UK: Strength in numbers – we helped force a pause for the Lobbying Bill

8 November 2013 — Electoral Reform Society


This week, after months of resistance, the Government was forced to concede that Part 2 of its Lobbying Bill cannot proceed through Parliament without a pause to consult the civil society organisations which will be affected by it.

The ERS was one of a coalition of 60 NGOs that asked Ministers, MPs and peers to stop and listen to our concerns over this deeply flawed Bill.

Over 3,700 ERS members and supporters took part in our campaign to directly contact the Ministers responsible for the Bill in both houses asking for a pause – and it worked! We want to take this opportunity to thank you for helping pile the pressure on. Together, we helped shift the Government’s position.

Our latest blog post and our submission to the newly formed Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement outline our concerns about the potential impact of Part 2 – and the broader risk it poses to British democracy. Please read and share our blog and submission with your friends and family.

The Electoral Reform Society continues to believe in the importance of getting big money out of politics – but imposing a law on an enormous cross-section of civil society without consultation is not the way to go about it.

Thank you again to everyone who supported our contribution to the campaign and we will keep you posted with any progress.

Best wishes,

KatieGhose signature.jpg

Katie Ghose
Chief Executive
Electoral Reform Society

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