Polish Foreign Minister claims US troops to be deployed in Poland – USA to ‘Re-Pivot’ to Europe

19 April 2014 — Dispatches from the Empire

On the very day John Kerry was in Geneva engaging with Russia over the Ukraine crisis, US Defence Secretary Nagel and Polish Defence Minister Siemoniak were discussing plans to deploy US ground forces to Poland as part of a US ‘re-pivot’ to Europe.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 13-19 April 2014: IMF / Russia-Crimea / Ukraine / USA / Ukraine- Zionists-Fascists

19 April 2014 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The International Monetary Fund Might Not Live to See Its Anniversary

19.04.2014 | 10:53 | Valentin KATASONOV

The latest meeting of the ministers of finance and central bank governors of the G20 countries took place April 10-11, 2014 in Washington. A key issue was the reform of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)… Through their inaction on the issue of reforming the IMF, the United States first and foremost is discrediting itself. And second, the Fund. Third, the G20. The Fund’s reputation is plummeting especially fast considering that in recent years China has been giving “third world” countries loans similar in size to those offered by the IMF and the IBRD. But Beijing, unlike the IMF, does not set political conditions in the spirit of the Washington Consensus… Continue reading