Bradley Manning Newslinks 11 June 2013

11 June 2013 —


Could Bradley Manning help Edward Snowden win political asylum?

Washington Post (blog)

Right, A November photo shows Bradley E. Manning being escorted from a hearing at Fort Meade, Md. (Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras/Guardian via Reuters; Mark Wilson/Getty Images). Edward Snowden, the now-famous leaker of top-secret NSA programs, …


Navy SEAL who raided Bin Laden compound has suffered ‘traumatic brain injury …

Daily Mail

The trial of disgraced Army private Bradley Manning has revealed troubling

information about the May, 2011, raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani

hideout: one of the raid members – presumably a Navy SEAL member – suffered

memory loss stemming from …


Bradley Manning’s lawyers in WikiLeaks case dispute illicit software charges

South China Morning Post

US Army Private Bradley Manning’s defence team sought on Monday to cast

doubt on some of the charges he faces for passing hundreds of thousands of

secret government files to WikiLeaks. At the start of the second week of

Manning’s trial, the court heard …


Bradley Manning’s Defense Supports Crowd-Funded Stenographers’ Presence …


The defense for Pfc. Bradley Manning indicated in a military court that

ensuring crowd-funded stenographers had access to create an unofficial

transcript of the trial, which would be made available to media outlets

around the world, was something they …


I Am Bradley Manning…

Huffington Post

At the age Bradley Manning was when he allegedly leaked information to

Wikileaks, the Army and the government exist as two different entities.

Bradley Manning never attacked the government. He attacked the Army on

behalf of the United States government …


Directors of San Francisco Pride confirm that Bradley Manning won’t be parade …

Washington Post

A group of former grand marshals had chosen Army Private Bradley Manning as

a grand marshal for the June 30 San Francisco Pride parade. But gay and

lesbian veterans and service members objected, prompting directors of the

group that sponsors the …


Bradley Manning Trial Shifts To Afghan War Video

Huffington Post

FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — The court-martial of a U.S. Army private who gave

troves of classified material to the website WikiLeaks is shifting in its

second week to specific items he sent. The trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning

resumes Monday at Fort Meade …


Marching for Bradley Manning

The Indypendent

Ninety-five degree temperatures did not deter hundreds of protesters from

marching in the blazing sun at Ft. Meade, Md., on June 1 to support

WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning. “Any day that we are out on the

streets for justice is a good day …


Edward Snowden is no Bradley Manning

Kansas City Star

National intellegence director James Clapper and future prosecutors may see

it differently, but in my mind there are key distinctions between Snowden’s

disclosure of the U.S. government’s sweeping data-mining programs to news

reporters and Manning’s …


Edward Snowden leaked selectively, Bradley Manning did not

Bradley Manning began handing files to WikiLeaks on a specific basis,

leaking detailed logs from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and video of an

Apache gunship killing civilians in Baghdad. But from there he graduated to

much less discriminant …


Forensic Experts Tie Bradley Manning to Computer Breach

Government witnesses told the court-martial that they had traced breaches

of the U.S. government’s secret Intelink intelligence database to Manning’s

user name and Internet Protocol address, a major step in proving that

Manning orchestrated the release …


WikiLeaks trial: Tech experts tie Bradley Manning to database breach


Fort Meade, Maryland: Computer forensic experts testified on Monday that

they traced break-ins to a secret US government website to Bradley Manning,

the American soldier charged with the biggest leak of classified files in

US history. The testimony …


United States on trial not Bradley Manning says Julian Assange

Big News

The court martial of the most prominent political prisoner in modern US

history has now, finally, begun. It has been three years. Bradley Manning,

then 22 years old, was arrested in Baghdad on May 26, 2010. He was shipped

to Kuwait, placed into a cage …


Edward Snowden vs. Bradley Manning, By the Numbers

Popular Mechanics

Edward Snowden vs. Bradley Manning, By the Numbers. While Edward Snowden

reveals himself as the PRISM whistleblower, the U.S. government moves ahead

with the trial of WikiLeaks leaker Bradley Manning. By Will

Dietrich-Egensteiner. Email …


What do Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the Steubenville hacker have …

New Statesman

At Fort Meade, Bradley Manning isn’t. The Wikileaks whistleblower is

preparing to spend the rest of his life in jail for putting private

information about US foreign policy, including the murder of civilians in

Iraq, in the public domain. It’s no …


San Francisco Pride confirms Bradley Manning won’t be honored

San Jose Mercury News

SAN FRANCISCO — Organizers of San Francisco’s annual gay pride celebration

have confirmed that they won’t honor the U.S. soldier who’s acknowledged

providing classified documents to WikiLeaks. Army private Bradley Manning

was selected as a grand …


Edward Snowden Could Use Bradley Manning Treatment To Seek Asylum

Huffington Post

Edward Snowden, the man who gave National Security Agency files to the

Guardian and the Washington Post, could get a helping hand in his asylum

bid from another prominent leaker: Bradley Manning. Speaking to the Global

Post, Hong Kong lawyer …


Similarities seen in leaks by Snowden, Manning

Baltimore Sun

… two top secret National Security Agency eavesdropping programs, hews

closely to the contours set by Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, the 25-year-old

soldier now being court-martialed at Fort Meade for releasing hundreds of

thousands of classified documents.,0,6018974.story


Twitter Feed Credited to WikiLeaks Studied in Bradley Manning Trial

Courthouse News Service

FT. MEADE, Md. (CN) – Two of the charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning in

connection with the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. history could hinge

upon a pair of Tweets that WikiLeaks purportedly fired off in early 2010.

Months before his trial, the 25 …


Edward Snowden, unlike Bradley Manning, falls into a great whistleblower tradition

Globe and Mail

There are two recurring trends in the United States: A tendency for

powerful military and intelligence agencies to abuse their secrecy,

overstep their bounds and make excessive use of their powers; and a

tradition of concerned employees blowing the …


The differences between whistleblowing Edward Snowden and Bradley …

Foreign Policy

The differences between whistleblowing Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning

— and some similarities to Daniel Ellsberg. Posted By Thomas E. Ricks

Monday, June 10, 2013 – 11:30 AM Share. The case of Edward Snowden, who

came out yesterday …


NSA spy leak reminding Bradley Manning of better days / Scrape TV – The World …

Scrape TV

Washington, D.C. – As his trial advances, three years after being

arrested, Bradley Manning is watching the most recent massive government

leak by a guy who probably never should have had access to that information

with a kind of melancholy angst.


Trans March to honor Bradley Manning at San Francisco Pride Weekend opening

Bay Area Indymedia

This past Friday, the San Francisco Pride Committee announced their

decision that Bradley Manning will not be an official Grand Marshal of the

city’s LGBT Pride Parade on June 30th. The Dyke March published a statement

titled “Not Proud of Pride,” and …


SF Pride Officials: No Honors For Bradley Manning

NBC Bay Area

Supporter of Bradley Manning — the gay army specialist accused of treason

— packed a public meeting Friday night (May 31, 2013), demanding that the

organizers of San Francisco Pride change their minds and name him the grand

marshal of Pride Weekend …


Is Edward Snowden the Anti–Bradley Manning?

The New Republic

For many, the first instinct yesterday upon reading about Edward Snowden,

the Guardian and Washington Post’s source on the National Security Agency

stories, was to compare him to Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private

currently being court-martialed …


Manning’s lawyers dispute illegal software charges

Channel News Asia

FORT MEADE, Maryland: US Army Private Bradley Manning’s defence team sought

on Monday to cast doubt on some of the charges he faces for passing

hundreds of thousands of secret government files to WikiLeaks. At the start

of the second week of …


Tech experts tie WikiLeaks soldier to database breach


FORT MEADE, Maryland (Reuters) – Computer forensic experts testified on

Monday that they traced a break-in to a secret U.S. government website to

Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier charged with the biggest leak of

classified files in the nation’s history.


First nominees for James Tait Black drama award announced

The Stage

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning by Tim Price and In Water I’m

Weightless by Kaite O’Reilly, are both NTW productions. Also shortlisted

are Christopher Chen’s The Hundred Flowers Project, Lucy Prebble’s The

Effect and Dawn King’s Foxfinder.


Snowden and Manning Gaining Support from the General Public

Guardian Express

There is no doubt that PFC Bradley Manning, and Edward Snowden took oaths

before embarking upon their chosen forms of employment. By revealing

secrets they were sworn to keep, they broke those oaths, and will suffer

the consequences of their actions.


Korea talks raise hopes; history may scuttle them


Pfc. Bradley Manning’s court-martial for giving hundreds of thousands of

documents to WikiLeaks entered a second week.More. Army Pfc. Bradley

Manning’s court-martial for giving hundreds of thousands of sensitive

documents to WikiLeaks entered its …


OpEdNews – Article: The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning

Article: The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning – The First Amendment is

dead. There is no legal mechanism left to challenge the crimes of the power

elite. We are bound and shackled. And those individuals who dare to resist

face the …


Oh No They Didn’t! – Celebrities for ‘I AM BRADLEY MANNING …

By munchma quchi

Amidst courtroom secrecy, whistleblower and Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Bradley Manning is on trial after three years of confinement. The

information that Bradley gave to the public has been a catalyst for

pro-democracy movements in the …


Flobots Mount Campaign Against the US Government’s Handling of …

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The Three leakers: Ellsberg, Manning, and Snowden : The New Yorker

By Nicholas Thompson

Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning: two men who tried to counter war

through leaks. For Ellsberg, it was Vietnam. For Manning, it was primarily

Iraq. Now there appears to be a third man in this group, Edward Snowden,

for whom it is the war …

News Desk


Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the Rise of the Heroic Villain

By Tudor Rickards

At the same time, Bradley Manning the US soldier in the wikileaks affair

stands trial as a traitor. … Snowden will go down in history as one of

America’s most consequential whistleblowers, alongside Daniel Ellsberg and

Bradley Manning.

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Bradley Manning court-martial opens – Washington Post

A military prosecutor charged Monday that Army Pfc. Bradley E. Manning “

harvested” a massive trove of classified information from secure networks

and made it …

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