ColdType, May 2014, Issue 85 Now on line

28 April 2014 — Coldtype

Inside This 84-page issue

COLDTYPE is packed with more great journalism this month with articles by Andrew S. Fischer on the Death of the Middle Class; while Neal Clark tells us why he’s so confused; Conn Hanninen on the forthcoming break-up of Europe; Forbes Howie looks at the Mating Rituals of Giant Pandas; Michael I. Niman predicts a new Cold War; Andy Piascik applauds America’s new heroes; Felicity Arbuthnotexamines the West’s strange idea of freedom; while John Pilger writes about the extension of apartheid in South Africa. In addition we’ve got a 10-pages of photographs by Martin Jenkinson from the British Miners’ Strike and a new 16-page Books section with features by Chris Hedges, Tony Sutton, David Swanson and Danny Schechter

PLUS – FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS – WHEN SOUTH AFRICA CALLED, WE ANSWERED: How International Solidarity helped Topple Apartheid A new 300-page Book by Danny Schechter

As South Africa marks its twentieth anniversary as a democracy, the role played by solidarity activists in the global anti-apartheid movement is finally coming into focus. The freedom struggle led by Nelson Mandela with the active backing of millions of South Africans determined to topple the oppressive apartheid system had a crucial ally: a worldwide movement that rallied support for isolating South Africa with sanctions. Download and read this pre-publication

WRITE A LETTER TO COLDTYPE AND GET AN EBOOK – Drop us a note telling us what you think of this – or any other – issue of ColdType. Those that we publish will receive an ebook copy of Barry Lando’s political thriller, The Watchman’s File.

We’ve also uploaded all back issues of ColdType magazine to Issuu to complement our backlist of pdf downloads. Find details on our Home Page


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