Syria like it really is

17 April 2014 — The Daily Telegraph

[It may not be front page news but when a avowedly right-wing newspaper like the Telegraph runs a piece like this, and by a relatively high profile journalist, Peter Oborne, you know that things on the ground for the Western-backed ‘rebels’ can’t be going too well. WB.]

Syria: As the bombs fall, the people of Damascus rally round Bashar al-Assad By Peter Oborne

The West may oppose Assad’s regime, but on the streets of the capital the people fear a greater evil

Russia and the Ukraine crisis By Samir Amin

17 April 2014 — Pambazuka News

The Euro-Asian project in conflict with the Triad imperialist policies

Russia’s policy to resist the project of colonisation of Ukraine by western powers should be supported. The target of constructing a Euro-Asian community, independent of the Triad and its European subordinate partners, is a positive initiative

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