New Statewatch Journal 23 September 2013: Informants, spies and subversion

23 September 2013 — • e-mail:

New Statewatch Journal: Informants, spies and subversion

From the editorial: “[These essays] are broadly concerned with different types of informing. The intention is not to sort the “good” grasses from the “bad” but rather to interrogate the relationship between states and informers and better understand the role that they play not just in the pursuit of security and criminal justice, but state subversion and the pursuit of profit.” 


  1. A duty to inform? The outsourcing of state surveillance responsibilities to the British public 

  2. Shining a light on deadly informers: The de Silva report on the murder of Pat Finucane
  3. Secrets and lies: undercover police operations raise more questions than answers 
  4. ‘Grassing’: the use and impact of informants in the War on Terror 
  5. “Every Man a Capitalist”: The long history of monitoring ‘unsuitable’  workers in the UK 
  6. Neighbourhood patrols, vigilantism and counter-vigilantism in Spain
  7. Sanctions for stowaways: how merchant shipping joined the border police
  8. Plus Reviews and New material
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