‘The Israeli sniper shot my son as if he hunted a bird’: Wajih Wajdi Al-Ramahi, 14, killed while standing outside of West Bank school

9 December 2013 — Mondoweiss

An Israeli sniper killed a child yesterday. Wajih Wajdi Al-Ramahi, 14 was shot in the back by while walking in front of a school in Jalazoun refugee camp near Ramallah. Thousands of mourners turned out for his funeral is today.

Ma’an News reports the family said “their son was “executed” and “assassinated in cold blood,” ” Reportedly, according to locals, there were “no clashes or any kind of rock-throwing incidents that might have provoked the killing.”

The teenager father’s said Israeli soldiers target youths and kill them, in order to amuse themselves.

He added that his son was shot by an Israeli soldier from a watchtower in Bet El with one bullet while he was walking near a school in the camp. He was hit directly in the back…

His father told Anadolu Agency “The Israeli sniper shot my son as if he hunted a bird”. The Israeli military has acknowledged the killing and says they are opening an “investigation“.

Ma’an News:

His mother, sisters and other relatives wept as his body passed by the door to his home as his body was moved to the refugee camp’s mosque for funeral prayers.

His body was finally laid to rest in the camp’s cemetery, with a gunfire salute into the air as his body was lowered into the ground.

Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative Mustafa Barghouti said that negotiations by the Palestinians with the State of Israel are being used as “a cover for settlement expansion and in order to carry out crimes and murder against the Palestinian people.”

He called for an “end to negotiations and for the International Criminal Court to try Israel and its leaders for war crimes committed against the Palestinian people, including the murder of the al-Ramahi child.”

Funeral of Wajih Wajdi Al-Ramahi Dec.8, 2013 Jalazoun refugee camp, Ramallah, Palestine

It’s urgent the global community snap out of it and step up by take responsibility for seeking justice. The time is long past for the occupying army to be investigating the crimes of either its soldiers or citizens, against Palestinian people whose land they covet.

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