The Russian position on the chemical attack on East Ghouta affirmed

31 August 2013 — Australians for reconciliation in Syria

Taken from Al-Hadath News and translated from Arabic,  23 August 2013. It confirms what was already apparent from other reports including the Saudi connection.

A Syrian diplomatic source revealed that the high-level Russian delegation made a clear statement coupled with solid documentation about the massacre that targeted East Gouta and this “silenced everyone and made them rethink their positions.”

The source, who preferred anonymity, in an interview, states that the official story about the Syrian massacre confirmed that militants fired two rockets loaded with chemicals from the area always in Rural Damascus, under the control of insurgents. Images of Russian satellites confirmed the story.

The source pointed out, in this connection, that the Russian position was, unusually, the most radical of the positions of European countries and even the U.S. position regarding the need to investigate the massacre, explained, “The Russian position was based on satellite images, The images illustrate and definitively that the militants are those who used chemical weapons. “

About the motivation of the opposition militants to commit this massacre, the source added that “a militant faction apparently wanted to exploit the presence of the Commission of Inquiry to increase shuffling papers, in collaboration with one of the Arab countries, without informing Western countries on such a step, they fired the rockets.”

The source cited accurately Syrian story about the failure of Member States to request images of U.S. satellites, as usual in the previous cases, the Russian-sufficiency pictures, which apparently it was “identical with the image of America to form the definitive document no doubt about it.”

The source believed that this massacre will have a major political impact on the position of the countries supporting the insurgency, led by France, which will re-evaluate its position, especially since this crime occurred without informing in advance their intelligence services, putting them in a critical position.

The source said that a “radical” opposition faction was the [one that] fired the chemical rockets and it was working under the command of a Gulf Arab state, that the source did not want to identify. While Saudi Arabia is the biggest supporter of the armed opposition and particularly the radical militants in its midst.

A very  fragile statement  was issued by the UN Security Council, where the Council did not accuse directly the regime in Syria of being the perpetrator. Contrary to the opinion of the European countries that started from the first day  a campaign to accuse the regime, but the Council called for a report that leads to define responsibilities and those who stand behind what happened.

There are witnesses reporting that in the night of the 21st to 22nd of August more than 30 ambulances were transporting injured Syrian soldiers from Eastern Goutta to the Mezzeh hospital. They were victims of sudden chemical attack from the armed opposition. More then 50 officers and soldiers were severely injured. But the authorities did not want to mention to keep high the moral of the troops.

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