Bradley Manning Newslinks 9 June 2013

9 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning: Martyr To Freedom Of Expression Or Traitor?

Sunday Leader

Will the 25-year-old Bradley Manning, former First Class Private of the US Marines, now being tried for leaking the biggest ever trove of diplomatic and military secrets of America to the web site Wikileaks, in the future be considered a 21st Century …


Bradley Manning Nobel Peace Prize Petition Gains 65000 Signatures (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

Solomon, author of the book War Made Easy is among the nearly 65,000 people

who support a petition to award Bradley Manning the Nobel Prize for the way

the information he passed to WikiLeaks contributed to withdrawing troops

from Iraq, he told host …


San Francisco Pride’s Shame: Bradley Manning


You may have to read it two or three times to be sure it says anything at

all, but by the third time you’ll probably realize that no, the Pride Board

will not reinstate Bradley Manning. And that they “look forward to

advancing efforts to effectively …


Bradley Manning won’t get Pride honors

San Francisco Chronicle

“Over the past several weeks, SF Pride has sought to respectfully listen to

and consider the various opinions and perspectives on the matter of Pfc.

Bradley Manning and related interests in extending representative support

for Pfc. Manning,” the …


Joey Cain: Bradley Manning is the most famous San Francisco Pride Grand …

Bay Area Indymedia

On Friday, 06.07.2013, the San Francisco Pride Committee announced their

decision that Bradley Manning will not be an official Grand Marshal of the

city’s LGBT Pride Parade on June 30th. Former Pride Grand Marshal Joey Cain

said that it doesn’t matter …


Video: Kevin Gosztola Media Appearances, Week #1 of the Bradley Manning Trial


Firedoglake’s Kevin Gosztola began his busy summer schedule covering the

Bradley Manning court martial two days before the trial even began. On

Saturday June 1st, he attended the Manning support march at Fort Meade, MD.

The next day he was at the …


Manning lucky not to face execution

Baltimore Sun

Pfc. Bradley Manning intentionally transferred confidential and secret

information while in uniform and while in a combat zone during a war

(“Manning is a whistle-blower, not a traitor,” June 6). He committed

treason, and he is extremely fortunate that …,0,6588152.story


US intelligence leaks, life and death

China Post

After three years of delay, the military trial of U.S. Army soldier Bradley

Manning for stealing and supplying to WikiLeaks masses of classified

documents has finally begun. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange once boasted

his mission was to “crushing …


Pentagon Papers plays on Chinese press freedom

ABC Online

Bradley Manning’s court case is especially timely in China, where there is

an American production about the Pentagon papers. The production tells the

story about the Washington Posts’ decision to publish secret documents

about the US involvement in the …


The ugly side of American politics

Malta Independent Online

Spare a thought for Bradley Manning, the brave, bespectacled US soldier

who, three years after his arrest, has finally gone on trial over his

disclosures to WikiLeaks. He is the victim of that sickening American

system where jingoistic patriotism …


A Nation’s Betrayal


This week, the government began their assault against private Bradley

Manning. Even though he has already plead guilty to misusing classified

documents and faces twenty years in prison, prosecutors want him branded as

having aided the enemy, with a …


Open not shut

Gulf Daily News

Bradley Manning has admitted leaking more than 750,000 classified documents

to WikiLeaks while stationed in Baghdad as an American intelligence

analyst. In doing so he broke US law, betrayed important secrets as well as

trivial ones and made a mockery …


Deep throats united

Buenos Aires Herald

Bradley Manning, the young US army private who starred the largest leak of

information in the history of the largest superpower ever, will be battling

for his life over the next few weeks, but other potential sources and its

press contacts should be …


What If China Hacks the NSA’s Massive Data Trove?


Bradley Manning proved that massive amounts of the government’s most secret

data was vulnerable to being dumped on the open Internet. A single

individual achieved that unprecedented leak. According to the Washington

Post, “An estimated 854,000 …


Losing Our Sense of Priorities as a Nation…


In days of old Daniel Ellsberg was considered a national hero, but in a

bizarro world Bradley Manning faces life in jail or death for doing what

was formerly considered heroic. In the old days leaders who lied and

attacked countries that did not have …


Keiser Report: Predatory Monopoly (E455)


… too expensive to compete in and a patent system ripe to troll about. In

the second half, Max interviews legendary comedian, Mort Sahl, about the

Military Industrial Complex and Bradley Manning. FOLLOW Max Keiser on



US and allies manning their battle stations against Iranian, NorK hackers

Hot Air

Bradley Manning- a frustrated gay Army PFC intelligence analysist in

Afghanistan was able to access State Department Cables concerning European

nations. Why? The big deal here isn’t about who has the clearance but who

has access and why they do.


4 Unanswered Questions About NSA Leaks

ABC News

ABC News: But what about Bradley Manning? He was able to leak sensitive

information in Wikileaks by slipping it out, essentially, on a thumb drive.

Ambinder: That was in a war zone and, at the time, flash drive and CD use

were quasi-permitted. And the …


President Obama’s Data Harvesting Program

Sri Lanka Guardian

With the hot pursuit of mainstream media reporters underway by the US

Department of Justice (Associated Press, for example); a US Corporate-State

show trial of Bradley Manning, Julian Assange/Wikileaks (Obama has already

stated they are guilty); the …


Wiedmer: Vols bring hope, joy to Adam Holden

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Butch Jones, the new football coach for the University of Tennessee, shakes

the hand of 22-year-old Adam Holden after speaking during a fundraiser

hosted by the Bradley Sunrise Rotary at Bradley Central High School early

Friday evening. Photo by Dan …


Another Phony US Jobs Report From A Government That Lies About Everything

The Market Oracle

Long before Bradley Manning’s trial the presstitutes have convicted the

accused based on lies leaked by the prosecutors. Consider Bradley Manning.

After three years of detention, including one year of torture, he is

brought to a rigged trial as a …


Video: ‘I am Bradley Manning’ | Art Blart

By Dr Marcus Bunyan

Evil prospers when good men do nothing . Bradley Manning. A slight,

bespectacled, intelligent gay man. A man who has the courage of his

convictions. He revealed truth at the heart of the world’s largest

“democracy.” Read more… . Bradley …


In the mean time in US, PRISM scandal, Bradley Manning trial and …

By admin

I’ll focus here on two other stories with more direct connections to

journalism — the Bradley Manning trial and the Department of Justice’s

seizure of journalists’ records in leak investigations — but first, a few

notes on yesterday’s news about …

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