Statewatch News Online, 25 April 2014 (06/14): UK: So who exactly IS now classified as a ‘Domestic Extremist’?

25 April 2014 — Statewatch • e-mail:


1.   USA: No-fly list used by FBI to coerce Muslims into informing
2.   EU: European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS): European Terrorist Finance Tracking System (TFTS)
3.   UK: So who exactly IS now classified as a ‘Domestic Extremist’?
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The CIA: Photoshopping a Crisis into a War By Wayne Madsen

24 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A major Central Intelligence Agency conspiracy operation is currently playing out in Eastern Ukraine where, in an age of Photoshop and mail order credentials and military patches, photographs of the same bearded Russian “special forces” commando in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk in Ukraine this year and Georgia in 2008 are being successfully parlayed to the corporate media and by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) headquarters in Vienna. The conspiracy operation follows closely on the heels of CIA director John Brennan’s visit to Kiev where he provided intelligence advice to the unelected junta now governing the country…

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De-escalation in Ukraine as Seen by Joe Biden (II) By Nikolai Bobkin

23 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Part I

According to the White House statement, the Vice-President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine was to demonstrate the support of Ukraine by the United States. Washington realizes the interim government in Kiev is on the verge of collapse. But its fall would be tantamount to a defeat suffered by the United States. Biden landed in Kiev to make the US save face and define the ways to retreat if need be. Under the pretext of global commitments, the White House is focused on the local-scale mission to maintain power in Ukraine in the hands of its puppets…The country is in disarray; the plan to convert it into an anti-Russian springboard has failed. Here is another US global failure and Biden had to cover it up by statements calling for «defense of Ukraine’s unity and independence and the restoration of its national honor and pride». But the results of the visit tell a different story.

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Preparing Ukraine for a Proxy War with Russia By Tony Cartalucci

23 april 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The BBC reported in their article, “Ukraine crisis: Biden to meet Kiev leaders in show of support,” that:

US Vice-President Joe Biden is to meet Ukraine’s new leaders in a show of support for the pro-Western government.

Mr Biden is due to discuss the forthcoming elections with the country’s interim prime minister and president during his visit to Kiev.

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US NGOs in Ukraine – Washington’s Foreign Policy Tools or Biden Visits Kiev (I) By Nikolai Bobkin

23 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Vice-President John Biden came to Kiev to see with his own eyes how the events unfold in the country. The second part of the article will be devoted to the results of the visit. Here it’s important to state the fact that Ukraine serves as an irritant for Moscow which may turn into its enemy and that’s the only thing Washington needs Ukraine for. The situation in the country has deteriorated to the point of bringing it to the brink of civil war, but Washington does not care. The main thing is to keep the puppet regime in power. Biden is an author of «color revolutions» policy and the person responsible for staging unrest in other countries, for him Ukraine is just another testing ground no different from North Africa…

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Obama: “Remaking the Middle East”: The American Gulag By Prof. James Petras

22 April 2014 — James Petras

Introduction: During the beginning of his first term in office President Obama promised “to remake the Middle East into a region of prosperity and freedom”. Six years later the reality is totally the contrary: the Middle East is ruled by despotic regimes whose jails are overflowing with political prisoners.

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Ukrainian regime launches fascist-led crackdown By Alex Lantier

25 April 2014 — WSWS

The Western-backed regime in Kiev and fascist militias allied to it launched a bloody crackdown against pro-Russian protests across eastern Ukraine yesterday. With the Kremlin massing forces on Russia’s border with Ukraine, threatening to intervene defend ethnic Russians, the situation is on the brink of a war between Russia and Ukraine, which could escalate into a direct clash between Russia and NATO.

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Twitter campaign backfires on New York Police Department By Sandy English

24 April 2014 — WSWS

On Tuesday, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) attempted a public relations campaign on the popular microblogging platform, Twitter. @NYPDNews, the Twitter account of the department, asked its followers, “Do you have a photo w/ a member of the NYPD? Tweet us & tag it #myNYPD.”

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