Bradley Manning Newslinks 12 June 2013

12 June 2013 —


Bradley Manning trial to be recreated in comic-book form

The Guardian

The comic, The United States vs PFC Bradley Manning: A Graphic Account from Inside the Courtroom, will include drawings of events that illustrate the matters under discussion in the courtroom – for example, the war in Afghanistan – and text from the …


Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and the risk of the low-level, tech-savvy leaker

Washington Post

The parallels between Edward Snowden, who has declared himself the source

of leaks on National Security Agency surveillance programs, and Bradley

Manning, a U.S. Army private on trial for sending hundreds of thousands of

secret files to the WikiLeaks …


Bradley Manning prosecutors say soldier ‘leaked sensitive information’

The Guardian

The mountain of classified material the US Army soldier Bradley Manning

gave to the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks revealed sensitive

information about military operations and tactics, including code words and

the name of at least one enemy target …


Bradley Manning Has Done More for US Security Than SEAL Team 6

Huffington Post

The prosecution of Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks’ source inside the U.S. Army,

will be pulling out all the stops when it calls to the stand a member of

Navy SEAL Team 6, the unit that assassinated Osama bin Laden. The SEAL (in

partial disguise, as his …


Bradley Manning and Adolf Eichmann


As one reads her text, Eichmann’s polar opposite, Bradley Manning, arises

from Arendt’s pages like a photographic negative. Presently on trial for

charges that include “communicating national defense information to an

unauthorized source,” and “aiding …


Bradley Manning leaked sensitive names: Evidence

Zee News

Bradley Manning leaked sensitive names: Evidence Fort Meade (US): The

mountain of classified material Army Pfc. Bradley Manning gave to the

anti-secrecy organisation WikiLeaks revealed sensitive information about

military operations and tactics, …


Bradley Manning’s Trial—Day 5 (Live Updates)


6:00 PM EST Court proceedings for the day ended with prosecutors and

defense continuing to go back and forth on whether Manning transmitted a

video from a folder marked Farah investigation and, if so, when. Special

Agent David Shaver created a lot of …


Bradley Manning vs. SEAL Team 6

Okay, give them this much: their bloodlust stops just short of the

execution chamber door. The military prosecutors of the case against

Bradley Manning, presumably with the support of the Obama administration,

have brought the virulent charge of …


Bradley Manning Trial to Become a Comic Book (VIDEO)

Headlines & Global News

Bradley Manning’s court-martial for leaking military documents to WikiLeaks

is going to be the subject of a comic book by Clark Stoeckley. Stoeckley

has been in the courtroom every day documenting the trial in the hopes of

creating a depiction of the …


Bradley Manning Trial and Unconstitutional Secrecy

PR Watch

After more than three years in custody, Pfc. Bradley Manning’s trial

finally began on June 3. The 25-year old Oklahoma native has already pled

guilty to ten charges, but faces prosecution on 12 more relating to the

2010 release of restricted government …


Bradley Manning trial continues on while US now hunts down second …

Bignews Portugal

The Bradley Manning court-martial is continuing this week at Fort Meade,

Maryland, amidst a fast-breaking story on a similar scale with disclosures

over recent days by former NSA contractor Edward Meade. While Meade has

disappeared in Hong Kong, …


Bradley Manning Testimony Centers On ‘Terrible’ Afghanistan Air Strike Video

Huffington Post

Today, Petraeus is out of public service, and Pfc. Bradley Manning is on

trial on charges of leaking vast archives of government documents —

including the air strike video — to WikiLeaks. The video has never been

released to the public. What it shows …


WikiLeaks case: US soldier Bradley Manning said video would cause splash


Fort Meade, Maryland: The US soldier accused of providing classified files

to WikiLeaks told his aunt a leaked video of a helicopter attack in Iraq

that killed civilians would cause a “big splash,” she said in a statement

at his court-martial on Tuesday.


Evidence suggests GI’s leaks revealed tactics

Army Pfc. Bradley Manning is escorted out of a courthouse at Fort Meade,

Md., on the fourth day of his court martial, Monday, June 10, 2013. Manning

is charged with indirectly aiding the enemy by sending troves of classified

material to WIkiLeaks. He …


Comic artist chronicles Bradley Manning trial from courtroom

Comic Book Resources

A comic book about the trial Bradley Manning, the U.S. Army private facing

22 charges for providing classified material to WikiLeaks, is being created

from the courtroom by a WikiLeaks activist. Scheduled for release in

October by OR Books, Clark …


Tweets provisionally admitted at Bradley Manning’s court-martial

Bignews Portugal

When submitting the two posts Monday at the start of week two of the trial

against Pfc. Bradley Manning, prosecutors said they support their version

of the disputed events, Courthouse News Service reported. Months before his

court-martial at Fort Meade …


The trial of Bradley Manning to be turned into a comic book

Manning justified the release of the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs to

WikiLeaks as an act of conscience. According to him, it was the urgent need

to reveal to the world the atrocities committed by the US military in the

name of freedom and that …


Pvt. Bradley Manning Deserves an Award, Not Jail Time


The court martial of Pvt. Bradley Manning for allegedly providing thousands

of classified documents to WikiLeaks is the latest in efforts undertaken by

this administration to crush whistleblowers. In fact, the Manning case is

reminiscent of that faced …


Prosecution Offers Evidence Manning Leaked Sensitive Information

The evidence was presented Tuesday, the fifth day of Manning’s trial at

Fort Meade, near Baltimore. He’s charged with aiding the enemy by sending

hundreds of thousands of secret records and some battlefield video to the

anti-secrecy organization …


Manning leaked sensitive names: US govt

Adelaide Now

THE mountain of classified material US soldier Bradley Manning gave to

WikiLeaks revealed sensitive information about military operations and

tactics, according to evidence presented by the US government. The

25-year-old Manning has said he didn’t …


Evidence suggests Manning revealed sensitive names, tactics; aunt’s statement …

Washington Post

FORT MEADE, Md. — The mountain of classified material Army Pfc. Bradley

Manning gave to the anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks revealed sensitive

information about military operations and tactics, including code words and

the name of at least one …


Judge in Manning Wikileaks trial rules crowdfunded stenographers should get …

Boing Boing

Bradley Manning’s defense lawyer David Coombs brought up our crowd-funded

stenographers in court during the morning session, and we’re happy to say,

once and for all, that the judge ruled the government must make permanent

accomodations for the …


Ellsberg: Snowden revelations more significant than Pentagon Papers …

Greenfield Daily Reporter

FILE – In a Saturday, June 1, 2013 file photo, Daniel Ellsberg speaks

during a rally in support of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning outside the gates of

Fort Meade, Md. OnMonday, June 10, 2013 Ellsberg, the whistleblower

responsible for releasing the Pentagon …


The rise of the American antihero


Analysis: Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are shattering the traditional

concepts of patriotism, loyalty, even legality. A new TV series can’t be

far behind. What do you think? Edward Snowden. The Guardian via Getty

Images. BUZZARDS BAY, Mass.


The Trial Of Bradley Manning, The Comic Book

Bleeding Cool News

Although you won’t have to wait till the official September publishing

date. Those who preorder copies directly from the publisher OR Books, will

receive weekly updates on the trial from Clark’s perspective and pen, some

of it exclusive to the update …


Shaky Link Drawn Between Manning and Airstrike Video

Courthouse News Service

MEADE, Md. (CN) – A computer forensic expert found no sign that WikiLeaks

source Bradley Manning used military computers to transmit footage from a

deadly airstrike on Afghanistan. Months before his trial, the 25-year-old

soldier acknowledged he sent …


Why low-level employees pose a big insider threat


Edward Snowden’s emergence as the latest in a line of self-styled hacker

heroes — following Jeremy Hammond and Bradley Manning — brings this

question to the fore: how could a low-level contract worker access

sensitive digital assets at the nation’s …


Adrian Lamo On The Stand: ‘Did Manning Ever Say He Wanted To Help The …


Bradley Manning is currently on trial, charged with “aiding an enemy”

(including “classified” enemies) for turning over sensitive documents to

Wikileaks. As Mike pointed out earlier, this latter charge doesn’t add up.

Manning never handed over anything …


The Programs Manning Used Weren’t Prohibited


The second week of Bradley Manning’s court martial began with forensics

experts returning, testimony from someone who shared Bradley’s computer,

and updates on stipulations of expected testimony, but that all came after

more questions about media …


Manning’s WikiLeaks Trial to Focus on 2009 Farah Massacre

US military prosecutors building a case against Pfc. Bradley Manning are

set to turn their focus on the May 2009 US air strike against the Farah

Province, which the Afghan government’s investigation revealed killed 140

civilians. Manning is said to …


WikiLeaks trial builds toward video of 2009 Afghanistan airstrike that killed …


By DAVID DISHNEAU | Associated Press | 6 hours, 55 minutes ago in US. Pfc.

Bradley Manning’s court-martial over giving troves of classified material

to WikiLeaks is building toward testimony about video of a deadly U.S.

airstrike in Afghanistan.


Bradley Manning’s trial is no more than a ‘judicial lynching’ | The …

By Chris Hedges, truthdig

FORT MEADE, Md.—The military trial of Bradley Manning is a judicial

lynching. The government has effectively muzzled the defense team. The Army

private first class is not permitted to argue that he had a moral and legal

obligation under …

The Raw Story


Bradley Manning Trial Turns To Guantanamo Detainee Records

By The Huffington Post News Editors


court-marshal of an Army private who sent troves of classified documents to

WikiLeaks is turning to information gathered from Guantanamo Bay detainees.


Activist Post: The Soul-Rape of Bradley Manning

By Activist

Bradley Manning was arrested in May 2010 for passing restricted material to

the WikiLeaks site, which is dedicated to the free flow of information. The

material included videos of American airstrikes on Baghdad and Afghanistan,

as well as …


OpEdNews – Article: Chase Madar: Bradley Manning vs. SEAL Team 6

Article: Chase Madar: Bradley Manning vs. SEAL Team 6 – Okay, give them

this much: their bloodlust stops just short of the execution chamber door.

The military prosecutors of the case against Bradley Manning, assumedly

with the support of …

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