be next Bradley Manning’, WikiLeaks founder Julian …

“Let’s ask ourselves whether the whistleblower who has revealed those – and

there’s more to come – is going, in three years’ time, to be in exactly the

same position that Bradley Manning is in today,” Assange said. Start of

sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.


Julian Assange: NSA leaker next Bradley Manning?


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suggested that the National Security

Agency leaker might face the same fate as Pfc. Bradley Manning, adding that

he expects more documents to come. “Let’s ask ourselves whether the

whistleblower who has revealed …


Are We Better Off After Bradley Manning’s Leaks?

Huffington Post

hp_blogger_Brian Penny June 07, 2013 17:30 [Natty_Morgan], right, but why

does me uncovering a crime the banks perpetrated the same way Manning

uncovered a crime in the government end such different ways? Are you sure

you want to live in a world …


San Francisco Pride To Decide On Bradley Manning Parade Grand Marshal …

CBS Local

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Supporters of Bradley Manning are waiting for a

decision Friday from the San Francisco Pride board about their decision to

rescind their nomination of the former U.S. Army intelligence analyst as a

grand marshal at this year’s …


This Week in Review: Bradley Manning and leak ethics, and the future of …

Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

I’ll focus here on two other stories with more direct connections to

journalism — the Bradley Manning trial and the Department of Justice’s

seizure of journalists’ records in leak investigations — but first, a few

notes on yesterday’s news about the …


Chris Ford: Should Peter Dunne be New Zealand’s Bradley Manning?

Voxy (blog)

The United Future Leader’s political career is over and National could

still terminate that completely too – and ultimately to the left’s benefit.

And as for Peter Dunne being our Bradley Manning – probably to an extent,

yes, as like that truly brave …


Assange: NSA leaker could face same fate as Bradley Manning

The Hill (blog)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said Friday that the source who leaked

details about the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program

could face the same fate as Bradley Manning, the Army private on trial for

espionage and treason …


SF Pride Board to announce decision on Bradley Manning today

San Francisco Examiner

The SF Pride Board of Directors is planning to announce a decision Friday

about whether Bradley Manning will be appointed Grand Marshal of this

year’s Pride Parade. The board agreed to reconsider Manning for the

honor at last Friday’s SF Pride …


Pride Board To Announce (Another) Decision On Bradley Manning Today


At around 5:30 pm today, the San Francisco Gay Pride board will announce

whether or not imprisoned American hero (?) Bradley Manning will be

re-appointed grand marshal of the 2013 parade. Manning, if you recall, was

initially appointed to the role in …


The Manning trial shapes how the world sees America


It’s unclear how many Americans are paying attention to the trial of

Private First Class Bradley Manning, which got underway this week after

three years of preparation. But it is far more than just a domestic legal

matter: it is a global event that …


WikiLeaks trial is high-profile case for low-profile lawyer


NEW YORK (Reuters) – When Private First Class Bradley Manning was seeking a

civilian defense attorney to bolster his government-appointed legal team in

2010, he considered a number of lawyers experienced in courts-martial. His

aunt, herself a lawyer, …


Manning’s US court martial a ruthless gambit to put an end to whistleblowing

The Age

Photo: AP. The Obama administration is going for broke in the case of

Bradley Manning, the perpetrator of the biggest leaking of classified

documents in US history – but at the end of the first week of the trial, it

seems that Washington is flogging a …


Assange: NSA, FBI programs amount to “mass spying” on Americans

CBS News

(CBS News) The court martial trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is

charged with handing over thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks,

resumes Monday in Maryland. Prosecutors at the Justice Department are

reportedly trying to link Manning to …


Pride declines to reinstate Manning as grand marshal

San Francisco Bay Guardian

At a feisty community meeting last week, the SF Pride board had set June 7

as a deadline for reconsidering its controversial decision to strip Bradley

Manning of his grand marshalship. Late in the day today, Pride issued a

statement saying that the …


Washington Week | Supreme Court on DNA Samples, Obama/Xi Meeting …


… discuss the Supreme Court’s decision on collecting DNA samples from

suspects. Also, Eric Holder is in a precarious position and Obama’s agenda

for his meeting with Chinese president Xi. Martha Raddatz discusses Bradley

Manning on trial for WikiLeaks.


Assange comments on US data mining, Manning trial


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, speaking Friday from the Ecuadorian

embassy in London that has been his home for almost a year, commented on

the US administration’s mining of personal data and on the trial of Bradley

Manning, the US soldier who …—AYePbTY


Private Manning and the forgotten meaning of treason

Financial Times

Bradley Manning is escorted into court at Fort Meade. I wouldn’t mind going

to prison for the rest of my life, or being executed so much,” wrote

American soldier Bradley Manning in an online chat with a confidant three

years ago about leaking military …


Letter: Secrets-leaker deserves no mercy

The Advocate

Bleeding heart liberal Eugene Robinson’s commentary concerning the fate of

Army Pfc. and traitor Bradley Manning was over the top in disregard for the

safety and security of our country. Robinson portrays Manning as a mixed up

kid who had an agenda …


Calif. utility will retire San Onofre plant

Malaysia Sun

Record Your Vote. Private Bradley Manning’s trial is underway this week.

What do you think of him? He’s a hero, He’s a traitor, I have no opinion.

View results. On Facebook. Making the news. I’ve thought about retirement,

but not when the British are …


Your Secrets Are Not Safe with the Government

United Liberty

For the purposes of this post, I’m not going to get into whether Bradley

Manning is a patriot or a traitor but Chris Hayes’ main point about the

ability of the government to keep secrets safe, especially among 1.4

million individuals. These secrets …


Whodunnit? Questions turn to who leaked surveillance stories to media

Victoria Times Colonist

Such a harsh rebuke suggests those responsible could ultimately face the

same fate as Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier who leaked a raft of

classified military documents to WikiLeaks, said Julian Assange, the

founder of the secret-sharing website …


Assange fears for US Internet spying whistleblower

Pakistan Daily Times

But he fears the individual who leaked details of the program could face

the same fate as WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, who faces possible life

imprisonment for “aiding the enemy” in a military trial begun this

week. “Let’s ask ourselves whether …


Law & Crime Breaking News: WikiLeaks Trial is High-profile Case for Low …


When Private First Class Bradley Manning was seeking a civilian defense

attorney to bolster his government-appointed legal team in 2010, he

considered a number of lawyers experienced in courts-martial. Eventually,

Manning settled on a low-profile …


What’s new on the streaming services this week?


With Bradley Manning on trial in the passing of classified info to

Wikileaks, it’s a good time to re-examine what we know about Julian

Assange’s controversial site. Also out this week: Identity Thief (2013)

with Melissa McCarthy; A Good Day to Die Hard …


Assange: US rule of law suffering ‘calamitous collapse’


US soldier Bradley Manning is being court-martialled for leaking the huge

cache of government files to WikiLeaks, while there has been an outcry in

the US media after the government seized the phone records of journalists

at the Associated Press and …


A Comprehensive Guide To The Bradley Manning Trial / Queerty

By Lester Brathwaite

This week marked the beginning of the trial of U.S. Army PFC Bradley

Manning. From protesters who are arguing against perceived unfair treatment

of him under military confinement to starry YouTube videos in his support

starring the likes of …


[OPINION] Free Bradley Manning: This trial conducted in secrecy …

By staff report

As I type these lines, on June 3, 2013, Private First Class Bradley Edward

Manning is being tried in a sequestered room at Fort Meade, Maryland, for

the al…

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