ColdType Issue 75 26 June 2013

26 June 2013 — 

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This month’s Cover Story is a collection of five essays – by John W, Whitehead, David Swanson, Alan Maas, Norman Solomon and George Monbiot – on the latest scandals affecting the world’s beacons of ‘freedom’ and the witchhunts for the whistleblowers involved. Other key stories include more tales of deception and treachery, involving Nelson Mandela, Syria and the London bombings.

On a lighter note, Tony Sutton follows in the damp London footsteps of philosopher Samuel Johnson, Chellis Glendinning confesses her love of obituaries, Fred Reed makes an honest man of his car, Peter, while Rian Malan takes a look into Paul Theroux’s latest – and final – journey into Africa.  . .

Our second feature this month is In Dreams: Into Africa With A Car-load Of Soccer Balls, a 16-page photo essay by Belgian photographer Jessica Hilltout, excerpted from her book Amen, with text by Tony Sutton.

From Our Archives: Five Essays You Won’t Find In The George W. Bush Library

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