Black Agenda Report for June 12, 2013 Clyburn Detached From Reality or Justice, Snowden Litmus Test, Haiti, Detroit

12 June 2013 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

Rep. Clyburn: Putting Obama First – Civil Liberties, Peace, Justice, and Reality Last

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford

Black Congressman James Clyburn’s “gut” tells him that whistleblower Edward Snowden is conspiring with others to “embarrass” President Obama. “Clyburn’s gut isn’t a bit queasy about the dramatic expansion of the National Security State, as long as Big Brother is Black.” In the narrow worldview of the Black Misleadership Class, it’s Obama uber alles.

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

No sooner had they learned Edward Snowden’s name, than bipartisan supporters of the National Security State proceeded to vilify him. “The congressional double cross only serves to confirm that once again there is unanimity in Washington about how best to screw the people.”

A Black Agenda Radio commentatry by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

There’s “military intelligence,” and “humantiarian intervention.” There’s “public-private partnership” and “public charter school.” Official criminals are nothing if not proficient at inventing deceptive language to stigmatize their victims, to conceal and excuse their misdeeds.


A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen ford

A great Black metropolis is about to be disassembled, thoroughly financialized for sale – yet there is no national outcry – “which can only mean that there exists an effective white consensus that African Americans are not fully deserving of those rights.”

by Paul Street

We can’t wait to wave the tail end of Obama goodbye – a president who “has said and done less about racial inequality than any American chief executive in recent memory.” Obama has proved one thing beyond question: “If we’re going to get a radical politics, including a radical black politics, back in this country, we have to drop out of major party electoral-ism and bourgeois identity politics once and for all.”

by Marsha Coleman-Adebayo and King Downing

Edward Snowden has the nation and the world a great service in revealing the the government’s mega-surveillance of the U.S. public. “The Obama administration should honor, not punish, him or anyone else who has stood up for the Constitution and against corruption.”

by Prometheus Radio

In a matter of days, the federal government will release final details and application procedures for nonprofit community entities to become local low-power FM radio broadcasters.  It’s the outcome of a 15 year struggle, and a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The application window will occur in October.  Are you ready?  Here’s what to do, where to go….

by Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

President Obama’s defense of the very surveillance policies he campaigned against in 2008 “fails the laugh test on a number of levels” – including the legal presumption of innocence. “Where is the basis of ‘probable cause’ to proactively search the records of millions of Americans who have never engaged in any illegal activity let alone activity of a ‘terrorist’ nature?”

by Eric Draitser

The West, especially Great Britain and the U.S., are treating Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections as another opportunity to destabilize the country. Since the revolution, Zimbabweans “have charted a course of self-sufficiency that allows the country and its elected officials to be less dependent on foreign powers,” while the opposition “speaks with “the voice of London, Washington and Wall Street.

by Ezili Dantò

The crime against Haiti is seen in the poverty of its people, victims of horrific crimes at the hands of the European tribes. “The Haiti struggle is cleared of cognitive dissonance only when you factor in structuralized white supremacist hatred – its genocidal germs, guns and steel.”


by Eric Mann

There is a subscript to the Trayvon Martin murder trial: the impossibility of Black innocence. Instead, the system itself must be placed on trial. “We have to roll back the endless web of laws that have put one million black people in prison and millions more in probation and parole.”

by Jeffrey B. Perry

The late Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s legacy includes legislation that gave special immigration status to Jews and evangelical Christians from the former Soviet Union, including access to a range of government services. While U.S. doors are shut to millions of Black and brown would-be immigrants, the opposite was true for Lautenberg’s favored groups.

Rice and Power Turn Blind Eye to Congo Genocide

President Obama’s choices of Samantha Power as United Nations ambassador and Susan Rice for National Security Council chief should trouble “those of us who are concerned about Africa” because they were “the two most aggressive individuals in the intervention in Libya,” said Maurice Carney, executive director of Friends of Congo. “Congo serves as a massive inconvenience for the likes of Power and Rice,” because U.S. allies Rwanda and Uganda are implicated in the genocide of millions in that country, site of “what the United Nations, itself, says is the deadliest conflict in the world since the Holocaust,” said Carney.

Rice, Power Implicated in Libya Genocide, Assault on Syria

Renowned professor of international law Francis Boyle says Susan Rice and Samantha Power were among those most responsible “for slaughtering 50,000 Libyans under the pretext of Responsibility to Protect [R2P]. We saw outright genocide inflicted on the black citizens of Libya and black foreign guest workers…these people were outright exterminated,” said Boyle. “These are the same people who will be pushing [R2P] against Syria.”

Tell Harvard: Stop Polling Black People

Eighty-six percent of Black respondents told a Harvard/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation poll they were “satisfied” with their lives – but the numbers do not mean Blacks are doing well, said South Carolina author and activist Kevin Alexander Gray. In southern poor communities “people used to sweep the dirt in their front yards,” said Gray. “They didn’t have lawns, but they swept the dirt because they wanted to keep up appearances. Some of these polls are like sweeping dirt in the front yard.” Harvard should refrain from polling African Americans, since it doesn’t “know how to measure well-being in the Black community,” said Gray.

Detroit City Council Useless

The Detroit City Council has remained largely passive while an appointed Emergency Financial Manager considers auctioning the city’s assets to pay corporate creditors. Local people’s lawyer Tom Stephens says the council is “willing to compromise with power” as long as “they keep a seat at the council table, and are still getting their salaries. I think, at this point, short of, perhaps, human sacrifice, they’re willing to go along with pretty much anything.”


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