NHS is not safe with UK coalition government: Poll

7 July 2013 — PressTV

Ninety percent of NHS staff think Britain’s health service is not safe in the hands of the coalition government, a poll has found.

According to the YouGov survey for the campaign group 38 Degrees, more than two-thirds of the NHS workers think the coalition government’s reforms have had a negative impact on patient care. 

The poll, which was conducted to mark the 65th anniversary of the NHS last Friday, also revealed that 83 percent think the government’s reforms are motivated by increasing privatization. 

“The Government should halt the privatization of the NHS, place the welfare of patients at the heart of its plans, and listen to the views of the public and NHS staff,” said David Babbs, executive director at 38 Degrees. 

Britain’s National Health Service has been failing patients and losing public trust after a scandal that involved the deaths of 16 babies and mothers due to poor care. 

It is also subject to change by the UK government, which sparked a massive protest in London last month.

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